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DT 28318 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28318 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    Day briefly cloudy reaching the French fortress (5,6)
The abbreviation for D(ay) is followed by an adjective meaning cloudy and the French definite article

10a    Once made rum in Utah, for example, during the war (4,4)
An anagram (rum) of ONCE MADE

11a    Mark‘s two little boys (6)
This mark is someone who is easily deceived by fraudsters and it’s a charade of two shortened versions (little) of boy’s names

14a    Shelved, article on power by one behind leading group (3,3,4)
A three-letter word meaning shelved is followed by the definite article, P(ower) and a playing card with a value of one

16a    Relax wearing mate’s fur (10)
A five-letter verb meaning to relax inside Cockney rhyming slang for mate

21a    Gold leaf in unusual room, with centre in blue (6)
An anagram (unusual) of ROOM followed by the middle letters (centre) of [b]LU[e]

22a    Female, the leading character in rare film (8)
F(emale) and the first letter of the alphabet (leading character) inside an adjective meaning rare or hard to get

26a    Trickery of member, dear me, surprisingly elected (11)
A member or limb followed by an anagram (surprisingly) of DEAR ME and a two-letter word meaning elected


1d    Weaken in bad wind (levanter) (7)
Hidden inside the clue

3d    Street kid‘s shown in newspaper with a bun (10)
A colloquial word for a newspaper followed by the A from the clue and a type of bun

6d    Choose artist showing a complex character? (7)
A verb meaning to choose followed by our usual artist gives this classical complex

7d    Timepiece — not right upstairs, notice (6,5)
A charade of an adjective meaning “not right upstairs” and a colloquial verb meaning to notice

12d    Underground deposit, old — work on it inside (10)
A five-letter adjective meaning old or past its best around a verb meaning to work or operate and IT from the clue

15d    Reprimand son, unfriendly in general, at first (8)
A charade of S(on), an adjective meaning unfriendly, IN from the clue and the initial letter (at first) of G[eneral]

17d    One with military decoration said to be corrupt (7)
I (one) followed by a military decoration and an adjective meaning said or spoken

23d    One cleans vehicle husband’s collected (4)
A vehicle around (collected) H(usband)

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The Quick Crossword pun: glow+bully=globally

77 comments on “DT 28318 (Hints)

  1. 2*/2*. This puzzle exemplifies my reservations about Lego clues. They can be excellent provided the surfaces are not compromised, but sadly I thought that today’s puzzle was over-egged with this type of clue including several with clunky wordplay.

    The slang meaning of 11a was new to me but confirmed in my BRB. I would have liked to have chosen 7d as my favourite as it’s a nice idea with an amusing answer but I felt the surface was a bit iffy.

    Thanks to the setter and to BD.

    1. I’ve finally twigged BRB – splendid! Interestingly the answer to 14a is both new to me and not in my BRB, even though it’s in the Oxford and Collins – I’ve chided Chambers.

      Thanks to the setter and BD.

  2. Completed comfortably before lights out last night but I missed the maximum bonus points on on-line submission – **/***. Initially choosing the ‘other underground deposit’ for 12d did not help as that provided an incorrect checker for 22a – oh well.

    At least four candidates for favourite – 1a, 16a, 7d, and 8d – I think the winner is 1a.

    Thanks to the setter and BD.

  3. Pretty gentle I thought although quite enjoyable. Maybe a few too many similar style clues ? – legos or missing first letters – and some strained surfaces. But thanks to the setter. */**

  4. Straightforward but slightly lacking in sparkle, I thought. It was rescued by 1 across and 7 down, both of which I enjoyed. 2*/2.5* overall, with many thanks to our Saturday setter and of course BD.

    We are going to see the 4d flying insects tomorrow in the Rugby Premiership, where I think there could be a record crowd away from Twickenham or Wembley Stadium.

  5. A gentle Saturday, though like Senf I had opted for the other underground deposit – which, it seems to me, involves more of a deposit (I think we’ve had this discussion before).

    I han’t come across the trickery in 26a – a nice word.

    I quite liked 11a.

    Many thanks setter & BD

    1. The two underground features are both formed purely by the deposition of calcium salts from water, so I’m not sure why one would be regarded “more of a deposit” than the other?

