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DT 28498

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28498

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 5th August

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This was a two star difficulty solve but a lot of fun.

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1a           Clear article to appear before ruler’s passing (10)
OVERTAKING – OVERT for clear and then A (an article) and a KING/ruler.

6a           Cut flower makes one pleased (4)
GLAD – Two definitions – the short name GLAD for gladioli and also pleased/cheerful.

10a         Call up the first woman to accept agreement (5)
EVOKE – EVE, the first woman in the bible to include/accept OK for agreement.

11a         Doggedly obstruct rural division (9)
STONEWALL – The first is the definition and the cryptic is a STONE WALL which may provide a boundary in farmland (a rural division).

12a         Model clear top, showing muscle (8)
PECTORAL – An anagram (to model) of CLEAR TOP.

13a         On reflection, that man in pub might end up here? (5)
REHAB – A reversal (on reflection) of HE (a man) inside a BAR or pub. Great clue.

15a         Run away from rabbit by large property (7)
CHATTEL – Remove the R for Right from CHATTE( r ) or rabbit/gas and then add L for Large.

17a         Agitated peers surrounding journalist, one over 70? (7)
SPEEDER – Make an agitated anagram of PEERS and place around ED for editor/journalist.

19a         Order silk in error that’s monumental (7)
OBELISK – An OBE (Order of the British Empire) followed by an anagram (in error) of SILK.

21a         Drink calms her between shows (7)
SHERBET – The drink is hidden in (the sentence SHOWS) inside calm S HER BET ween.

22a         Loaded and left port (5)
LADEN – L for Left and the port of ADEN.

24a         Things made for pipes (8)
PRODUCTS – A charade of PRO (for) and DUCTS (pipes/conduits). A simple but nicely misleading clue due to the surface reading.

27a         Resolve broken by retrograde exercise, have a lie-in (9)
OVERSLEEP – An anagram (broken) of RESOLVE next to a reveral (retrograde) of PE for Physical Education/exercise.

28a         Additional payment from sailor transporting Poles? (5)
BONUS – Reverse the N(orth) and S(outh) poles in a BOSUN/sailor.

29a         Country singer famous for reggae broadcast (4)
MALI – A homophone (broadcast) of Bob MARLEY (famous reggae singer).

30a         After trains breaking down, man is caustic (10)
ASTRINGENT – Place a GENT/man after an anagram (broken down) of TRAINS.


1d           Free love with writer (4)
OPEN – Nice and simple – O for Love and a PEN for a writer.

2d           Let off former partner with single charge (9)
EXONERATE – A charade of the EX partner, ONE for single and RATE for charge.

3d           Pretty aunt’s last message on social media (5)
TWEET – TWEE for pretty and the last letter in (aun)T.

4d           Predator is focus of quickest release (7)
KESTREL – A hidden word in the centre of (the focus of) quic KEST REL ease.

5d           Food that’s northern? Loads! (7)
NOODLES – N for Northern (an abb. from e.g. the Great Northern Railway – GNR) followed by OODLES for loads/lots.

7d           Reluctant promise to support Liberal (5)
LOATH – An OATH or promise following L(iberal).

8d           Consider intentional (10)
DELIBERATE – Two definitions.

9d           Salesperson always turned up carrying one spare (8)
REPRIEVE – Start with a REP or salesman then reverse (turned up) EVER/always and include (it is carrying) I for one.

14d         Place to find form (10)
SCHOOLROOM – A cryptic definition with form being a class of schoolchildren.

16d         Extremely poor local in the street (8)
THINNEST – Place an INN or local/bar in THE from the clue and ST for Street.

18d         Writer welcomes TV that’s promoted society girl (9)
DEBUTANTE – Reverse/promote i.e. it goes up a TUBE or television inside DANTE the writer.

20d         Swimmers smoked, some having a rest (7)
KIPPERS – The first is the straight definition and the cryptic refers to KIPPERS as some people having a sleep/rest.

21d         Terribly posh for a consumer (7)
SHOPPER – A terrible anagram of POSH followed by PER meaning ‘for a’

23d         Oil facility above which 500 live (5)
DWELL – D, the Roman Numeral for 500 is above an oil WELL.

25d         Mostly civilised, like London or Manchester? (5)
URBAN – Take all but the last letter (mostly) of URBAN( e ) or civilised.

26d         Regularly pose with good person — this might attract attention (4)
PSST – The odd/regular letters in PoSe followed by ST, the abb.  for saint


Thanks to the setter, I am back next Friday.         


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  1. What I want to know is why Mister Ron’s enjoyable Saturday puzzles are always scheduled for your blogging weeks??

  2. The way I am feeling/working at the moment you nearly had your chance! On site at 07:00 and typically in bed by 20:30 with lots of stairs in between!

  3. Firstly, thank you CS for the info re: the setter – it’s such a shame that we don’t always know who compiled our Saturday puzzles and I so enjoyed this one. 28a in particular caught my fancy.

    I knew Gazza would have something to say about the 29a homophone but I hadn’t realised that it would give JL a problem. Having asked Mr. Google about the French pronunciation of Mali all becomes clear – they use a short vowel sound for both the ‘a’ and the ‘i’.

    Thanks again to Mister Ron and to Gnomethang for the review.

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