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DT 28402

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28402

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 15th April

BD Rating – Difficulty */** Enjoyment ***

Another fairly typical Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a           Not belonging to a couple agitated about fine (3,2,5)
OUT OF PLACE – An anagram (agitated) of TO A COUPLE ‘about’ F (fine)

6a           Fish in deep sound (4)
BASS – As the clue says, a type of fish or a deep sound

10a         Monotonous labour of Greek duke around home (5)
GRIND – GR (Greek) D (duke) goes around IN (home)

11a         Newly-wed rightly in prison (9)
BRIDEWELL – BRIDE (newly-wed) WELL (rightly)

12a         Beef of new policeman drained of energy (8)
COMPLAIN – An anagram (new) of POLICEMAN without the E (drained of Energy)

13a         Stop following popular type of music (5)
INDIE – DIE (stop) following IN (popular)

15a         Issue for year, full of info (7)
PROGENY – PRO (for) Y (year) ‘full of’ GEN (info)

17a         Knock tavern sign, unfortunately (7)
INNINGS – INN (tavern) followed by an anagram (unfortunately) of SIGN

19a         Finished in the short grass off the fairway (7)
THROUGH – TH (the ‘short’ or without its last letter) and ROUGH (grass off the fairway)

21a         Training trick daughter studied (7)
PERUSED – PE (training) RUSE (trick) D (daughter)

22a         Unusual paperback, maybe (5)
NOVEL –  An adjective meaning unusual; if used as a noun, the solution could well be in paperback form.

24a         Sluggish, local inhabitant having caught cold on island (8)
INACTIVE – NATIVE (local inhabitant) having ‘caught’ C (cold) and going on or after I for Island

27a         I’m doctor’s client, annoyed at waiting time? (9)
IMPATIENT – IM (from the clue) PATIENT (doctor’s client)

28a         Starts to photograph old lovers kissing at dance (5)
POLKA – The ‘starts’ of Photograph Old Lovers Kissing At

29a         Talk at length about right dress (4)
GARB – GAB (talk at length) goes about R (right)

30a         Severe row within a hospital department (10)
ASTRINGENT – STRING (row) goes within A (from the clue) ENT (Ear Nose and Throat department of a hospital)


1d           Wild gathering sees opera character blowing top (4)
ORGY – PORGY the opera character ‘blowing’ his top

2d           In expedition across pass following river, I flag (9)
TRICOLOUR – TOUR (expedition) goes ‘across’ COL (pass), the latter following R (river) and I (from the clue)

3d           Bored, being catered for at college (3,2)
FED UP – FED (catered for) UP (at college)

4d           On the shelf, Emma may be here? (7)
LIBRARY – This Emma being a 22a!

5d           Italian wine: Greek character not in favour (7)
CHIANTI – CHI (Greek character) ANTI (not in favour)

7d           Winning answer had to involve ultimate in knowledge (5)
AHEAD – A (answer) HAD (from the clue) ‘involving’ E (the ‘ultimate’ in knowledge)

8d           Team devouring chopped livers and some beef (10)
SILVERSIDE – SIDE (team) devouring an anagram (chopped) of LIVERS

9d           Newcomer having drink outside good public house (8)
BEGINNER – BEER (drink) goes outside G (good) and INN (public house)

14d         Respectable winning position (10)
UPSTANDING – UP (winning) STANDING (position)

16d         Fairness: English attribute (8)
EQUALTY – E (English) QUALITY (attribute)

18d         Kind of timber house, incomplete, in north-eastern music centre (9)
NASHVILLE – ASH (kind of timber) VILLa (house ‘incomplete’) goes in [between]  N E (North Eastern)

20d         Someone having the potential to succeed (7)
HEIRESS – a cryptic definition

21d         Sales pitch involving large dish (7)
PLATTER – L (large) in PATTER (sales pitch)  

23d         Privet cut down, surprisingly revealing snake (5)
VIPER – An anagram (surprisingly) of PRIVEt once you have cut it down by removing the last letter

25d         Out ultimately, a flagstick for undemanding putt? (3-2)
TAP-IN – T (the ultimate letter of out) A (from the clue) PIN (flagstick) – the perfect clue for the person supposed to be blogging this crossword, particularly as he was probably putting several of these while on a golfing break in Portugal.

26d         The old man on street’s gone by (4) PAST – PA (the old man, father) on ST (street)

Our golfer should be returning just in time to blog the next Saturday Prize Puzzle.




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  1. Thanks Sue, enjoyed this and patted myself on the back when I came up with 11a. One or two blind spots where I needed help to confirm my answers.

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