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DT 28516

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28516

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 26th August 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Some nice surface readings, three clues where you knew what to write in just looking at the grid/checking letters (4d, 5d and 6d) and what seems like an awful lot of ‘inserting’ going on, but with a number of different indicators ‘about’ being the only one used twice.

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1a    National falsification in general situation (3,2,3,4)
LIE OF THE LAND – This could, I suppose, be a national falsification

9a    One attacks popular Star Wars character (7)
INVADER – IN (popular) [Darth] VADER (character from Star Wars)

10a    Killjoy makes joke about woman (7)
PURITAN – PUN (joke) ‘about’ RITA (woman)

11a    Serious attention needed by cosy home (7)
EARNEST – EAR (attention) NEST (cosy home)

12a    Skit about Liberal is standard for Scots (7)
SALTIRE – SATIRE (skit) ‘about’ (again!) L (Liberal)

13a    More than one mythic creature still lives (5)
YETIS – YET (still) IS (lives)

14a    Evaluating totality of comments from judge (7-2)
SUMMING-UP – A review of the leading points which could be a judge’s survey of the evidence presented in court

16a    Series of balls are due to exceed budget (9)
OVERSPEND – OVERS (series of balls bowled in cricket) PEND (are due)

19a    What’s beginning to deal with downpour? (5)
DRAIN – The beginning of Deal and some RAIN (downpour). My favourite clue this Saturday

21a    Payments demanded to secure North for king’s followers? (7)
PRINCES – PRICES (payments demanded) ‘secure’ N (north)

23a    Cause pain to stern arresting French cop (7)
AFFLICT – AFT (stern) ‘arresting’ FLIC (a slang term for a French policeman). So how many people thought, but couldn’t say, about the sit-com, ‘Allo ‘Allo? But, of course, Herr Flick was from the Gestapo not the policeman with the dodgy English. I actually went further back than that in the childhood memory banks as I remember Maigret with Rupert Davies in the title role back in the 1960s, where there was quite a bit of talking about the ‘flics’

24a    Unpleasant moonies out of order (7)
NOISOME – An anagram (out of order) of MOONIES

25a    Go round volcano in Asian country (7)
VIETNAM – VIM (go, enthusiasm) ’round’ ETNA (volcano)

26a    Someone coming from Paris, say, to trampoline acrobatically (12)
METROPOLITAN – Someone coming from a city like, say, Paris. An anagram (acrobatically) of TO TRAMPOLINE


1d    Young runner always filling in permit (7)
LEVERET – EVER (always) ‘filling in’ LET (permit)

2d    Some spend lesson without finishing (7)
ENDLESS – Lurking in some of spEND LESSon

3d    A sample of what could be in store, fate possibly (9)
FORETASTE – An anagram (possibly) of STORE FATE

4d    Wishes that man is accepting work (5)
HOPES – HES (he’s, that man is) ‘accepting’ OP (work)

5d    Enchanting singer learning to accompany Hawaiian band (7)
LORELEI – LORE (learning) to accompany LEI (Hawaiian garland)

6d    Makingfishermen’s equipment (7)
NETTING – A double definition as a change from all that ‘putting something inside something else’

7d    Irritable people one associates with ancient guild (6,7)
LIVERY COMPANY – LIVERY (irritable) COMPANY (people one associates with)

8d    Continue a poem that’s rewritten start of story (4,4,1,4)
ONCE UPON A TIME – An anagram (that’s rewritten) of CONTINUE A POEM

15d    Press and TV upset Aussie tennis star that’s dropped right out of the Dark Ages (9)
MEDIAEVAL- MEDIA (press and TV) and a reversal (upset in a Down clue) of [Rod] LAVER, the Australian tennis star, with the R at the end ‘dropped’

17d    English having endless deficit after crash that’s building (7)
EDIFICE – E (English) and an anagram (after crash) of DEFICIt (endless telling you to leave off the last letter)

18d    Encourage dupe by speech (7)
SUCCOUR – A homophone (by speech) of sucker (dupe)

19d    Rat circling lake to change direction (7)
DEFLECT – DEFECT (rat) ‘circling’ L (lake)

20d    River sheltering rowdy gin palace and bridge found here in France (7)
AVIGNON – The River AVON ‘sheltering’ an anagram (rowdy) of GIN

22d    Undresses going up for a rest (5)
SLEEP – A reversal (going up in a Down clue) of PEELS (undresses)


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  1. Thanks for the review, CS, and -yes, it was SO hard not to mention the sitcom!
    Sadly, I suppose the Aussie tennis star is now someone from the Dark Ages in the eyes of the present generation.

  2. I was frustrated by 7D. I’ve never heard of the word ‘livery’ as a term for irritable. It made me feel quite livery!

  3. Thanks as ever for the review, CS. I think this was my quickest ever completion, but came here to see what you were all talking about with the flic, which I just happened to know – and I’ve never seen the tv programme, which explains why I was puzzled!

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