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DT 28504

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28504

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 12th August

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I  put this just at the end of two star territory.

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1a           Bounty’s captain loses head with drunkard — a noted farce? (5,5)
LIGHT OPERA – Remove the head from the captain of the mutinied Bounty, William (b)LIGH, add TOPER for a drunkard and then A from the clue.

6a           Drug from a police department (4)
ACID –  A from the clue and the CID/police department.

10a         One doomed daughter of Lear (not the Italian) (5)
GONER – GONERIL was one of King Lear’s daughters. Remove IL or ‘the’ in Italian.

11a         Wine brewed nearest us (9)
SAUTERNES – An appositely brewed anagram of NEAREST US.

12a         School cricket side hosted by old king (7)
COLLEGE – Place the LEG side in cricket inside Old King COLE.

13a         Let down seeing scenery set in river (7)
DEFLATE – The painted sceneries on stage are known as the FLATS. Place one inside the river DEE.

14a         Fresh trainees hate to increase risk (5,3,4)
RAISE THE ANTE – A fresh anagram of TRAINEES HATE.

18a         Oppressed heretics fled somewhere in Derbyshire (12)
CHESTERFIELD – Another anagram, this one indicated by ‘oppressed’, of HERETICS FLED

21a         A fashionable set in function that’s senseless (7)
ASININE – A from the clue then IN/fashionable set inside SINE for a (mathematical) function.

23a         Make lord over in novel bonnet (7)
ENNOBLE  – A reversal (over) IN nov EL BONNE t

24a         Get behind with revising, being ignorant (9)
BENIGHTED – An anagram (with revising) of GET BEHIND.

25a         Kid needs afternoon snacks to get energy (5)
TEASE – TEAS are afternoon snacks. Add E for Energy.

26a         Pitcher of Milwaukee Brewers (4)
EWER – The jug is hidden in the baseball team of the Milwaukee Br EWER s. This is probably one of the few times where it is acceptable to have a hidden word in only one of the two (otherwise the other word is doing nothing).

27a         Cover up QPR broadcast bloomers (10)
HYDRANGEAS – A homophone (broadcast) of HIDE/cover up and Queens Park RANGERS.


1d           What’s left, say, in flimsy surroundings (6)
LEGACY – E.G. for ‘say’ inside LACY or flimsy.

2d           Scrawny mob put on plays — nothing odd about that (6)
GANGLY – A GANG or mob placed on the even letters (nothing odd) in p L a Y.

3d           Trio of distant objects for less than a penny (5,9)
THREE FARTHINGS – A trio of distant objects night cryptically be referred to as THREE FAR THINGS.

4d           Group chasing Poldark getting upset, one owns (9)
POSSE – A POSSE or ‘chasing group’ followed by the reversal of ROSS Poldark (I had to look uo his first name!).

5d           Global tour (5)
ROUND – A cryptic definition – I guess it might have been orbit but…

7d           Trick to appreciate good dancing (8)
CONGAING – A charade of CON/trick, GAIN/appreciate and G for Good.

8d           Mess with attractive woman, the first one having left (8)
DISHEVEL – A DISH or attractive woman, then EVE the first woman in the Bible and finally L for Left.

9d           Complaining to Heston finally about healthy meat dish (4,10)
BEEF WELLINGTON – Place BEEFING (complaining) and TO from the clue with the final letter in (Hesto) N around WELL or healthy.

15d         Offer to take trouble in number 10? (4-5)
TAIL-ENDER – Place AIL or trouble inside a TENDER or offer.

16d         Small pack endlessly trumpeted as thing to do with eggs? (8)
SCRAMBLE – S for small then CRAM or pack/stuff followed by BLE(w) or endlessly trumpeted/blew a trumpet.

17d         Intended following of French resistance (8)
DEFIANCE – A FIANCE or intended following DE (of in French).

19d         Burning a briquette initially to use no energy (6)
ABLAZE – A and B(riquette) initially followed by LAZE or use no energy.

20d         Economic slump, losing one third when Parliament’s not sitting (6)
RECESS – Two thirds of a RECESS(ion) or economic slump.

22d         Guard overlooking small gate (5)
ENTRY – A (s)ENTRY or guard in which the S for small has been omitted/overlooked.

Thanks to the setter – I’ll be back in two weeks.