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ST 2894

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2894

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 9th April

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Some fine cluing as always. I managed to get this reviewed prior to my trip – I amcurrently golfing in Portugal for my friend’s 50th which is today. Happy Birthday to John ‘The Rooster’ Rooney.

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1a           Problem for canine — it’s seized by rodent (6)
CAVITY – A CAVY is a South American rodent. Place IT from the clue inside (IT is seized by…).

4a           Adroitly modified excessive adoration (8)
IDOLATRY – A modified anagram of ADROITLY.

10a         Extreme way to dominate as speaker? (9)
UTTERMOST – If you were to dominate as a speaker you might UTTER the MOST.

11a         Cast most of the line (5)
THROW – Most of TH(e) followed by a ROW or line.

12a         Settled legal document about police force (7)
DECIDED – A DEED or legal document around (bout) the C.I.D or police force.

13a         Be in charge, initially performing live (7)
PRESIDE – The initial letter in P(erforming) followed by RESIDE for live.

14a         Wild cat in part of pound (5)
OUNCE – An old chestnut – the wild cat and also one sixteenth of a pound weight.

15a         Flatter son and family member with extra love (8)
SMOOTHER – S for Son and then MOTHER (family member) with an extra O = Love.

18a         Interpret as accurate when introduced by Tories (8)
CONSTRUE – TRUE for accurate preceded by (introduced by) the CONS – short for Conservatives/Tories.

20a         Better protected, back in secure fastness (5)
SAFER – A hidden reversal (is BACK IN) secuRE FAStness.

23a         Have something in common, as do the signs you can see in libraries (7)
OVERLAP – The star signs of LIBRA  and ARIES OVERLAP (sharing the A) inside the ford libraries.

25a         Second slight cut in flower (7)
SAFFRON– S(econd) followed by an AFFRON(t) or slight that has had its last letter cut off.

26a         Tightly hold caught fish (5)
CLING – C for Caught (from cricketing notation) followed by the ubiquitous crossword fish the LING.

27a         Otherwise taken in by absurdly amusing fool (9)
IGNORAMUS – An anagram (absurdly) of AMUSING with OR (otherwise) included (or taken in).

28a         Correcting said author’s work (8)
RIGHTING – A homophone (said) of WRITING or the work of an author.

29a         Write name on flag (6)
PENNON – PEN for write followed by N(ame) and ON from the clue.


1d           Cook’s vessel, in cloud, ran on the rocks (8)
CAULDRON – An anagram (indicated by ‘on the rocks’) of CLOUD RAN.

2d           Using tax, I preserve palace in European city (7)
VATICAN – Use VAT for tax then I from the clue and finally CAN for preserve.

3d           Lack of energy perturbed residents (9)
TIREDNESS – A perturbed anagram of RESIDENTS.

5d           A little upset, as is company covered by urgent analysis of info (4,10)
DATA PROCESSING – reverse (upset) A TAD (a little) and also (as is) CO(mpany) which is inserted into/covered by PRESSING or urgent.

6d           Able to move supply, left one article (5)
LITHE – L9eft) I for one and then THE – a definite article in English.

7d           Carpenters fear it, call it last thing needed in house (7)
TERMITE – TERM for call/name then IT from the clue followed by the last letter in (hous)E.

8d           Rearranged new day was wide open (6)
YAWNED – An anagram (rearranged) of NEWDAY.

9d           Explanation of position‘s requirements for patient? (3,11)
JOB DESCRIPTION – To require the patience of JOB (biblically) might be a JOB DESCRIPTION.

16d         In fact, ask for certain unit with mission (4,5)
TASK FORCE – A great hidden compound word which is IN facT ASK FOR CErtain.

17d         Some pianos being played for young relative (8)
GRANDSON – If some grand pianos were being played one might say that the GRANDS were ON (e.g. the pitch).

19d         Initial moves in game creating opportunity (7)
OPENING – The first cryptic definition refers to the OPENING moves in e.g. a chess game.

21d         Pro celebrity turned up as leader of crew (7)
FOREMAN – PRO meaning for and then a reversal (turned up) of a NAME or celebrity.

22d         Agree with head of Cruft’s about dog (6)
CONCUR – C – the head letter in C(ruft’s) then ON for about and a CUR/dog.

24d         Run away with official authorisation, in short (5)
LEGIT – The first cryptic definition is LEG IT or run away. The main definition is the short form of LEGIT(imate) or ‘with formal authorisation’.     

Thanks to Mr Greer. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Saturday review.