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DT 28659

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28659

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 10th February 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All! I enjoyed this crossword and the solving time but it firmly in 3-star territory.

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1a           Superior stock fear her presence when aroused (10,5)

9a           Policeman on street intercepting urgent message (9)
CONSTABLE – ON form the clue and ST for street inside (intercepting) a CABLE or telegram/urgent message (once upon a time!).

10a         Boxer’s time in top tier of celebrities (1-4)
A-LIST – The boxer Muhammed ALI’S on T for Time.

11a         False tale about strength of character (5)
FIBRE – A charade of a FIB or false tale and the abb. RE. for about/reference.

12a         Novel article in shop, kind of ceramic (9)
STONEWARE – New for novel and A for an article inside a STORE or shop.

13a         Calls to package the woman’s fruit (8)
CHERRIES – CRIES/calls contains (packages) HER for the woman’s.

14a         Religious education needed by man who has big shoes to fill? (6)
REGENT – The pretender to the throne. R.E. for Religious Education followed by a GENT for a man.

16a         Back round university, indolent (6)
SUPINE – A SPINE or back(bone) around the outside of U for University.

18a         Sentimental upright type given endless credit (8)
ROMANTIC – ROMAN for upright (I assume from the ‘high-bridged’ nasal aspect) followed by all but the last letter of TIC(k) for credit.

22a         Supporters get mad gathering in honour of United (9)
ENTOURAGE – To ENRAGE or get mad containing/gathering TO from the clue and U for United.

23a         Rectified insult after scrapping in a US city (5)
TULSA – Scrap or remove the IN form (in)SULT, then mage an anagram (rectified) and finally add A from the clue.

24a         In trial I bid case for acquittal (5)
ALIBI – A hidden word IN tri AL I BI d.

25a         Easily persuaded man to take up jangling a bell (9)
MALLEABLE – Place a jangled anagram of A BELL inside a MALE.

26a         Enjoy your company, but clear off (3,5,4,3)
GET ALONG WITH YOU – Two definitions: The first a phrase for enjoying one’s company and the second a mild exhortation to clear off.


1d           Calm account provided in movie (7)
PACIFIC – AC for account and IF for provided inside a PIC or movie.

2d           Dress in ermine, standing up in novel bonnet (7)
ENNOBLE – A reversed hidden word (it is standing up in) nov EL BONNE tt.

3d           Rue inept learner clumsily advancing business (15)

4d           Captain in Eastern sea showing relief (8)
EMBOSSED – A BOSS or captain (f industry) inside the MED for Mediterranean Sea.

5d           Greek island retaining leftist systems of belief (6)
CREDOS – The Island of COS is holding (retaining) a RED or leftist.

6d           Senate attempt to revolt including leaders of Democrats and Republicans in branch of US government (5,10)
STATE DEPARTMENT – An anagram (to revolt) of SENATE ATTEMPT including the leading letters of R(epublican) and D(emocrat).

7d           Excite special quality in semiprecious stone (7)
AGITATE – IT is a special quality (She’s got IT!). Place that inside an AGATE or semiprecious stone.

8d           Beg companion to be excused from ballet manoeuvre (7)
ENTREAT – Remove a CH (abb. for a Companion of Honour) from an ENTRE(ch)AT or leap in ballet.

15d         Old King’s rule for salad item (8)
COLESLAW – A charde of COLE’S (old king’s) and LAW/rule.

16d         Whole lot chanted about Hebrews (7)
SHEBANG – SANG or chanted around/about HEB – the abb. of Hebrews in the bible.

17d         Country-lover’s colourful display topped by Irishman (7)
PATRIOT – Place the Irishman PAT above a RIOT of colour.

19d         Agree to restrict nasty smell made by piece of furniture (7)
TALLBOY – TALLY or agree (in a count) to include (or restrict) BO, Body Odour or a nasty smell.

20d         Two refreshing cups taken by high-class country house (7)
CHATEAU – A cup of CHA and a cup of TEA followed by U for high-class.

21d         Swimmer married in elegant room (6)
SALMON – Place the abb. M for married inside a SALON or elegant room.

Thanks to the setter – I will be back next Thursday.


9 comments on “DT 28659

  1. Thanks Gnomey, I seem to remember doing this and thoroughly enjoying it. I had some 1a at some stage which helped with answer and smiled at the two teas. Hope all well with you.

  2. All good thanks! THe long anagrams hed me up longer than I would have liked with 1a being particularly troublesome.

  3. I also remember enjoying this one and could find the bit of the paper that had the crossword in it – getting better at saving them.
    1a took me ages and so did 22a as I only saw ‘mad’ as ‘rage’ rather than ‘get mad’ being ‘enrage’. Dim.
    I did vaguely wonder if the 18a ‘upright type’ = Roman was as opposed to italic.
    My favourite was definitely 26a.
    Thanks again to Virgilius and to Gnomey.

    1. Oops – not Virgilius – getting my Saturday and Sunday crosswords in a muddle so thanks to whoever did set this.

  4. 18A – ‘Roman’ in typography refers to upright type as opposed to italicised. Think this may be what they’re referring to

    Couldn’t do the cryptic ones without your help!

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