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DT 28647 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28647 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Mr K

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Hello, everyone.  I’m standing in for BD today while he’s busy leading the blog’s ninth birthday celebration.

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.  Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay.  Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.



1a    Time limits second fatal quality (10)
Follow some time limits with the abbreviation for second

12a   Decline to check current address (13)
Concatenate “to check” or “to stop”, the physics symbol for current, and an address or speech

14a   Ceremony accompanying one decoration or another (6)
Ceremony or ostentation followed by (accompanying) the abbreviated form of an order for distinguished achievement gives a different kind of decoration

15a   Sapper, favourite after loading a Queen’s gun (8)
Link together the abbreviation for the British army corps containing sappers, the usual favourite containing (after loading) A from the clue, and the usual abbreviation for Queen Elizabeth

17a   I am after gold fake (8)
Combine the contraction of I AM, a synonym of after, and the usual heraldic abbreviation for gold

19a   Shining silver light almost encircling earth (6)
The chemical symbol for silver and all but the last letter (almost) of a light source, containing (encircling) the abbreviation for Earth

25a   Uncivilised church leader out of work accepts boring routine (7)
Take a senior church leader and delete the usual abbreviation for work (out of work).  That collection of letters is then wrapped around (accepts) a boring routine

27a   Financial district cash-holder must accept rest being disturbed (4,6)
A folding case for money contains (must accept) an anagram (being disturbed) of REST



1d    Stupid duke gets back (4)
The abbreviation for duke, followed by (gets) back on a ship or an aeroplane

4d    Unspoilt countryside turning brown over river (6)
A shade of brown reversed (turning), followed by (over, in a down clue) a river in North Yorkshire

5d    Given spice — caraway perhaps — a boy is tucking in (8)
A thing of which caraway is an example (… perhaps), with both A from the clue and a synonym of boy inserted (… is tucking in)

8d    Friend at airstrip needed radar for instance (10)
An informal word for friend with a (2,5) phrase meaning “at airstrip”

11d   Childish game about Emma Peel, say, in crash (9,4)
Fuse together a single-letter abbreviation for about or roughly and what Emma Peel was in a 1960s TV series, and then insert that lot into a slang term for a car crash

13d   Booty left for antisocial type (10)
Booty won in a war and the nautical term for left

21d   International target investing pounds, billions, separately (6)
A target or aim containing (investing) in different positions (separately) abbreviations for pounds and for billions

23d   Talk of clubs with bowler? (4)
The playing card abbreviation for clubs with a thing of which a bowler is an example (indicated by the ?)


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50 comments on “DT 28647 (Hints)

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent and slightly testing prize crossword. I particularly liked the long, single word anagrams, and a couple in the SE corner held me up delightfully, most notably 21d and 25a. My favourite was 27a, and overall this was 3* /4* for me.

    Thanks to the Saturday setter and Mr K. Enjoy the birthday bash in London.

  2. An interesting parse for 25a held me back a little. Suppose that there wasn’t much chance of the Pope being out of work?

  3. Thought this was a bit tricky but with some nice clues such as 8d (my fav) and 9a. Thx for the hint to explain my answer to 25a. 4d seems a little weak.
    Is the setter a Gooner I wonder?😀
    Thx to all

  4. Maybe I’d just had too good a night last night but I found this pretty tough (but very enjoyable). 25a was my favourite clue.

    Thanks to the setter (blogger has been thanked in person).

    Hope to see some of you very shortly, and will raise a glass to those who couldn’t make it. To quote one of them: Cheers and chin chin!

  5. Help! I can’t get 2d, and no hint! Just hope I have the across words correct ( I think I have).

    1. Hello, John. Here’s a little blog birthday present:

      2d  A fool turned up around final item for discussion (7)
      A from the clue followed by the reversal (turned up, in a down clue) of a fool, wrapped around a synonym of final

      1. Thank you for that little tip Mr K. Its a word that is unfamiliar to me and one that I had spent far to long in trying to make sense of. Otherwise a very fair and well clued prize puzzle. Thanks to both yourself and the setter. Most enjoyable. :-D

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day for tomorrow! I’ve enjoyed this battle of wits with the setter and I was rather bemused by the answer to 2d because I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the word in its singular form in a crossword before. Being of a certain age, I was aware of the existence of Emma Peel but, at the same time, I’ll confess my guilt by adding that I’ve never heard of that game.

  7. As I did last week, I finished up with a furrowed brow after completing this puzzle at a gallop, some clues/answers definitely resulted in an umm or two – **/**.

    Candidates for favourite – 1a, 25a, 11d – and the winner is 11d.

    Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

  8. Quite a struggle needing electronic help and much assistance from Mr K.
    Thank you also to the setter even although my washing will now be crushed in the machine as I have taken so long to complete this puzzle.

