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DT 28632

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28632

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Kia ora from Aotearoa.     
Our dry spell has been broken and we have at last had some rain. Just a moderate amount where we are but some parts of the country have had a lot more than they wanted. A storm came down from the tropics and, boosted by the abnormally high sea temperatures, really slammed several parts of the country.  Extremes seem to be the normal pattern these days.

Enjoy today’s Jay puzzle.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Confirmation pleasure’s no good? (12)
RATIFICATION : Find a synonym for pleasure that starts with the abbreviation for good and remove this letter.

9a     Candidate for admission put on last in error (9)
POSTULANT : An anagram (in error) of PUT ON LAST.

10a     Use a cover for the audience (5)
AVAIL : ‘A’ from the clue and then what sounds like (for the audience) a cover a bride might wear.

11a     Sort of job behind bars? (6)
INSIDE : This sort of illicit job could have interested parties involved.

12a     Famous person’s heartless haste (8)
CELERITY : Remove the centremost letter from a synonym for a famous person.

13a     A source of friction — just business (6)
AFFAIR : ‘A’ from the clue, the first letter of friction and a word meaning just or equitable.

15a     Experienced a bit of abuse, as one does (8)
SEASONED : A lurker hiding in the last words of the clue.

18a     At home and tense, big returns being essential (8)
INTEGRAL : The two letter ‘at home’, the abbreviation for tense and the reversal of a word meaning big.

19a     Look one gets in a gaggle (6)
GANDER : One of the creatures that might be found in a group called a gaggle.

21a     It’s clear the man is protected by company lease (8)
COHERENT : A male personal pronoun is surrounded by the abbreviation for company and lease or hire.

23a     Puts steps across lake (6)
PLACES : The abbreviation for lake is inside steps or strides.

26a     Flash American’s disadvantage (5)
MINUS : A flash or a shortened form of a word for a fraction of an hour, and the abbreviation for American.

27a     Ring off — that’s a lucky escape (5,4)
CLOSE CALL : Ring off or terminate the telephone connection.

28a     Bit sticking out on pub terrace needs fixing (12)
PROTUBERANCE : An anagram (needs fixing) of ON PUB TERRACE.


1d     Quietly sneaked into saint’s memorial, a copy (7)
REPLICA : A word used to describe a saint’s memorial contains the musical letter signifying quietly, and finally ‘A’ from the clue.

2d     Checks jokes, having time for intro (5)
TESTS : A synonym for jokes has its initial letter replaced by the abbreviation for time.

3d     Baby left in establishment (9)
FOUNDLING : The whole clue gives the definition. The abbreviation for left is in a word meaning establishment or setting up.

  Picture deleted. We selected without knowing anything about it. Sorry if we offended anyone. 

4d     Talk about bowler, say (4)
CHAT : The letter meaning about or approximately and what a bowler can be an example of.

5d     Restrained and looking embarrassed after breaking teeth (8)
TETHERED : An anagram (breaking) of TEETH and the colour we associate with embarrassment.

6d     Love and admire discourse (5)
ORATE : The tennis score love and admire or hold in high regard.

7d     Spoke badly of head of Mafia dealing crookedly (8)
MALIGNED : The first letter of Mafia and an anagram (crookedly) of DEALING.

8d     Gambolled or gambled on (6)
PLAYED : A double definition.

14d     Going to get attractive? (8)
FETCHING : ‘Going to get’ as Jack and Jill are doing in the nursery rhyme.

16d     Short busy worker on bottom of ladder is of no importance (5,4)
SMALL BEER : Short or little, then a busy worker insect and the last letter of ladder.

17d     Panel of women popular within racecourse (8)
WAINSCOT : The abbreviation for women, and then a short word for popular is inside the racecourse where the Grand National Gold Cup is held. (Our apologies for getting locations muddled)

18d     Immigrant losing right to get revenue (6)
INCOME : Remove the abbreviation for right from the end of a synonym for an immigrant.

20d     Decide to work out the answer again (7)
RESOLVE : What you would have to do if you filled in this grid incorrectly.