    2. Perhaps an opportunity for a discussion on philosophical pedantry in three weeks time (after at least 2 pints).

    1. You’ve said exactly what I was thinking, Graham, and so we’re both indebted to Dave for the explanation.

  6. Apologues for posting this right after Jose but I was slightly disappointed with this, given it’s a Saturday offering. Less challenging than some of the weekday puzzles and I look forward to the weekenders providing a step up. I guess I could simply have been bang on the wavelength today, but rather too many were R&W.

    It certainly helped getting 1a and 7d right away – I’ve confessed before to a massive preference for the easy option of first letter checkers. I was lucky in tackling 22a before 12d for some reason so the correct selection for the latter was clear.

    LOI was 11a – no idea why it resisted as the mechanism was clear but the mind simply wouldn’t play ball. I can see why 1a and 7d have received compliments and I might have given them COTD if they hadn’t solved so easily. I’ll give it to 16a for the construction – even though I feel I’m encountering one element of the solution quite frequently in puzzles these days.

    Thanks to setter and BD for review

  7. Just a quick question for DT if he is around – what in God’s name is the naked creature at 11a yesterday?

    1. I’m obviously not DT but the thingy at 11a yesterday is apparently a naked mole rat – isn’t it hideous? :sad:
      If you hover over the pics you can see what they are although not everyone puts the name in.

      1. Thanks Kath, but remember there is beauty in all God’s creatures. Oh all right then, it is hideous! My eldest lad has just advised me that it appeared on QI some time ago.

      2. I always put mouseover text in my blogs, but this feature doesn’t work on touchscreen devices (because there’s no mouse).

        BD put some work in a while back developing an alternative to our current spoiler box which revealed the answers on hovering – only to realise that it was useless for those on tablets. He puts in so much work for us behind the scenes. So it’s stunningly selfish when people do such things as bleat on about the (necessary!) withdrawal of the email subscription service.

        1. Thanks for mentioning the withdrawal of the email subscription service. The plugin that provided this facility was last updated over a year ago. The owner flirted with linking in to ReadyGraph, but that resulted in a large number of protests so he abandoned the plugin. If you have any doubts about why I had to withdraw the service in the aftermath of last years hacking problems, try reading this article:


          Some time ago I stopped using WordPress’s own subscription service as it did not work very well. As it seems to have been updated and enhanced, I have activated it on a trial basis – see the boxes below the comment form. It looks like you may =need to leave a comment in order to activate the subscription – pleae keep me appraised as to the success or otherwise of this facility. By the way, the previous system for subscribing to comments has been withdrawn, at least for the time being.

          Update: I’ve added a subscribe widget to the sidebar and withdrawn the blog subscription box from the comment form.

        2. I did try tapping the image on the ‘smartphone’ but as you say, that doesn’t seem to work. Ta anyway.

  8. I enjoyed this one.
    I didn’t find it completely plain sailing and got a bit stuck with my last few answers – I needed the hint for the last word of 14a having never heard of it.
    I haven’t heard of 26a either, or I don’t think I have but could have just forgotten it.
    I know we’ve had the 22a film before but had forgotten that one too so it took ages as did 12d.
    I liked lots of these – 7 and 24a and 7d. My favourite was 16a.
    Thanks to Mr Ron and to BD.
    Mild, grey and drizzly in Oxford – a day for having a go at the NTSPP and/or the MPP but have a visiting dog so will go for a muddy walk.

    1. Is the visiting dog our old friend? Can’t remember his name, senility setting in as I never thought I would forget that one!

      1. No – it’s not the ever wonderful collie, Ted. Some friends of ours have a black Labrador called Alfie – they’re busy today so I’m Alf sitting. Just back from a seriously wet walk – kitchen floor is now a sea of mud – it’s a good thing that I don’t really care about such things.

        1. Sadie sends greetings from one black labrador to another!! Yes, their coats do absorb a lot of water. When is Ted coming to stay again?

  9. 26a was a new word to me – with the help of my Wordsearch program and confirmed by the BRB – one for the memory banks, it’s virtually bound to come up again pretty soon. Apart from that, nothing to frighten the horses, all buttoned up quite quickly.

    I went to West Ham v Man City last night, what a disappointment. I can’t say it’s much fun following West Ham at the moment, in fact it’s a bit of a chore particularly at their awful new Stadium – what a lash-up!

    Saracens v Exeter later – that’ll be real fun!

    1. Karren Brady!

      You’re Fired!