  9. Just finished it which I found to be a lot harder than the normal Saturday offerings of late or is it me being thick? 22A made me smile but my clue of the day goes to the neat 8D. Many thanks to the setter & to Mr K for his hints.

  10. Well, that was quite a work-out, and I enjoyed every minute. Has anyone ever calculated how many calories get burnt solving one of these puzzles?

    I have no idea how long this took as I was interrupted by her-in-doors, who is back with me at the moment, wanting to be fed and walked, but the enjoyment factor was 4.5*.

    It was the SE that held me up, 21d & 25a as others have already mentioned.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Mr.K.

  11. As others have said we thought it a bit trickier than recent Saturday puzzles.. We’ll go for ***/**** as we found it a very entertaining puzzle. Fav was 25a for the “church leader out of work” but there’s several other very good clues.

    Thanks to the setter and Mr K for standing in.

    Hope everyone is having a great afternoon at the Bridge and here’s a Happy Birthday to the Blog from pommette and pommers. Sorry we can’t be there.

  12. Hi all
    Very enjoyable once I got going- which took a while
    Struggling on 16d
    Anyone got any tips pls

    1. It’s an anagram plus a single letter from the clue – I will leave you to decide on which part of the clue is what.

  13. As others have said, slightly more taxing than a normal Saturday but thoroughly enjoyable for all that. Not over keen on 25a as it certainly isn’t true in all cases. Favourite has to be 2d, a new word for me and ***/**** overall. Thanks to the setter and Mr K and hope everyone has a good time in London. Happy Birthday to a great blog.

  14. Terrific crossword which really had my little grey cells working. 25a is my top clue and 3/4* overall.
    Thanks to the Saturday setter, and to Mr K for the hints.
    Mr Matt….you will kick yourself!

  15. Excellent crossword, nice and challenging but doable for me. Needed a few passes to finally sort it out though I did need a nudge for 21d.
    Thanks all

  16. Having had a rest from crosswords this week as have been a bit under the weather I returned today slightly apprehensive after reading earlier comments. Delighted to find my brain had not vanished and managed to complete with very little help. Thanks to Mr K and setter, hope party going well.

  17. Enjoyable and challenging in some places, eventually completed after an hour’s break and then picking up again – the pennies then dropped more easily. 21d eluded me for ages and was my last one in. Favourite was 8d.
    Thanks to the setter and MrK .
    Hope everyone enjoys the Birthday Bash

  18. Entertaining puzzle “completed”on the train down to the birthday do, but I made a mistake with Pilot’s Ordeal so another week goes by without a chance at the prize. Entertaining company at the birthday bash makes up for it.
    Try again tomorrow.

  19. A bit tricky but, oh, so enjoyable. Last in was 22a, had no Ida why as saw it was an anagram and I had many so many checking letters.
    Lots to like, agree that 25a was very good, but 8d takes the prize.
    Thanks to setter and to Mr. K for stepping in.
    Have a great Birthday Bash. I’m very envious, I’d love to meet everyone.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Gerri

      22a  Solderer worked with metal forced through (13)
      An anagram (worked) of SOLDERER METAL

  20. This was a steady tricky grind for me. LOI was 11d. After getting the last word took more time to get the first part. Never heard of the game.

    I hope everyone at the party has a great time and thanks to the locum Mr K and the setter!

  21. Stuck in Denver presently which prevents attendance at the BB. Hope you all have fun. Had a crack at this one after breakfast and struggled a bit with some clues. I thought 20d was a loose definition and never heard of the 11d game. The biggest giggle was at my own eejitery at trying to square ‘interrogation’ with the clue for 12a.
    Well, if you are addressing someone and decline to switch off the current… daft, I know. Fav probably 19a.

  22. I found this much trickier than usual for a Saturday. Perseverance paid off but much pen sucking involved. Favourites were 2d (you don’t see that word often) and 13d. Thanks to the setter and Mr K.

  23. 3* / 4*. It took me a while to get on the setter’s wavelength today but when I did it all fell into place quite smoothly and I found it very enjoyable.

    I’ve never heard of 11d but it sounds like fun. 14a was my favourite.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Mr K. Mr K. how ever did you. manage to do the hints while you were with us in the Bridge Tavern? I would have thanked you in person had I known.

    1. Yes, 11d is loads of fun. We played it as children, but the game with adults is even more fun – now you use cars and can go quite far afield.

  24. Made heavy weather of this to begin with but a few brief sessions over the course of the day produced the goods. Had not thought of 2d in the singular and 20d new to me as was Emma Peel in 11d. Fav either 8d or 1a. Thank you Mysteron and Mr. K. Hope a good time is being had by all at BB.

  25. This one took me a bit longer than it should’ve, possibly due to me not solving the longer anagrams particularly quickly. Thoroughly enjoyable puzzle however.