22d     A step up from manager is error (5)
RISER : Our second lurker. Again, it’s hiding in the last words of the clue.

24d     Feature running across a mountain range (5)
CHAIN : A facial feature contains ‘A’ from the clue.

25d     Company doctor’s groom (4)
COMB : The abbreviation for company and then one of the pairs of letters identifying a doctor.

The all in one nature of 3d makes it our favourite today.

Quickie pun    falls    +     snooze     =     false news

72 comments on “DT 28632

  1. 3* / 5*. I love Jay’s puzzles and this one was no exception. The NW corner was the last to fall and took me up to my 3* time overall.

    I agree with the 2Ks regarding 3d as choice of favourite.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

    P.S. Now for yet another Petitjean. :good:

  2. I’d agree with RD about this although I’d probably give it 2.5% for difficulty. Thanks to the ‘birds’

    I highly recommend the Petitjean Toughie

  3. The Mon-Wed offerings this week all seem to above average, up by a good 1* in all departments. This was excellent – a decent challenge and very enjoyable.

    There were many great clues and I really liked the well-hidden lurker in 15a – spanning not only four words but also 2 lines of text. I think my favourite is 12a – a good clue for a relatively rare word (the C in E=MC2, I believe?). 17d was another good clue – what happened to that guy from Glasgow, who once complained bitterly on here about this answer because there was none of it in evidence in any buildings where he was brought up? 3* / 4*.

    A Petitjean! I’ll have to have a go at that…

  4. For its conciseness, I think 3d is an absolute belter of a clue. Like RD, I always enjoy a Jay puzzle and this is another in a long line of excellent crosswords. I was bang on wavelength today, so 2* /5* from me overall.

    Thanks to the aforementioned and our antipodean friends.

  5. An excellent Jay puzzle and an equally good review by 2Kiwis (although I was a bit surprised to find that the Grand National has been moved :D ). Thanks to both.
    I thought that 3d was brilliant.

  6. Great puzzle. Thanks to Jay. I am sure the blog is great too. I will read it later when i get back from the accountant and the Father in Law. Saint Sharon has just advised me not to use the Vacuum Cleaner until the filter goes back in when it is dry. Just how long has she lived with me?

  7. Aren’t we lucky to have crosswords of this calibre? Pretty hard and great fun. Thank you all involved.

  8. No time for crosswords yesterday so I had to make up my mind which to do first – decisions, decisions – oh dear! Today’s won.
    A brilliant Wednesday crossword but, for me anyway, definitely a day to start with the down clues.
    I was very slow to begin with – couldn’t do 1a for ages and the first answer I got was all the way down at 19a.
    15a was almost my last one. :roll:
    I particularly liked 19 and 27a and 3d (poor little baby) and 16d.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s.
    Now to see if the grey cells are up to the challenge of the PJ Toughie – I can see that nothing very useful is going to be done today.

  9. Another absolute delight to solve (with less Chambers support than last Wednesday). Completed at a gallop – **/*****.

    Candidates for favourite – 10a, 13a, 27a, 14d, and 17d – and I think the winner is 13a.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2 Ks.

  10. Jay has provided plenty to get one’s teeth into combined with much fun. East dawned before the West. My Fav was 3d for its succinctness with 19d running up. I bunged it in but am a bit baffled by 26a. Thank you Jay and the 2Kantipodeans..

  11. Yes an excellent puzzle solved in fits and starts.
    Going for a 2.5/4 *.
    NW corner was the stumbling block, but once breached this too fell in a rush and I did like 1a and id.
    Lots of charades ,my favourite clues, and 3d was high on the favourites list with me also.
    Thanks Jay and the 2K’s.
    Went to see the Carol King musical at the weekend and that too was brilliant.

  12. Great fun and a pleasure to solve at a steady pace. 12a and 3d were my favourites.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2K’s.
    I’ll just take a quick look at the Toughie….. and try to leave it until after the ironing – ha ha !

