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DT 28528

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28528

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 9th September 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

An enjoyable, if fairly short-lived solving experience, helped by the fact that I knew the nun and the cricketer and love splendid-sounding words like 4a.

In the ‘olden’ days, Toughie blogs used to have subtitles – if this Saturday review had a subtitle, it would definitely be “Hokey-Cokey for T” – did anyone else notice that you put a T ‘out’ in 9a, ‘in’ in 10a, ‘out’ in 13a and ‘in’ in 25a, but then our setter then obviously forgot the way the song and dance works as T is put ‘in’ again in 20d. I also think there was a missed opportunity to use ‘shake it all about’ as an anagram indicator.

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1a    I’d recalled tucking into impulsive item for salad (6)
RADISH – A reversal (recalled) of ID (from the clue) ‘tucking into’ RASH (impulsive)

4a    Rough strikebreaker’s going to stir endlessly (8)
SCABROUS – SCAB (strikebreaker) plus ROUSe (stir ‘endlessly’)

9a    Japanese ruler removing central element of firearm (6)
SHOGUN – Remove the T in the centre of SHOTGUN (firearm)

10a    Note hobby that gets one hooked takes time (8)
CROTCHET – CROCHET (hobby that uses a hook) ‘takes’ T for Time

11a    Detective arresting the old thugs, reportedly showing colours (9)
DYESTUFFS – DS (Detective Sergeant) ‘arresting’ or taking in YE (old the) and a homophone (reportedly) of TOUGHS (thugs)

13a    Naughty child loses head — a mistake (5)
ERROR – Remove the ‘head’ from a TERROR (naughty child)

14a    Having drunk a sherry ablest drivers may fear these (13)

17a    Don’t put in sir’s tooth wonky! They should straighten it out (13)
ORTHODONTISTS – DON’T (from the clue) put in a wonky anagram of IN SIRS TOOTH

21a    Note 500 bottles Inland Revenue taxed (5)
TIRED – TE (musical note) ‘bottles’ IR (Inland Revenue) and D (Roman numeral for 500 is added at the end)

23a    A new version of Dante to set up with explanations? (9)
ANNOTATED – A (from the clue) N (new) and an anagram (version of) DANTE TO

24a    Fine material in newspaper to stop (8)
ORGANDIE – ORGAN (newspaper) DIE (stop)

25a    Poor nun reaching end of Eucharist gets wine (6)
CLARET – CLARE (a nun from a Franciscan order founded by St Clare) plus the T at the end of Eucharist

26a    Those people acquiring old record for religious study (8)
THEOLOGY – THEY (those people) ‘acquiring’ O (old) LOG (record)

27a    It may delete items from cameras erroneously (6)
ERASER Lurking in camERAS Erroneously


1a    Live on edge (6)
RESIDE – RE (on the subject of) SIDE (edge)

2a    Lorna’s accepted temptation to make a contribution (2,4,3)
DO ONES BIT – DOONE[‘]S (Lorna from the RD Blackmore novel) BIT (accepted temptation)

3d    Fuel vessel in hurry (7)
SCUTTLE – A vessel to hold coal (fuel) or a verb meaning to hurry

5d    Bring into church, with introduction of Irishman, this old Tory (5,6)
CHRIS PATTEN – CHRISTEN (bring into church) into which (with introduction) is inserted PAT (Irishman)

6d    Crazy about the Queen’s source of power (7)
BATTERY – BATTY (crazy) ‘about’ ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

7d    Different article carried by soldiers (5)
OTHER – THE (definite article) carried by or inserted into OR (other ranks of soldiers)

8d    Is artist playing Ravi Shankar? (8)
SITARIST – An anagram (playing) of IN ARTIST

12d    Healthy knight on board’s speciality, picking up a grand (3,3,1,4)
FIT FOR A KING – FIT (healthy) FORKING (knight on a chess board’s speciality) ‘picking up’ A (from the clue)

15d    Crafty May’s reset less rigorous schedule for repayment (4,5)
EASY TERMS – An anagram (crafty) of MAYS RESET

16d    Discovers reason to worry when England’s batting (5,3)
ROOTS OUT – If Joe Root the England batsman was out, this would be a cause for worry amongst cricket fans. One of those clues that works perfectly well on the day as he’d just captained English to win the test series against the West Indies, but will it stand the test of time??

18d    In exam clamour to get a first or second perhaps (7)
ORDINAL – DIN (clamour) in ORAL (exam)

19d    Colonist left bitten by dog (7)
SETTLER – L (left) ‘bitten by’ SETTER (dog)

20d    Newspaper boss makes investment finally in English fashion house (6)
EDITOR – The last ‘Hokey-Cokey’ clue – this time, the final T in investment is put in E (English) DIOR (fashion house)

22d    Rascal with Irish accent getting tip-off? (5)
ROGUE – Remove the tip or first letter from BROGUE (Irish accent)



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  1. I thought it was a two star difficulty but then again it took me a long long time to get 21 across and I think it must overtaxed me.

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