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DT 28255

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28255

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****


Kia ora from Aotearoa. 
Since our last blog, crosswords have had to take more of a back seat as other activities have got in the way. A few months ago we had a couple of excursions to our son’s home for painting and paper-hanging duties. Now that our weather is getting warmer it is time to start the exterior painting part of the project and that is where we have been. Good progress was made and we are back now and ready to tackle another Jay puzzle.
Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     New Australian jumper, and one from the 1940s (4,6)
BABY BOOMER : We are looking for the young offspring of a large Australian marsupial for the wordplay here.

6a     Miss a festive occasion (4)
GALA : A dialect word for a young woman and A from the clue.

9a     All the best gold rings perish (5)
ADIEU : The chemical symbol for gold surrounds (rings) a word meaning perish or expire.

10a     Gradually supplies wimps welcoming sustenance (4-5)
DRIP-FEEDS : A synonym for wimps is outside sustenance or nourishment.

12a     Girl Guides that could be stars of stage and screen? (7,6)
LEADING LADIES : Females who guide by going ahead.

14a     Outrage after objective is put at risk (8)
ENDANGER : A word for outrage comes after an objective or goal.

15a     Help out with game, oddly showing self-possession (6)
PHLEGM : An anagram (out) of HELP, then the first and third letters of game. (We decided not to put in a pic for this one.)

17a     Flinch from engineers with wind (6)
RECOIL : Army engineers and then a word meaning wind or turn.

19a     Prisoner found outside pub in the morning, kind of brown (8)
CINNAMON : A word for a pub or tavern, then the two letters denoting in the morning. All this is inside a word for a prisoner or convict.

21a     Drastic pay cut helps the Queen to get stand-in tutor (6,7)
SUPPLY TEACHER : An anagram (drastic) of PAY CUT HELPS and then the regnal cipher for our queen.

24a     Simple task for head coach sacking leader (2-7)
NO-BRAINER : A three letter slang word for a head and then a word for a sporting coach loses its first letter.

25a     Excellent brief (5)
PRIME : Double definition. The second is a verb meaning to impart relevant information.

26a     Slough is building for storage (4)
SHED : The first word needs to be pronounced like ‘stuff’ or ‘tough’ to give you the right meaning.

27a     Flower youth plans to develop (10)
POLYANTHUS : An anagram (to develop) of YOUTH PLANS.


1d     Endless free-for-all is fine in Glasgow (4)
BRAW : A free-for-all fight loses its last letter.

2d     Got indignant — ‘Born Free’ was the first (7)
BRIDLED : The abbreviation for born, then a three letter word for free or dispose of and a word meaning was the first or went in front.

3d     Shrub that could yield a viable gun oil (13)
BOUGAINVILLEA : An anagram (could yield) of A VIABLE GUN OIL.

4d     Men condescended to be heard, getting admitted to church (8)
ORDAINED : Men or ordinary soldiers and then a homophone of a word that means condescended.

5d     Contemplating a share of money in general (5)
EYING : A lurker hiding in the last three words of the clue.

7d     Fish and beer with girl who’s married (7)
ALEWIFE : Three letter beer and a female spouse.

8d     Masses sent millions to drop appraisal (10)
ASSESSMENT : Almost a lurker. Using the first two words, the abbreviation for millions is moved down six spaces.

11d     Ephemeral success that’s seen with a crepe suzette? (5,2,3,3)
FLASH IN THE PAN : What might be seen when a crepe suzette is flambeed.

13d     Acts for theatre with grudges (10)
REPRESENTS : A three letter word for a type of provincial theatre and then a synonym for grudges as a verb.

16d     Shambles as police inspector arrives, going inside perhaps (8)
DISARRAY : Detective Inspector, then the three letter abbreviation for arrives is inside a word for perhaps or for example.

18d    First couple of pairs in line must be competent (7)
CAPABLE : The first two letters of pairs is inside a strong line or rope.

20d     Rome’s worried about one hotel becoming addictive (7)
MOREISH : The Roman numeral one is inside an anagram (worried) of ROME’S, and then the letter that is represented by hotel in the phonetic alphabet.

22d     Dance beat gets green light (5)
TANGO : A word meaning beat or thrash and then the message delivered by a green light.

23d     View reversed after female charges (4)
FEES : The abbreviation for female and the reversal of view or observe.

A house where we used to live featured a magnificent 3d and we also spent several months on its eponymous Pacific island so that is our favourite today.

Quickie pun     pine    +    tab     +    hear    =    pint of beer


65 comments on “DT 28255

  1. Hurrah! All finished without assistance today.
    Needed the hints for the parsings, though.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2Kiwis.