  13. Another excellent back-pager from Jay although I did wince a little over the Quickie pun!

    Top spots awarded to 13&27a along with 3d.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – I wonder whether the 9a with the colourful tights also has ‘curlers in her hair’?!!

      1. Hello Pauline. Usually the answers of the first two across clues in the Quick Crossword can be united to form another word. If three or more answers are needed to form the pun their clues are italicised. You will find the solution to today’s quickie Pun at the end of the 2 Kiwis hints and tips. Some days these puns are tortuous and some days benign. Lots of fun to be had. Happy punning.

      2. Not sure which of your two questions about this to answer but I’ll go for the first

        The back page of the Daily Telegraph has a cryptic crossword and a quick crossword – the first two solutions (and sometimes third and fourth solutions too – in the paper this is indicated by having the clue in italics) go together to make a usually groan-worthy pun. Today’s is shown under the click here boxes at the bottom of the hints

  14. Finally completed with much headscratching typical Jay puzzle, it is always hard fir me to get on his wavelength. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  15. Great puzzle – lots of good clues. **/****. Like almost everyone else, 3d was my favourite. Runners’ up medals go to 10a, 12a, 15a, 1d, and 17d. Nice one Jay, and now for Pettijohn!

  16. That’s more like it. First decent puzzle this week.
    Lots of clever and correct clues, no sloppy half definitions or words that are just plain wrong. A real professional effort.
    For me **/****
    Thx to all

  17. The photo included today if the dead fix and rabbit is repulsive – look on line to verify this is true

  18. I really liked this one!! Clever, fair clues and just the right level of challenge…..**/*****…..difficult to choose favourites, but 1a and 13a for me, 10a last in……Thanks Jay!

  19. Jay’s puzzles always seem to hit the sweet spot of teasing enough for enjoyment without any hair-pulling.
    3d and 17d were among my favourites.
    Thanks to the two Kiwis for the weekly update on NZ.

        1. If I let the back streets of Coventry come through it would be Me and Crypticsue. Great comment above. If only we had a like button

        2. Please just don’t even start me on the prevalence of ‘myself’ used wrongly and, if you think I can be bolshie, you should hear both my Lambs bleating very loudly about it. :negative:

          1. I thought my reaction to my biggest pet peeve was quite restrained – anyone other than Miffypops would have got a proper telling off

            1. My Mum used to tell me to put the other person first, that way you’re much less likely to be incorrect.

              1. I had a boss who’d always get it wrong. I used to tell him to take all the other people away, make the sentence make sense with just him in it and then put the other people back again

  20. I totally agree with Jose, all three weekday backpagers thus far have been above average for enjoyment, with Jay on top form today with another cracking puzzle.

    Very difficult to choose favourites today, but I’ve whittled my list down to five – 1a, 15a, 27a, 3d and 18d.

    Great stuff, many thanks to Mr Mutch and the 2Ks.

  21. What a delight! Jay set a very fair test which was rewarding once fathomed. My favourite was 17d but I really like clever lurkers so 15a came a close second. Thanks to the 2Ks for the review and you’re right about extremes of weather – California must wonder what its next catastrophy will be and I can’t believe the temperatures in Sydney. And compared to the east of Canada we’re a balmy 7C 👍

  22. Good afternoon everybody.

    Thought this a near perfect back page puzzle with just the right degree of difficulty getting going, and just the right number of tricky stragglers to finish. Favourite today was last in 15a a very good lurker.


  23. Very often struggle with a Jay puzzle and again started slowly but eventually it all came together. NW corner held me up with 1a taking an age that didn’t help matters. Last in 24d got the answer with ‘a bung in’ but couldn’t see it until I checked with the 2K’s hints. Simple now! Overall a good work out, enjoyed it.

    Clue of the day: Liked both 18a and 21a.

    Rating *** / ****

    Thanks to the 2K’s and Jay.

  24. I agree, super puzzle from Jay. Middling difficulty for me.
    I needed all checkers to get 1a and electronic help for 16d.
    I liked the lurker at 15a but fave is 3d, how smooth is that?
    Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis.

