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DT 28576

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28576

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 4th November 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

I solved this on the train to London opposite two very chatty foreign students who were discussing the ways of pronouncing English words with letter sounds such as Y or W as these sounds differed in their native (Danish and Dutch) languages,  thus making it  a little difficult for me  to concentrate on the crossword. It did take me a bit longer than usual to solve so I was relieved when I discussed the crossword with others at the pub later that day, that it wasn’t just me (or the two lovely ladies’ distracting but interesting conversation ). We had Mister Ron last week, and I know when the next Cephas Saturday puzzle is to appear ;) so this particular Saturday puzzle was definitely the work of Mr Ron 

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1a    Declines credit for essential car accessory (8)
DIPSTICK – DIPS (declines) TICK (credit)

9a    Review smartphone program upgrade (8)
APPRAISE – APP (smartphone program) RAISE (upgrade)

10a    Prevent compensation taking time (4)
STOP – SOP (compensation) taking T (time)

11a    Celebration of moving conflict between two dynasties (5-7)
HOUSE-WARMING – WAR (conflict) between HOUSE (a general name for a dynasty) and MING (a Chinese dynasty)

13a    Trunk carries tyres primarily — certainly makes contribution to road safety (4-4)
CATS-EYES – CASE ‘carries’ T (tyres primarily) and is followed by YES (certainly)

15a    Sort of trout swallowing Black Sea fish (6)
TURBOT – An anagram (sort of) TROUT ‘swallowing’ B (black)

16a    ‘House’ might split for this (4)
SEMI – Lurking in (split) houSE Might is a type of split house

17a    Survivor of Henry VIII stabbed by English blade (5)
PARER – Catherine PARR (the Queen who survived Henry VIII) ‘stabbed by’ E (English)

18a    Viewed part of play in auditorium (4)
SEEN – A homophone (in auditorium) of SCENE (part of play)

20a    Sophisticated ancient city, source of misery (6)
URBANE – UR (ancient Biblical city) and BANE (a source of misery)

21a    Drunk cuts meal, getting wine (8)
MUSCATEL – An anagram (drunk) of CUTS MEAL

23d    Complain about northern girl on stage — an angel? (12)
BENEFACTRESS – BEEF (complain) ‘about) N (Northern, ACTRESS (girl on stage)

26a    Regular parts in theatre accompanied by piano or other instrument (4)
HARP – The regular ‘parts’ in tHeAtRe accompanied by P (piano)

27a    Check outlet design again (8)
REINVENT – REIN (check) VENT (outlet)

28a    Second display of grief is extensive (8)
SWEEPING – S (second) WEEPING (display of grief)


2d    Friend early to catch a train initially (8)
INTIMATE – IN TIME (early) ‘to catch’ A (from the clue) and T (train initially)

3d    Who’s disported at posh cities? (12)
SOPHISTICATE – I know there was a lot of discussion about this one on the day so I’m not going to start all that again. I’ll just say that it is an anagram (disported) of AT POSH CITIES

4d    Damage among 12 good citizens and true (6)
INJURY – IN (among) JURY (dependable men, of rank and honour. The phrase was adapted later to ‘twelve good men and true’, indicating the twelve (originally all men, now both sexes) of a criminal jury)

5d    Moose comes up eating a vegetable (4)
KALE – A reversal (comes up in a Down clue) ‘eating’ A (from the clue)

6d    Southern dish spread haphazardly (8)
SPLATTER – S (southern) PLATTER (dish)

7d    Performance of rock band on one old musical (4)
GIGI – GIG (performance of rock band) on I (one)

8d    Raise crew in Orpington? (8)
HEIGHTEN – EIGHT (rowing crew) in HEN (Orpington being a breed of chicken)

12d    Skill in shooting 1000 boats, with crew on another boat (12)
MARKSMANSHIP – M (Roman numeral for 1,000) ARKS (boats) with MAN (crew) on SHIP (another boat)

14d    Feature of rugby seconds, being supported by clubs with spirit (5)
SCRUM – S (seconds) being supported by – on top of in a Down clue) C (clubs) RUM (spirit)

16d    Like mule delivered after objections raised (8)
STUBBORN – BORN (delivered) after a reversal (raised in a Down clue) of BUTS (objections)

17d    Came earlier and took prey (8)
PREDATED – A double definition

19d    One taking charge in ‘Vote for Reagan’? (8)
ELECTRON – Or ELECT (vote for) RON (Reagan)

22d    Look at article and feel angry (6)
SEETHE – SEE (look at) THE (article)

24d    North American provided opposite of 3 (4)
NAIF – NA (North American) IF (provided – unsophisticated, the opposite of the solution to 3d

25d    Counts slugs (4)
TOTS – Counts up or alcoholic drinks


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable puzzle, 19d raised the biggest smile and is my favourite.
    Many thanks to Mr Ron ans to CS for the blog.

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