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DT 28474

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28474

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 2nd July

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! This probably would have been a one star time if I were not enjoying the conversations in Macclesfield. There were a few easy starters and a few that took a bit of parsing.

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1a           Disapprove of hiding current drop in value (10)
DEPRECIATE – Place I – The SI Symbol for current – inside DEPRECATE or disapprove.

6a           Push five to leave Oxford? (4)
SHOE – V, the Roman Numeral for five leaves SHO(v)E or push.

9a           Trail volunteers returning in pursuit of normal soldiers (10)
PARATROOPS – Reverse (returning) SPOOR (an animal trail) and the TA (Territorial Army/volunteers) and place after (in pursuit of) PAR for normal.

10a         Just over half of Beatles worked to make ‘Help!’ (4)
ABET – Take the first four of seven letters (just over half) in BEAT(les) and then make an anagram (or work on).

12a         Sleazy club putting out energy for a prima donna (4)
DIVA – A sleazy club is a DIVE. Remove E for Energy and replace with A.

13a         Go in after fish and chips (9)
CARPENTER – To ENTER or go in after a CARP (fish).

15a         One’s alone with actors not present (8)
CASTAWAY – If the actors were gone then ne might say that the CAST was AWAY.

16a         Hole found in old vehicle beginning to rust (6)
CRATER – CRATE for an old banger and then the beginning letter of R(ust).

18a         Fool can upset with humour (6)
NITWIT – Reverse (upset) a TIN can and then add WIT for humour.

20a         18 goes over and samples baked goods (8)
PASTRIES – Reverse (goes over) a SAP (a synonym for nitwit at 18) and then add TRIES for samples/tastes.

23a         Shock at zebras regularly becoming dangerous animals (3-6)
MAN-EATERS – A MANE for a shock (of hair) then AT from the clue followed by the regular letters in zEbRaS.

24a         Main bridge? (4)
ARCH – A chestnutty double definition with the former meaning chief/biggest.

26a         Short dog with tail? Just its tip (4)
CURT – A CUR/dog and then the first letter or tip of T(ail).

27a         Cold? Once salve works, recover (10)
CONVALESCE – Start with C for Cold (abb. from the tap) and thn make an anagram (works) of ONCE SALVE.

28a         I am cutting weight in half to become member (4)
LIMB – I’M for I am inside a LB pound weight.

29a         Both rather fancy dish (5-5)
HEART-THROB – An old word to clue an old word. Dish here is a good looking person and the answer is a fancy anagram of BOTH RATHER.


1d           Take exercise drug (4)
DOPE – Another clue that I have seen a couple of times. To exercise means to DO P.E. (Physical Education in schools).

2d           Green lights for a motorway and street, northbound (7)
PERMITS – Take PER meaning ‘for a’ and then add the reversal (northbound in a Down clue) od ST for Street and MI or the M1 Motorway.

3d           Spare millions a woman left on the side? (12)
EXTRAMARITAL – EXTRA for spare then M(illions and A from the clue, then the woman RITA and finally L for Left.

4d           Press caught boy in battleship (8)
IRONCLAD – To IRON or press then C for Caught (a cricketscoring abb.) and LAD/boy after that.

5d           What a person carries spills (6)
TAPERS – A nice hidden word (indicated by Carries) inside whA T A PERS on.

7d           Dress at home (7)
HABITAT – HABIT for dress and AT from the clue.

8d           Initiative to go into force (10)
ENTERPRISE – A charade of ENTER (go into – again!) and PRISE or force/jemmy.

11d         Republican in terribly close battle for election (6,6)
SECRET BALLOT – Place R for Republican inside an anagram (terribly) of CLOSE BATTLE. Great surface reading.

14d         Finally be amusing about working and saving money (10)
ECONOMICAL – The final letter in (b)E then COMICAL or amusing around/about ON for working.

17d         Elements of football and cricket used in religious festival (8)
PASSOVER – The sporting elements are respectively PASS (football and OVER (cricket).

19d         Non-drinker imbibing an alcoholic drink in temper (7)
TANTRUM – A TT (teetotaller or non-drinker) includes or imbibes AN from the clue and is followed by RUM (an alcoholic drink).

21d         Tooth made from zinc is ‘orrible (7)
INCISOR – Another hidden word inside (is made from) z INC IS ‘OR rible

22d         Engineers sit and rest (6)
REPOSE – RE for the Royal Engineers and POSE for sit.

25d         Auntie‘s complaint cut short bishop (4)
BEEB – A synonym for the BBC (Auntie BEEB). Cut short the word BEE(f) for complaint and then add B(ishop).

Thanks to the setter. I am back next Friday.


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  1. Thanks Gnomey and Mister Ron

    Well I’ve remembered to say what would have put me in the Naughty Corner on Saturday, but will Caroline remember to look

    When telling people to look up ‘spills’ in the dictionary when they couldn’t ‘get’ 5d, what I nearly said was ‘that should shine a little light on the solution’ :)

  2. I am old enough to remember rolling tapers and ot brought back a childhood memory so that was my favourite. Thanks to Gnomey for once again explaining my brainstorm, glad you enjoyed Macclesfield.

    1. One of the things I always did when staying with my Granny back before Gnomey was born ! was helping to make tapers and newspaper ‘knots’ for the fire. Entertaining children was a simpler process then.

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