  25. Morning all. We’re out of bed now to start our day. Getting up in the early hours of the morning to correct our racecourse error and other bits and pieces doesn’t really count as went back to bed again after that.
    Looks like we slightly underestimated the difficulty level, we must have been right on wavelength yesterday as it all went together smoothly for us.

  26. Great crossword and great blog to go with it.
    It’s always nice to see all these nice lurkers coming out of the woods proving that the review is thoroughly read.
    Liked the lurker in 15a too.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis for the review.

  27. Forgot to talk about the weather.
    Had a bit of rain over the last few days.
    Very refreshing indeed.
    Just the right amount to clean up all that dust.
    We have the figures for 2017. It rained 36 days in all. Not seen for the last 80 years.

    1. Is that correct? Rain only 36 days out of 365? That is nearly desert conditions, how do they grow those lovely lavenders there?

      1. Because lavender likes hot, dry and sunny conditions being a mediterranean plant. It would much rather be parched than drenched.

        1. i suppose that’s why rosemary thrives there as well, but 36 days out of 365 seems incredible!

  28. An excellent puzzle this I thought and two new (to me) words learnt in 9 & 12a. Too many favourite clues to list them all, but I particularly liked 1 & 7d and 19 & 21a. Thanks to Jay for a most satisfying solve and to the 2 Ks also. Not finding today’s Toughie quite so agreeable though – still much more head scratching needed to complete.

  29. A nice puzzle from Jay but more difficult than normal ***/*** 😳 As were the two earlier in the week 😬 For some reason I put apall for 10a! Favourites were 19a and 17d. Big thanks to Jay and the 2xKs who can have some of our rain anytime 🌧🌧

  30. Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis for a delightful puzzle today. Did require some head scratching, but for once the Wednesday puzzle did not defeat me. Favourite for a LOL moment was 11a, very clever.

  31. Another great crossword from Jay. Needed lots of thought, needed a hint for 12a because I had a letter wrong!!
    A few new words for me…9a, 12a, 17d, but all gettable from the workplay (except where you can’t spell).
    I could not parse 1a or 2d, so thanks for the heads up.
    Thanks Jay and 2xK’s.

  32. I had to start half way down this one, and down clues only to start with. I managed to finish without help, once I’d got my teeth into it. A great sense of satisfaction when completed. Favourite was 11a. Thank you Jay and 2ks. I had no idea that the quickie pun was taken from the quick crossword. I will take a look tomorrow.

  33. A good puzzle that was of about middling difficulty, say ** and a tiny bit? 2d, 8d and 12ac were the ones to hold me up today, though in retrospect none were that tricky. Perhaps I just ran out of steam.

  34. I was very late getting to this puzzle and I don’t think I can add anything to what has already been said above. I enjoyed the puzzle and I enjoyed the blog. Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks.

  35. Brilliant. No time yesterday so woke up early to do it. No hold ups. 10 and 12 a were last two in. Favourites 1a and 3 and 17d. Could parse all but answer sometimes came first. Thanks Jay. Did not need hints but very succinct. Thanks 2Ks. Due to your location you can BR forgiven for racecourse error! The odd mistake does bring out some lurkers to comment. 3G is a word we do not often hear these days.

    1. Hi all. How can you tell who the compiler is with such widespread agreement and certainty? What am I missing?

      1. Welcome to the blog Bolshoi.
        If you go to the top of the page, click on FAQ for frequently asked questions and scroll down to number 28. This explains who most of the regular setters are and the days that their puzzles appear. It is in the process of change at present as Rufus, who has been setting the Monday Cryptic for a long time has recently retired. We expect that we will see a bit of shuffling around in the next few months.
        Hope that helps.

  36. Excellent puzzle. I learned some new words: 9a, 12a and 17d. The two clues I didn’t like were 2d and 26a both of which I guessed at correctly but are a bit suspect.

  37. It is amazing how a dose of bronchitis seems to let the brain go into immediate hibernation. It was like solving in treacle; everything was an effort. But I got there! 17a was top clue and 2.5/4* overall.
    Belated thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s for their review.

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