      And, of course, everyone knows that “The new stadium” is an anagram of “West Ham United”

  10. A game of two distinct halves with R&W in the North but more of a challenge in the South. 11a meaning of two little boys new to me, needed help with 22a and overlooked indication of flying in 25a. Fav was 7d which was hotly pursued by 1a and 26a. Overall a pleasant fun run for which I thank today’s Mysteron ans BD. **/****. 🙂

  11. I found this harder than some of you did. Maybe I was having a(nother) slow morning. No problems with 26a, but I did end up cheating on 14a. I was convinced that the definition was at the beginning. Grr. It also took me a while to parse 22a.

    My favourite parts today are bits of clues rather than whole ones, and so it’s probably safest to avoid saying anything further on a prize puzzle.

    Thanks setter. Thanks BD. Happy Caturday all.

  12. I really enjoyed this. It is so nice being able to work out the answer from the whole clue instead of guessing the answer and then seeing how it could be discerned from the clue. Loved 16a. No new words for me here today…maybe why I didn’t need the hints. A happy bunny here! Thanks to all the usual suspects

  13. Pretty straightforward for the prize puzzle. Really liked 16&26a and 3d. Thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

  14. I rather liked this, even knew 26a. I thought there was a lot to like, 1a, 22a, 3D and 7d in particular, but fave was 16a.
    Thanks to setter and to BD for his hints.

    1. P.S. I got 14a wrong. I put in an answer that means “shelved”, not going to say what, I don’t have time for the naught corner today!

  15. Not my favourite puzzle of the week – liked some of the answers (26a&7d) but not many of the surface reads.
    22a was the last to fall, despite realising what it had to be from the checkers.

    Thanks to Mr. Ron and to BD.

    Now then – NTSPP or the MPP from Prolixic…………

  16. Hi!

    I get my Telegraph on iPad, and there were no puzzles at all today.
    Am I the only one missing out (I was expecting outrage on BD today!)?


    1. Welcome. We already have a commenter called Cathy so I’m afraid you will have to change your alias.

      I get the paper Telegraph so I don’t know but I’m sure, as you say, if your IPad problem was happening widely, there’d have been ructions before now.

      1. Hi legendary Crypticsue!

        I miss the toughie in the paper edition, and have no idea why they don’t include it on the digital offering. Can it really be such a big deal technically!?

        All best Cx

    2. This happened to me yesterday, try closing the app and restarting it, the puzzles tab then appeared

      1. Thank you Dawn. I deleted and reloaded the editions, but didn’t think to delete the app. Mind you I have since found all puzzles on my husband’s iPad! x

    3. I’ve had no problems accessing the puzzles on my iPad today but I did, last weekend, check the solutions to the previous weekend’s puzzles to be told that my solutions contained two mistakes in both the Saturday and Sunday puzzles. They did not – no lesser authority than Crypticsue told me so in her excellent reviews.
      A £50 Amazon voucher would not change the course of my life but it would be nice if the DT computer recognised my humble efforts 😂

      1. Hi Faraday, this happens to me on a regular basis. When I send a screenshot to The Telegraph showing that they have marked my correct answers as incorrect, I just get back an apology stating that my entry would have still qualified for the draw. How, if they’ve got it marked as incorrect?

        It’s very frustrating! It’s happened so often now that I’ve given up pointing it out to them. Wish they’d get their act together.

        1. Thank you Margaret. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in suffering this indignity 😂
          The App is definitely less clunky than it was originally but obviously still not perfect. My efforts of last weekend were apparently all correct! I still didn’t win – I guess it’s the taking part that’s counts….😎

  17. Thanks BD, I needed you for this one! Got wrong answer at first for 12d which is actually more of a suspension than the deposit below it so I couldn’t get 22a. Also 6d and 9d fitted with my wrong last word for 14a as I thought it was ‘shelved’ and couldn’t work out how I got the (wrong) answer.

  18. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. A very enjoyable puzzle, but quite tricky in places. Was beaten by 22a, needed the hint for that. Last in was 12d. Favourite was 7d. Was 3*/3* for me.

    1. I look forward to the ST crossword as it’s generally more attainable than some of the weekly ones but this is not one I enjoyed.

      Haven’t got to down clues yet but just 2 of the across are taking the mick xxxxxxx & xxxxxxxxxx stretch ones vocabulary to uncharted waters let alone the combination of part anagrams.

