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ST 2908

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2908

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 16th July

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Another fine Sunday puzzle – I think I’ll pick 11a as my favouritep>

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1a Company support for office machine (6)
COPIER – CO (company) PIER (support)

4a Secure with cable and pull back, producing mess on warship (8)
WARDROOM – ‘back’ indicates that we need to reverse MOOR (secure with cable) and DRAW (pull)

9a A loose woman in family (6)
AUNTIE – A (from the clue) UNTIE (loose)

10a Part of stable with one working horse (8)
STALLION – STALL (part of stable) I (one) ON (working)

11a Who needs skill to break up drunken rampage? (9)
BARTENDER – ART (skill) breaks up BENDER (drunken rampage)

13a All-round sporting achievement for an American poet of old (5)
HOMER – A baseball term or an ancient poet

14a Prepare to watch circus, including bizarre main show (13)
ENTERTAINMENT – ENTER TENT (prepare to watch circus) ‘including’ an anagram (bizarre) of MAIN

17a Hear I’ve tangled with dunce? Right, he could do better (13)
UNDERACHIEVER – An anagram (tangled) of HEAR IV DUNCE followed by R (right)

21a Critical article covering North African country (5)
KENYA – KEY (critical) and A (indefinite article) ‘cover’ N (north)

23a Express sadness in public for error (9)
OVERSIGHT – SIGH (express sadness) in OVERT (public)

24a Doctor has plot outside current medical facility (8)
HOSPITAL – An anagram (doctor) of HAS PLOT goes ‘outside’ I (electrical current)

25a Husband absorbed in a big book, comfortable and relaxed (2,4)
AT HOME – H (husband) ‘absorbed in’ A TOME (a big book)

26a Taunt taken to heart by French father with English lineage (8)
PEDIGREE – DIG (taunt) ‘taken to heart’ of PERE (French father), E for English being added at the end

27a Publicity material is about to create stir (6)
PRISON – PR (publicity material) IS (from the clue) ON (about)


1d Runs into kind of driver liable to have road rage? (6)
CRABBY – R (runs) in CABBY (kind of driver)

2d Under pressure, infer changes in goal for foreign correspondent? (9)
PENFRIEND – P (the abbreviation for pressure) goes on top of an anagram (changes) of INFER which is inserted into END (goal)

3d Going without info that’s urgent (7)
EXIGENT – EXIT (going) goes ‘without’ GEN (info)

5d Adjusted rent over a time within existing option (11)
ALTERNATIVE – Working out the ‘how and why’ of this one accounted for the extra 0.5 difficulty rating. An anagram (adjusted) of RENT goes over (it’s a Down clue!) A T (a time) and then the whole lot gets put within ALIVE (existing)

6d Sea-creature in hold moving around quietly (7)
DOLPHIN – An anagram (moving) of IN HOLD goes ‘around’ P (quietly)

7d Hatred in speaker’s position after losing power at the top (5)
ODIUM – Lose the P for Power from a PODIUM (speaker’s position)

8d Popular newcomer turned up within my smaller group (8)
MINORITY – IN (popular) and a reversal (turned up) of TIRO (newcomer) are put ‘within’ MY (from the clue)

12d People on board created riot at sea (11)
DIRECTORATE – An anagram (at sea) of CREATED RIOT

15d For instance, repeatedly ringing king with evidence of debts — shocking (9)
EGREGIOUS – EG (for instance) twice (repeatedly) ‘ring’ R (Rex, king) and are followed by IOUS (evidence of debts)

16d Asian vessel’s short journey — it carries second-hand stuff (4,4)
JUNK SHOP – JUNK (Asian vessel) HOP (short journey)

18d Literary event for English university town (7)
READING – As the clue says, a literary event or an English university town

19d Part in Chekhov — is it originally for one in company? (7)
VISITOR – This week’s lurker – found in part of ChekhoV IS IT ORiginally. The reason I’ve underlined the first part of the clue is that Chekhov wrote a short story called A Troublesome Visitor

20d Spread the rumour, initially, in all directions (6)
STREWN – The initial letters of The and Rumour inserted into S E W N (all compass directions)

22d Cautiously proceeded to signal agreement about state’s borders (5)
NOSED – NOD (signal agreement) ‘about’ S and E (the ‘borders’ of StatE)


I tested a crossword the other day and pointed out that there were quite a few ‘insertion’ type clues and was told by the well-known setter that there was no rule saying how many you could or indeed couldn’t have. This may be true but I wonder if there perhaps ought to be some sort of guidance, as this particular Sunday puzzle has fifteen clues (more than half the total) where you put something inside something else! S2