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DT 28414

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28408

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 29th April

BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ***

I found this fairly average, didn’t spot the typo in the 18d clue (corrected both on line and in this review) and for reasons I explain below, didn’t have any problem with 3d.

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1a Southern headland with river cutting through tight spot (6)
SCRAPE – S (southern) CAPE (headland) with R (river) ‘cutting through’

4a Factory in which one must be seen as flexible (6)
PLIANT – I from the clue) must be seen in PLANT (factory)

9a Order duck for serviceman (8)
COMMANDO – COMMAND (order) O (duck, nought in a cricket score)

10a Relative managed to find accommodation in grand US city (6)
GRANNY – RAN (managed) to ‘find accommodation’ in G (Grand)NY (US city)

11a Office mailbag (4)
POST – At the time of drafting this review, Brian hadn’t worked out that the same word could be used to mean an office, or the correspondence you find in a mailbag

12a At close quarters to workers on both sides (4-2-4)
HAND-TO-HAND – TO (from the clue) with HAND and HAND (workers) on each side of it.

13a Attend a sanctuary and go into withdrawal (4,1,7)
BEAT A RETREAT – BE AT A RETREAT (attend a sanctuary)

16a Glassy-eyed, quite a sight in bed (12)
BESPECTACLED – SPECTACLE (quite a sight) in BED (from the clue)

20a Rich source listed (4-6)
WELL-HEELED – WELL (source) HEELED (listed in the sense of leaned to one side)

21a Change lines to be delivered by Virginia (4)
VARY – RY (railway lines) to be delivered by VA (the abbreviation for the State of Virginia)

22a Ate sandwiches a good person went without (6)
FASTED – FED (ate) ‘sandwiches’ A ST (a saint, a good person)

23a Hurry up with double portion of food (4,4)
CHOP-CHOP – Do I really need to explain this one??

24a New style our ships must follow (6)
MODERN – MODE (style) followed by RN (Royal Navy, our ships)

25a Seek measures with rights enshrined (6)
FERRET – FEET (measures) with R R (two ‘rights’) ‘enshrined’


1d Break in journey provost arranged when going round Orient? (8)
STOPOVER – An anagram (arranged)of PROVOST ‘going round’ East (Orient)

2d Pass on Marmite mother’s left for spreading (5)
REMIT – An anagram (spread) of MARMITE once you’ve removed MA (mother’s left)

3d Creature beginning to pollen part of flower (7)
PANTHER – P (the ‘beginning’ to Pollen) and ANTHER (part of flower). This clue brought out the pedants. My view is that you are looking at the beginning to pollen, used as a noun not a verb, plus a part of a flower. I think the pedants’ point about the verb to pollen being both an Americanism and a neologism has now been discussed more than enough and disproved too given that it is in a number of very old reference books, so let’s hope that’s an end to it.

5d Person receiving money of late (7)
LEGATEE – A cryptic definition

6d A wretched cold (9)
APATHETIC – A (from the clue) PATHETIC (wretched)

7d Resident football team missing one six-footer (6)
TENANT – TEN (a football team of eleven missing one player) ANT (a six-footed insect)

8d Where numbers can be found all day and all night (5,3,5)
ROUND THE CLOCK – Where you might find numbers gives an expression meaning all day and all night which I much prefer to the ‘24/7’ that people use so much these days

14d Time to appear in strange tableau daughter carefully organised (9)
TABULATED – T (time) appears in an anagram (strange) of TABLEAU, the result finished with D (daughter)

15d What those with largest families do last of all (8)
REARMOST – Split your solution 4,4 and the first part of the clue becomes clear

17d Lean left in poster? (7)
SLENDER – L (left) in SENDER (poster)

18d Old tape repaired jumper at an earlier stage (7)
TADPOLE – An anagram (repaired) of OLD TAPE gives us an earlier stage in the life of a frog (jumper)

19d Don’t get the wind up (6)
BECALM – Make still or quiet

21d Minister making some civic arrangements (5)
VICAR – Making part of some ciVIC ARrangements