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DT 28653

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28653

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 3rd February 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Morning All! A lot of charades today and a couple of very good cryptic/double definitions. The solving time took me into 3 star territory.

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1a           Very end of May — that comes after May (6)
MIGHTY – There is a false capitalisation in the second May which simply means “might”. Add the end of (ma)Y afterwards.

4a           Attacked when put to sea (8)
ASSAILED – A charade of AS (when) and SAILED (put to sea).

9a           Not far off being involved in barney (6)
NEARBY – An anagram (involved) of BARNEY.

10a         Generous worker foregoes a certain amount (8)
HANDSOME – A HAND or worker goes before (foregoes) SOME for a certain amount.

11a         Father takes part in the early release of a prisoner (6)
PAROLE – A charade of PA (father) and ROLE (part in a play).

12a         Flower out of range, awkwardly, which I will go after with hesitation (8)
GERANIUM – An awkward anagram of RANGE followed by I from the clue and (with) UM for a hesitation.

14a         Chap after dieting who’s often seen in dock? (10)
LIGHTERMAN – A chap after dieting might cryptically be referred to as a LIGHTER MAN.

18a         Publicist arrived, set to get agitated (10)
ADVERTISER – An anagram (getting agitated) of ARRIVED SET.

22a         Biased, but perhaps wholly right (3-5)
ONE-SIDED – The cryptic indication of ‘wholly right’ gives us ONE SIDED.

23a         Get one’s case cleared … (6)
UNPACK – A straightforward cryptic definition of what one does after a holiday (and nothing to do with a trial!)

24a         … if served (8)
PROVIDED – Two definitions and a succinct but straightforward clue.

25a         Bump mum off for estate? (6)
DOMAIN – To bump of mum might, in the vernacular, be to DO MA IN.

26a         Frenchman for instance rejected sandwiches commercial, being a rebel (8)
RENEGADE – A regular Frenchman in crosswords is RENE. Start with him then reverse (reject/turn back) EG and insert an AD or commercial (it is sandwiched) – RENE G (AD) E

27a         Scattered tattered trews — new to follow (6)
STREWN – An anagram (tattered) of TREWS followed by N for new.


1d           Kind of record set ahead of college game (8)
MONOPOLY – Start with a MONO record (as opposed to stereo) and then add a POLY(technic) or college.

2d           Short woman is teasing in party clothes (4,4)
GLAD RAGS – GLAD is short for Gladys (a short woman). Add RAGS for ‘is teasing’.

3d           Catalogue not allowed after the usual time (8)
TABULATE – A charade of TABU (an alt spelling of taboo or not allowed) and then LATE or after the usual time.

5d           Son cooking made a chef embarrassed (10)
SHAMEFACED – S for son and then an anagram (cooked) of MADE A CHEF.

6d           Article by cleric from a South American region (6)
ANDEAN – A charade of AN (an article) and DEAN or cleric.

7d           Fifty, loves family — getting chance to participate? (4-2)
LOOK-IN – L for 50 from Roman Numerals, then O and O for two loves or zeros in tennis and finally KIN for family.

8d           Read about my being vague (6)
DREAMY – An anagram (about) of READ followed by MY from the clue.

13d         Advanced position in card game with top master? (10)
BRIDGEHEAD – A charade of BRIDGE (card game) and HEAD(master).

15d         Make an impression and refuse to agree (5,3)
STAND OUT – Two definitions, the second cryptically referring to making a stand

16d         Adventure in our time, boarding flight (8)
ESCAPADE – Place AD (Anno Domini – in our time) inside or boarding ESCAPE for fight.

17d         Wild robin Kenneth’s caught and tamed (6-2)
BROKEN-IN – Make an anagram (wild) of ROBIN and insert KEN for Kenneth.

19d         Metal detector? (6)
COPPER – A nice definition and cryptic definition with a COPPer or policeman being a crime detector/detective.

20d         Long-legged creature consuming single drug (6)
HEROIN – I for a single inside a HERON.

21d         Revolt is encircled, apparently (6)
RISING – If IS is encircled then one might say that IS is in a RING hence R IS ING.

Thanks to the setter – I will be back next Thursday.


5 comments on “DT 28653

  1. Very tough I thought but helpful hints as ever but how do make it stop playing Handbags and Gladrags.

  2. Damn – just wrote a comment and now it’s disappeared into thin air.
    I can’t remember how tricky I found this but thought there were lots of good clues.
    I particularly liked 1 and 22a and 19d but my favourite was 25a because it made me laugh.
    With thanks to the setter for the crossword and to Gnomey for the review.

  3. Defeated by SW corner. Well, putting “magnet” for 19d didn’t help. Actual answer much better and my favourite

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