    Thanks to Mr K and setter **/****

    Happy birthday to the blog and thanks for all the help it has given me and others over the last few years. I hope everyone’s enjoying themselves at the Battlecruiser.

  26. Agree with all you have said a great puzzle and challenging. Got stuck in NW corner but eventually sorted. Last in 2d

    Clue of the day: 1a loved that.

    Rating 3.5 / 4.5

    Hope you are all enjoying the big bash.

    Thanks to Mr K and the setter.

  27. Excellent puzzle, and tricky in places making me really think, but not so hard that I couldn’t finish, but I did need a couple of Mr K’s hints, so thank you. Love it when I can solve a weekend puzzle.
    Hope everyone who was lucky enough to be able to attend the Birthday Bash had a great time today.

  28. Now I found that to be pretty straightforward for a Saturday, so I suppose horses for courses. That said I had to look up 16d because while I had all the letters, putting them in the right order was another matter. One or two I didn’t / couldn’t parse, but that’s par for the course.

  29. What a delight – tricky but fair and very enjoyable. I had family round this afternoon so two of my children got stuck in while I cooked. When they gave up with about one third done I was concerned because they’re both very bright. However, I was thrilled to be able to help them to finish it after dinner so proving that (a) I’m not yet past it and (b) it’s always worth persevering. 1a and 25a stand out amongst a slew of excellent clues; 2d was an educated guess because I’ve never heard of it before in the singular and it isn’t in my 1983 version of the BRB. ****/****

  30. Quite a bit tougher than the usual Saturday prize puzzle. Finished in not far short of 3* time, delayed by the 11d/25a combo. 25a was my last in, and my favourite. Thanks to the Mysteron and Mr K.

  31. Well it’s nice to be able to post on a Saturday for a change, albeit somewhat late in the evening, which probably explains why I didn’t pick up on 7d being two words and was looking at the wrong kind of litter. So, having cantered through the bottom half, I spent an inordinate amount of time in the NE corner. I should probably stick to Sunday mornings when the brain has had a rest!

    That said, it was a thoroughly enjoyable puzzle and 8d and 25a were favourites this week, so thanks to the setter and Mr K.

    I hope you all had a good time at the birthday bash.

  32. Joint favourites 8d and 1a with 5 7 and 13d close behind. Started on Tube en route for Little Venice with not much success. Continued on train home and not finished but there were distractions. Finally finished this morning. Would have been a lot quicker had I googled Emma Peel quicker. I remembered her but not the name of the programme. I am familiar with the game – played regularly in the Girl Guides and on holidays and days out. Not however always called by the same first word. Last two in were 15 and 19a. I think I have 26a right after thinking of a different kind of pilot. Thanks setter and Mr K. Did not resort to your hints until I had completed but amazed you were able to do them AND get to the Bash.

  33. Just finished this one – I’m glad others found it tricky too – I was just off to count the marbles until I read the comments.
    I was slow to get going and things really didn’t speed up at all.
    I won’t go into the trouble I had in detail – most of it was problems I made ‘all my own self’.
    2d was my last answer and I’ve never seen the word although I suppose it makes sense – not in my BRB either.
    A very enjoyable crossword with lots of good clues – 9 and 19a and 13d. I thought 3d was a clever anagram and my favourite, eventually, was 25a.
    With thanks to the setter and to Mr K.
    Now for today’s crossword . . .

  34. Yes it was a tricky one, and despite my years I too had not heard of the game in 11d, so my response to linked answers was affected. Some of the recent anagrams have been masterful 22a being a prime example..which jumped out of the page eventually. Despite all, managed to complete eventually so thanks to Mr K’s hints, needing more than I would have liked.Last in was 24d which didn’t look like a word until the penny dropped!

  35. Thanks to the setter and to Mr Kitty for the hints. A very enjoyable puzzle that I attempted today because I was at the Birthday Bash yesterday. I suffered brain fade at the end, and couldn’t get 21d, even with the hint. Favourite was 10a, because it’s my team 😁 Was 3*/3* for me. Nice to meet everyone again yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  36. I was pleasantly surprised by this one as the Saturday Prize is often a pretty mild affair – this one was a good challenge, some tricky clues and very enjoyable. I’d say this was just about the best puzzle of the week and it’s very rare for the Saturday back-pager to be marginally better than Thursday and Friday, especially in a Ray T week. 3.5* / 4*. Excellent!

  37. Playing catch-up today having done absolutely no crosswords over the weekend – too busy eating, drinking and making merry with fellow Birthday Bash revellers!
    Found this one to be a real mixed bag – a few gifts (8&10a for instance) but others that demanded far more thought.

    I liked the reminder of Mrs Peel but awarded top spot to 8d when the penny dropped over the type of radar.

    Thanks to Mr Saturday Ron and to the multi-tasking Mr K for the blog.

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