      Not all readers are equal so compilers play the game next time.

      1. I’m not sure how many times and how many ways we can say this, and how big BD can make the red message about not including answers but … I’ve deleted the two you inserted in your comment.

  19. First time I’visited your site Only had 1clue to complete and your hints helped me complete the puzzle .Thank you .I know where to look in future.

  20. Finished over porridge this morning. I think that it was the easiest puzzle for a long time. I’m not grumbling though. It gave me the feel good factor that I could finish it before I had to go out. The rest of the day was a challenge in itself. I found a small bookcase I wanted to purchase, but despite the shop displaying two on the floor, I had to go home and order online. Something to do with their stocktaking. I could, however, purchase anything else off the shelves and take it home with me. Perhaps they don’t stocktake other stuff. The solution is very simple. If I now have to order online, I will order from someone else. Perhaps, I am grumbling after all, but not about the puzzle. Thank you BD and setter. Favourite was 26a.

  21. I did not think this was easy at all but got there in the end albeit with assistance from dad (whose birthday it is today)

    As ever a heartfelt thank you to BD for the clues and to setter too

  22. On the easy side for a Saturday, but thoroughly enjoyable. I suspect I got lucky with 21ac and 26ac, which I knew, probably from other crosswords. :-)

  23. One of the easiest Saturday puzzles for a while, we thought. Most clues were R&W with a handful putting up sterner (but not much) resistance.

    Favourite clue was 11a as it was als our LOI.

    Thanks to BD for the hints and to the setter. I sympathise with BD’s comments about the website and subscription email. I’m just putting together a WordPress website for my bridge club. The website builder works reasonably well but has some quirks, but they can be got round. However, I haven’t yet got email forwarding to work.

  24. That was a strange experience, the north went in without any problems, in double quick time, a rare R&W for me.
    The bottom half was utterly unfathomable. I could have stared at that for 20 years and never got another answer.
    16 and 21, I did not know the definitions were what they were, having said that 12 was obvious but I could not get it.
    Disappointing, but there you go….
    Never heard of 26 either.
    Thanks BD and Mr.Ron.

  25. 2*/3* or thereabouts, and I particularly enjoyed 17d. Thanks to the Mysteron, and to Big Dave for the hints.

  26. Not too bad, but I can’t think of 11a. I don’t think I know the term, and I can’t think of a first name that will return any hits on google…..

    1. BD’s earlier reference to ‘Hustle’ should help get you on the right track. And do I take it you’re looking for one first name? What, in the clue, led you down that path?

  27. Straightforward enough but lots of ticks for enjoyment so thank you very much to setter and to BD as ever for hosting.

  28. Thanks setter and BD. Enjoyed the comments as usual and a consensus on some of the clues. I found most of it enjoyable. 12d and 22a took some time but were solvable without help. 26a was a word which did not immediately spring to mind but was solvable from the wordplay. Then I seemed to recall the word. I got 11a but was not convinced I had the first half right as did not recognise this as a synonym. My BRB (which is an old edition) did not really help. However, my main problem was 14a. First two words were obvious but I needed the clue for the third. Am not kicking myself, and did not have a lightbulb moment, as I have never heard this expression before. Also, like others, I was looking for a synonym of shelved. Favourites 1, 7, 16 and 21 (all across). Looking forward to the birthday party.

  29. Lovely puzzle with some great clues. However, I have three answers that I don’t fully understand and inevitably they are the ones not listed 5a – what plane?, 16d, has to be the right answer but cannot make any sense of the clue at all and 21d – why the deliveries?
    Thx to all

  30. Even later than usual…managed without hints but found inspiration after a few jars at a party last night! Also never heard of 26a likewise.
    14a was a heading in the sports page this a.m. (Not DT)
    Thanks to BD & setter.

  31. Hello
    This is my first posting to your website but I’ve been dipping in and out for a while and am always grateful for your hints. Still not sure of some of the terminology you use (e.g. I’ve no idea what is meant by a lego clue!) but always enjoy reading everyone’s comments. I rarely complete the crossword but am delighted when I do. Thanks to you all for helping me to navigate my way through this most enjoyable pastime.

  32. Late on parade! I didn’t really enjoy this crossword; as has been said, a bit too much lego. It wasn’t too difficult though so 2/2.5* overall and 12d was my favourite although the counterpart was my first effort….
    Thanks to the setter and to BD for the hints.

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