DT 28420

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28408

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 29th April

BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ***

Another pleasant Saturday puzzle, which again didn’t take long to either solve or draft the review

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1a In horse-drawn vehicle heading south-east I travel wearily (7)
TRAIPSE – I (from the clue) in TRAP (according to Brian an archaic horse-drawn vehicle!) ‘heading’ or going before SE (South East)

5a Get sick with having skate around track (7)
RAILWAY – AIL (get sick) and W (with) inserted into RAY (skate here being a fish)

9a However like an all-seater stadium (15)
NOTWITHSTANDING – To understand the clue split your solution 3, 4, 8

10a Bird shows remorse losing head (5)
EGRET – REGRET (shows remorse) losing its ‘head’

11a Very famous person’s drink leading to arrest in commotion (9)
SUPERSTAR – SUP (drink) leading to or going before an anagram (in commotion) of ARREST

12a Public boxing has first of youngsters being too impulsive (9)
OVERHASTY – OVERT (public) ‘boxing’ HAS (from the clue) followed by the ‘first’ of Youngsters

14a Bishop with not so much to be thankful for (5)
BLESS – B (Bishop) LESS (not so much)

15a Telephone number unknown lost? Make temporary arrangement (3,2)
RIG UP – Remove the N (number) from RING UP (telephone)

16a Punter’s happy sound about horse race (9)
PURCHASER – PURR (happy sound) goes ‘about’ CHASE (horse race)

18a Flighty vocalists (9)
SONGBIRDS – Cryptic definition

21a Secures wild places (5)
MOORS – Double definition

22a Naughty affairs bothered like-minded people (5,2,1,7)

23a Like ancient oracle, I’d help confused Corinthian leader (7)
DELPHIC – An anagram (confused) of ID HELP and C (Corinthian ‘leader’)

24a Fool accepts certain guarantees (7)
ASSURES – ASS (fool) ‘accepts’ SURE (certain)


1d Hybrid fruit with sharp taste the Spanish love (7)
TANGELO – TANG (sharp taste) EL (the Spanish definite article) O (Love)

2d Law officer developing a tolerant energy (8,7)
ATTORNEY GENERAL – An anagram (developing) of A TOLERANT ENERGY

3d Copy bureau’s hard work crushed by signs of burglars (5,4)
PRINT SHOP – H (hard) OP (work) ‘crushed by’ PRINTS (signs of burglars)

4d Stethoscope shows distinctive character (5)
ETHOS – Lurking inside stETHOScope

5d One contributes tax in settlement of a rare type (9)
RATEPAYER – An anagram (settlement) of A RARE TYPE

6d Good shot at archery champion’s missed initially (5)
INNER – Remove the initial letter from WINNER (champion)

7d Famous painting referee put out (9,6)

8d Dairy products turn up in Mongolian tents (7)
YOGURTS – GO (turn) reversed and inserted into YURTS (Mongolian tents)

13d Sedative — placatory item given by mouth mostly (9)
SOPORIFIC – SOP (placatory item) ORIFICe (mouth ‘mostly’)

14d Unconventional people bemoan his undoing (9)
BOHEMIANS – An anagram (undoing) of BEMOAN HIS

15d Towered over short American friend, one with potential to bloom (7)
ROSEBUD – ROSE (towered) over BUD (abbreviated American buddy or friend)

17d Holiday places men found in periods off work (7)
RESORTS – OR (men, Ordinary Ranks of soldiers) found in RESTS (periods off work)

19d Dutch artist broadcast nonsense (5)
BOSCH – A homophone (broadcast) of BOSH (nonsense)

20d I will occupy seat — seat of government (5)
SOFIA – I (from the clue) occupies SOFA to give the seat of government of Bulgaria




  1. Margaret
    Posted May 12, 2017 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    Hi Sue, far be it from me to presume, but should the w of “with” in 5a be capitalised?

    Thanks for all your sterling work over the weeks which is always appreciated, even if we don’t say so enough!

    For me, and probably many others ( I know of Faraday for one), you reassure us of our correct answers when the DT tell us we have something wrong, so thanks again

    • crypticsue
      Posted May 12, 2017 at 11:10 am | Permalink

      Thanks Margaret – sorted now

      I see that the definitions aren’t underlined which is odd because they were in the version I copied over. I’m sure people will manage to work them out for themselves as I can’t sort it out while I’m at work.

  2. Will
    Posted May 12, 2017 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    I’m confused. Title says “DT 28414” (which is today) but then below that is “Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28408”.

    Are today’s answers coming?

    • crypticsue
      Posted May 12, 2017 at 11:23 am | Permalink

      In my defence, I am still suffering with a long lasting dental abscess. The numbering for last Saturday’s review is now correct and I can see that BD will be publishing today’s answers shortly.