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DT 28486

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28486

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 22nd July

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

I don’t know whether it is just me but I think Saturday puzzles have improved a bit lately. They still are straightforward enough to encourage lots of competition entries, but they have a little je ne sais quoi that makes them a bit more interesting to review, even though I do appear to have typed the words ‘.. from the clue’ quite a few times this week!.


1a Look here, there’s more to come (5,4,5)
WATCH THIS SPACE – A literal instruction – look here, or an indication that there’s more information to come

9a Wow, other ranks will eat free in hall (8)
CORRIDOR – COR (wow) OR (other ranks) ‘eat’ or have inserted between them RID (free). Like one of Saturday’s commenters, I wasn’t entirely convinced that a hall and a corridor are the same thing – but in the BRB both words are defined as a gallery, corridor being defined as a ‘gallery communicating with separate rooms’. We live in a converted barn which has a long upstairs ‘passage’ which Mr CS reminded me that he always refers to as the hall and I always call it the corridor, for me the ‘hall’ being the room you enter when you come in the front door. We concluded that it probably depends on regional differences relating to what you called such a ‘space’ when you were growing up

10a Prince shows bottle going round a hospital (5)
RAJAH – A reversal (going round) of JAR (bottle) followed by A (from the clue) and H (hospital)

12a Scribe topped and tailed ceremony (4)
RITE – WRITER (scribe) ‘topped and tailed’

13a Painstaking detail (10)
PARTICULAR – Double definition, the first an adjective and the second a noun

15a Respect dad backing professional versus a learner (8)
APPROVAL – A reversal (backing) of PA (dad) followed by PRO (professional) V (versus) A (from the clue) L (learner)

16a Promise parking can be found by lake shore? (6)
PLEDGE – P (parking) L (lake) EDGE (shore?)

18a Home brewer (6)
TEAPOT – A nice cryptic definition of something kept at home to brew tea

20a Diabolical meal causing misfortune inside (8)
DEVILISH – DISH (meal) with EVIL (causing misfortune) inside

23a Applying first of gears to follow former pilot manoeuvring in (10)
EXPLOITING – G (the ‘first’ of Gears) follows EX (former), an anagram (manoeuvring) of PILOT and IN (from the clue)

24a Decomposed fuel outlet (4)
FLUE – an anagram (decomposed) of FUEL

26a Fancy that American soldier? Snappy little tyke! (5)
CORGI – COR (fancy that) GI (American soldier). I believe Her Majesty does the DT cryptic crossword every day – it would be interesting to know what she thought about the definition in this clue!

27a Number study city’s outskirts — it’s a trend (8)
TENDENCY – TEN (number) DEN (study) CY (the ‘outskirts’ of CitY)

28a Shut it — nuisance when liquid is lukewarm (14)
UNENTHUSIASTIC – An anagram (when liquid) of SHUT IT NUISANCE


2d Brace favourites to get up and dance (3-4)
TWO-STEP – TWO (brace) and a reversal (get up in a Down clue) of PETS (favourites)

3d Brave guy that presents that girl with ring (4)
HERO – HER (that girl) O (ring)

4d Hurried pronouncedly on a path, making retreat (8)
HIDEAWAY – A homophone (pronouncedly) of HIED (hurried) on A WAY (a path)

5d Supports parades (6)
STRUTS – Supports or props, or a verb meaning walks stiffly in vanity (parades)

6d Gather below Dover perhaps is castle entrance (10)
PORTCULLIS – CULL (gather) goes below PORT (Dover perhaps) and IS (from the clue) is added at the end

7d Flattered little woman the French rogue’s cuddling (7)
CAJOLED – JO (one of the Little Woman in the famous books) and LE (French definite article) are ‘cuddled’ by CAD (rogue)

8d List of accusations — rush these to be reviewed (6,5)
CHARGE SHEET – CHARGE (rush) plus an anagram (to be reviewed) of THESE

11d Start a conversation? It’s what travellers do in the Arctic (5,3,3)
BREAK THE ICE – An expression meaning to get through the stiffness and reserve of a first meeting with a stranger, could also be what travellers do in the Arctic

14d See company proposal for moving capacity (10)
LOCOMOTION – LO (see) CO (company) MOTION (proposal)

17d Not a chain in southern Europe but one in northern England (8)
PENNINES – The mountain chain in Italy being the APPENINES, hence the ‘Not A’ instruction in the clue

19d Sprain I developed, painkiller needed (7)
ASPIRIN – An anagram (developed) of SPRAIN I

21d I will put on the item about Guernsey etc criminal (7)
ILLICIT – ILL (I will) and IT (the item) go ‘about’ CI (Channel Islands, Guernsey etc)

22d Pain that’s left after surgery (6)
STITCH – A sharp pricking pain in the side brought on by running has the same name as a surgical suture

25d Found written inside maze, Talmudic Greek character (4)
ZETA – Found written inside maZE Talmudic


5 comments on “DT 28486

  1. I agree on your comment about the improved quality of Saturday’s crosswords – they definitely have got an edge to them of late. Thanks for the review.

  2. Yes, I think you’re right about 9a. I reckon that any long, narrow space which accesses various adjacent rooms is a corridor and if it happens to be behind the front door of a house/bungalow, people often/usually call it the hall or passage (and, less often, a corridor). I find these semantic nuances very interesting.

  3. I think you’re right about the regional differences, CS. We always referred to the ‘hall’ behind the front door, whilst its equivalent upstairs was the ‘landing’ – regardless of its size and shape.

  4. Thanks Sue, I agree with your comment things are looking up after a rather uninspiring few weeks. Several smile moments including 1a which set the pace for a delightful way to spend Saturday afternoon.

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