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DT 28312

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28312

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday 31st December

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

 Morning All! I hope y’all had a cool Yule!. I should have been home for this puzzle but was unfortunately delayed in the sunshine due to fog at Sarfend airport. I found this fairly enjoyable but not too tricky apart from a couple of less than familiar words.


1a           Clears bed’s clothes after a loss (5)
WEEDS – Two definitions here – the first is well known (clearing a flower bed) and the second is the WEEDS worn by a widow after the loss of her husband which is rather less well known.

4a           Misleadingly articulate girl goes to gallery (8)
MISSTATE – A charade of a MISS (girl) and the TATE gallery.

8a           French author’s second risque character (8)
RACINESS – The French author RACINE. Add the apostrophe S  – ‘S and then S for Second.

9a           Press for a meeting about war hero admitting nothing (8)
ADVOCATE – A DATE or meeting around a VC (Victoria Cross bearer or war veteran) into which the O for nothing has been added/admitted  – A D (V(O)C) ATE.

11a         That woman’s name recalled one with unorthodox views (7)
HERETIC – HER (that woman) and a reversal (recalled) of CITE or name.

13a         Infatuation shown by part of conference, say, supporting old boy (9)
OBSESSION – OB , the abb./abbreviation of Old Boy followed by (it is supported by) a SESSION or part of a conference.

15a         What a person must do to get into Oxford? Commit a faux pas (3,4,4,2,2)
PUT ONES FOOT IN IT – A good cryptic definition when you remember that an Oxford, as well as  being a University and a delicious herby sausage is also a type of brogue shoe.

18a         Left-winger may take such editing (9)
REDACTION – A left winger demonstrating might be said to be taking RED ACTION.

21a         Source of better advice, priest gets conversion after time (7)
TIPSTER – Make an anagram (a conversion of PRIEST) after T for Time.

22a         Spray disease of plant that’s suspect (8)
MISTRUST – A charade of MIST (spray) and RUST (a leaf disease).

24a         Clears of building, getting outside (8)
ALFRESCO – An anagram (building) of CLEARS OF.

25a         Wicked woman cast off vice (3-5)
SHE-DEVIL – A charade of SHED (cast od a skin) and EVIL (vice).

26a         Was inclined to make fast time covering area (5)
LEANT – The Catholic time for fasting – LENT – around/covering A for Area.


1d           Someone in church with proper wish to reform (10)
WORSHIPPER – An anagram . indicated by to reform, of A PROPER WISH and a nice clue.

2d           Starter of escalope Cliff obtained that may be served in bistro (8)
ESCARGOT – The French Snail. A charade of the starting letter of E(scalope), a SCAR or cliff and then GOT for obtained.

3d           Maybe bar contains nuts (8)
SANCTION – A nuts anagram of CONTAINS.

4d           The rise of James Anderson (4)
MESA – A flat-topped hill or rise is hidden in (part OF) jaMES Anderson. Nice bit of cricket!

5d           Games being taken up gives sharper edge (6)
STROPS – A reversal (being taken up ) of SPORTS or games.

6d           Part of jacket seen on an independent fashion designer (6)
ARMANI – An ARM of a jacket on top of (ON in a down clue) AN from the clue and I for Independent.

7d           Nick‘s advantage (4)
EDGE – Two definitions – A cut and an advantage over an opponent.

10d         Money off record released around November (8)
DISCOUNT – A record is a DISC. Then place OUT (released) around N for November.

12d         Lower undergarments — bloomers (8)
COWSLIPS – A charade of a COW (a lower or thing that lows/moos) and SLIPS or undergarments.

14d         Flask placed in bag at the bottom (10)
NETHERMOST – I liked this one!. Place a THERMOS flask inside NET or bag/capture.

16d         Rhythm really oddly unspiritual (8)
TEMPORAL – Start with TEMPO for rhythm and then add the odd letters of ReAlLy.

17d         Oil-bearing region on earth’s being developed (5,3)
NORTH SEA – An anagram (developed) of ON EARTH’S.

19d         Party — wise to get amount of drug? (6)
DOSAGE – A charade of DO/party and SAGE/wise.

20d         Minister’s assistant and copper going over charge (6)
CURATE – CU, the chemical symbol for copper, going above/over in a down clue a RATE or charge.

22d         Assemble for service (4)
MASS  –  An easy double definition – to group in numbers as a crowd and a church service.

23d         Follow story as told (4)
TAIL  – A homophone (as told) of a TALE/story.