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DT 28432

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28432

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 20th May

BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Morning All! The review made everything a bit samey but I don’t remember feeling that way during the solve.

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1a           Work out chairman’s bust on board (10)
FIGUREHEAD – A charade of FIGURE (work out) and HEAD (chairman).

6a           Go crazy when rejected (4)
STAB – A reversal (when rejected) of BATS or crazy.

10a         Mole’s friend is irritable (5)
RATTY – Easy if you remember the Wind in the Willows!

11a         Very East European to be losing head, that’s common (9)
VULGARIAN – V for Very then a (b)ULGARIAN or east European with the head letter lost.

12a         Racer over 8 furlongs holds nothing back, being one that works hard before Ascot (8)
MILLINER – A racer over 8 furlongs is a MILER. Inside that is held and reversed NIL for nothing – MIL (LIN) ER

13a         Nick excluding Switzerland (5)
NOTCH – The 2 letter ISO country code for Switzerland is CH, hence excluding Switzerland is NOT CH.

15a         Water tower (7)
TUGBOAT – A cryptic definition of the thing that tows (a tower) in harbours and at sea (onn the water).

17a         The Parisian visiting most of close outside the church (7)
SECULAR – Place LA (‘the’ in French) inside most of SECUR(e) or close.

19a         Man marooned on Treasure Island long time finds large-leaved plant (7)
GUNNERA – Ben GUNN was marooned on Treasure Island. Add ERA for a long time.

21a         The Royal Marines heading lowly sailor’s vessel (7)
THERMOS – The from the clue then RM for Royal Marines and finally an OS or Ordinary Seaman (the lowest rank).

22a         A person from the Far North returning in shock (5)
APPAL – A from the clue then a LAPP (someone from northern Scandinavia) when revered (returning).

24a         Simple detective joke, as some would tell it (8)
HOMESPUN – A homophone (as some would tell it) of Sherlock HOLME’S PUN or a detective joke.

27a         Teen cried out — act as peacemaker (9)
INTERCEDE – Make an anagram, indicated by ‘out’, of TEEN CRIED.

28a         Reactionary fellow that’s full of gas (5)
BLIMP – Two definitions – 1) An incurably conservative elderly military officer as in Colonel Blimp from the cartoonist David Low and 2) – A zeppelin which is full of gas.

29a         Standard choice of letters from the middle of the alphabet (4)
NORM – The choice of letters being N OR M.

30a         Hamlet’s resolution (10)
SETTLEMENT – Another double definition – A settlement of houses/hamlet and a resolution in e.g.  court case.


1d           Stable business (4)
FIRM – Yet one more straightforward double definition.

2d           Elderly mounting clicking (7,2)
GETTING ON – Three on the spin but this one is a treble definition: Becoming elderly, getting on a horse/mounting and getting on well with someone or ‘clicking’.

3d           Top person bet gold goes up (5)
ROYAL – A reversal (goes up in a DOWN clue) of LAY (place a bet) and OR for Gold (The heraldic name).

4d           Shelter to put up pauper (4-3)
HAVE NOT – A HAVEN or shelter and then a reversal (up) of TO.

5d           Entire river’s charms (7)
ALLURE – A charade of ALL/entire and the river URE’S retaining the apostrophe ‘S.

7d           It is not commonly a corrupting influence (5)
TAINT – ‘It is not’ in common parlance might be pronounced as (i)T’AINT

8d           Magistrates and journalists bear great weight (5-5)
BENCH PRESS – A charade of the BENCH/magistrates and the PRESS or journalists collectively.

9d           Sea creature unadorned with pinch of salt (8)
BARNACLE – Place NaCl or the chemical formula for Sodium Chloride/common salt inside BARE or unadorned.

14d         Lack of progress disturbed antagonist (10)
STAGNATION – An anagram, indicated by disturbed, of ANTAGONIST.

16d         Drool dodderingly about clergyman turning up in wartime operation (8)
OVERLORD – A doddering anagram of DROOL around a REV(erend) or clergyman.

18d         Use ol’ Mini that’s clapped out? Get much bigger car (9)
LIMOUSINE – An anagram (clapped) out, appositely) of USE OL’ MINI.

20d         Succeed with a herb placed around top of escalope (7)
ACHIEVE – Place A CHIVE or Aa herb around the top letter in E(scalope).

21d         English parliamentarian in international storm (7)
TEMPEST – E for English and an MP/parliamentarian inside a TEST match or international.

23d         Flag and fade away (5)
PETER – Two definitions, the former being as the Blue Peter.

25d         Weapon pierces a breastplate to some extent (5)
A hidden word inside (to some extent)  pierce S A BRE astplate.

26d         Turn corner (4)
SPOT – A final double definition to finish; a SPOT or turn/go and a difficult position/corner.