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DT 28336

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28336

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 28th January

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! A standard Saturday puzzle for difficulty with some very entertaining clues and a couple of chestnuts..


1a Being enthusiastic with detailed planning after European Union (10)
EULOGISTIC – An item of detailed planning is a LOGISTIC. Place that after the EU or European Union abbreviation (abb.)

6a Tiny amount of holiday in spring (4)
WHIT – An abb. of WHIT(sun) or a spring religious day is also a small amount like a jot or ioat.

10a This person wearing jumper is amorous type (5)
ROMEO – ME (this person is covered by (wearing) a (kanga)ROO or jumper. Probably a ‘Usual Suspect’ as is a flea!

11a Writer from old days you style vacuously as flat (9)
PENTHOUSE – A charade of PEN (writer) , THOU (you from the old days) and finally S(tyl)E which is the word style that has had the insides removed (evacuated).

12a What could produce fir cone (7)
CONIFER – An anagram (what could be produced by) of FIR CONE and also a chestnut!. This is also an &Lit or all-in-one clue since the definition is the whole clue and also the entire instruction or subsidiary indication.

13a Get beaten in knockout competition but reduce the deficit (5,2)
CLOSE UP – LOSE (or get beaten) inside a CUP knockout competition. Lovely clue that I hadn’t seen before.

14a Emergency vehicle dodges around beset by environmentalists (5,7)
GREEN GODDESS – An anagram (around) of DODGES included in (or beset by) the GREENS or environmentalists.

18a Such an observation could construe Mars location (12)
ASTRONOMICAL – At least a semi &Lit clue!. An anagram (construe) of MARS LOCATION.

21a Nothing in Heart’s broadcast for range of listeners? (7)
EARSHOT – Place O for noting inside an anagram (broadcast) of HEARTS.

23a Husband restrained by hard time had an idea (7)
THOUGHT – H for Husband inside (restrained by) TOUGH/hard and then T(ime).

24a Stand in sea in disguise that may be put on to fish (9)
BEARNAISE – Not quite au fait with the definition but start with BEAR (stand) and then add an anagram (indicated by disguise) of IN SEA.

25a Strike covers area and island somewhere in the Caribbean (5)
HAITI – A HIT or strike covering A for Area being followed by I for Island.

26a Women’s group — mum’s desire (4)
WISH – The ubiquitous WI (abb. for Women’s Institute) followed by SH or be quiet/(keep) mum.

27a Snoop around about small storage space in part of church (10)
PRESBYTERY – Nice construction. To PRY/snoop around RE/about then S(mall) and BYTE/small computing storage space. P (RE) (S) (BYTE) RY


1d Concentrate? It’s hard after new member of comedy duo comes around (6)
ENRICH – N for New with ERIC (Morecombe) around it and finally H for Hard at the end (after).

2d Keen to have gold fabric on holy books (6)
LAMENT – The gold fabric is LAMÉ and the holy books are the NT – New Testament of the Bible.

3d Useless person that could conceivably make Waterloo subject to flooding (4-3-7)
GOOD-FOR-NOTHING – A nice penny drop moment – In order to make WATERLOG into WATERLOO you need to change the G(OOD) for O (NOTHING).

4d One with special powers ahead with the Queen carried by prancing horse (9)
SUPERHERO – We need to take UP (ahead) and ER (Elizabeth Regina, our queen) and place them inside an anagram (prancing) of HORSE.

5d Old Greek trapped by overambition — Icarus (5)
IONIC – A hidden word inside (trapped by) overambitION ICarus.

7d Junior doctors in hospital warning about treatment (8)
HOUSEMEN – H for Hospital and then place an OMEN (warning) around/about USE or treatment – H O(USE)MEN.

8d Break in spring in lock (8)
TRESPASS – A SPA or spring/well inside a TRESS or lock of hais.

9d Olympic cyclist’s father makes a stack in Scotland (3,3,3,2,3)
THE OLD MAN OF HOY – A nice cryptic definition when you remember Chris HOY, the Olympic cyclist.

15d Like a coward clutching contents of till — innocent? (9)
GUILTLESS – A coward is GUTLESS. Insert into that (it is clutching) the letters inside (contents of) (t)IL(l).

16d What violinist will do before and after performance (4,1,3)
TAKE A BOW – A chestnutty cryptic definition but a good starter clue.

17d Inexperienced traitors shot up by southern defence system (4,4)
STAR WARS – Reverse (shot up) RAW RATS (inexperienced traitors) and place next to S for Southern.

19d I get in flashing light (6)
IGNITE – An anagram (flashing) of I GET IN.

20d Tear into pen like a zebra (6)
STRIPY – Place RIP/tear into a STY or pig pen.

22d One making effort right to break rank (5)
TRIER – R for Right breaks into a TIER or row.

Thanks to the setter – I am at work on my birthday but will be buying the pizza and beer later today.


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  1. Happy Birthday – where do I have to come for the beer and pizza?

    I’d be interested to know whether anyone else thought thirteen clues requiring something to be inserted into something else was a bit much??

    1. Pizza is at Crossharbour, Docklands 11:45, Beer this evening at the 3 Crutches!. I didn’t really notice the insertions when blogging….

  2. Happy birthday many thanks for helping with clues. Because of you I am getting better!

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