  2. Pretty good today only needed help with 25a for some reason, as usual mind gone blank.
    Favourite clue 12a and 10a.
    I nearly always seem to be on Jays wavelength, but it might just be a fluke, I do find Wednesday’s easier though.
    Thanks to 2Kiwis and of course Jay, and not forgetting BigDave for running the whole shooting match.

  3. Spent some time wondering where the ‘b’ came from in 24a until I read the blog, thank you 2Ks. I thought 1as were born between 1946 and 1964 so they could have been from any of three decades but perhaps I’m being pedantic. I, too, liked 9a and the surface (is that the right expression?) of 10a appealed. 1* for difficulty, not exactly a 24a but easy solve today. This makes up for last Friday when I failed miserably.

  4. Like Spook, I was on Jays wavelength today and for me it was a */****,every dog has one !
    It really was entertaining and ever so well clued ,no real favourites- perhaps 1a or 12a.
    Thanks to 2 Ks.

  5. I thought this the best weekday puzzle for some time. Enjoyable, great fun and beautifully clued. 17 across my favourite of so many terrific clues.

    Thanks to Jay for yet another in a long line of hugely enjoyable crosswords, and to the 2Ks for their review. 2*/4*.

  6. Really enjoyable puzzle, a nice mix of clues. I got held up in the north west corner, but once I understood 1a, everything else went in without a problem. 10a was my favourite. Many thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis for the hints. 2.5*/3.5*

  7. Nice puzzle today. I only needed to look through a list of shrubs to get 3d – never heard of it and wasn’t even close sorting out possibilities from the anagram.
    Surely your explanation for 1a would be an oxymoron given the definition for the second word – so New has to be decoded on its own; just a thought.
    Thanks all.

  8. Either of the two ways of referring to Jay would do today – the Wednesday Wizard or Mr Consistency – very enjoyable.
    I had a spot of bother with 1a – either didn’t know or had forgotten the roo – and I’ve never heard 1d.
    Had to think quite hard about the spelling of 19a and, although I love 3d’s and we have one, I know I can’t spell it.
    I didn’t know the self-possession meaning of 15a but only the one that the Kiwis, thankfully, decided not to use as a pic.
    I liked 10 and 17a and my favourite was 3d.
    With thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s and good luck with the painting.
    Off to rake up the leaves in the garden then might dare to peep at the Toughie.

      1. Yes – I have but would never have attempted to write it down – all I know is that it means the moon’s shining! Oh well – you learn something every day. :smile:

        1. Getting it past the spell checker was a nightmare & probably not worth it really. It was a phrase of Sir Harry Lauder – one of my Grandfather’s favourite artists. It meant “a beautiful (braw) bright moonlight night tonight”.

          1. Yes – I bet it was fun getting it past the spell checker – it sounds a bit like Eeyore with a mouthful of thistles!

      2. Hoots Mon – Lord Rockingham’s XI!

        I always wondered what on earth they were saying.

        1. Ah memories, haven’t played it yet but know “There’s a moos loose about this hoos” comes after “Hoots mon”.
          Lyrics wouldn’t win a Nobel Literature prize (or even a McDuff).

  9. In my haste I put “sweet of the day” in for 11 down. Put the brakes on things until I got 27a which caused a rather more considered rethink. Fairly straightforward after that. Thanks to all.

  10. A thoroughly enjoyable solve for me.
    However, as someone born in 1942 1a I have considered I fit the accepted definition. BRB says “person born in a baby boom, esp that which followed WW2”. The addition of ‘late’ after ‘the’ I don’t think would have been detrimental to the clue.
    COTD for me was 9a – spent too much time trying to use ‘OO’ before I twigged.
    Thanks to setter & 2Ks for review.

  11. NW corner took me a while, but I managed it in the end without hints. Favourite 11d for both clue and 2K’s photo.
    Very enjoyable. Thanks to setter and 2K’s

  12. Got really held up in the NW corner – don’t think I knew that term for a male kangaroo, so that scuppered 1&2d for a while.
    Probably did know, but had forgotten, the 7d fish and certainly haven’t come across that definition of 15a.
    Like Kath, I can’t spell 3d – my paper is littered with the proof of that!

    Several contenders for favourite but think I’ll go for 11d.
    Thanks to Jay and to our down-under decorating team – where would these ‘kids’ be without us parents providing resources and manual labour!

  13. Lovely crossword from Jay 😛 Thank you very much */**** 3d was a bit of a spelling test and 7d was new to me 😳 Really liked 9a & 26a Thanks to the 2x Ks for their hints, enjoyable as always 👌

  14. No uprooting of trees required to complete this offering from Jay! Another very nice crossword from him; 15a, 13 and 16d were all fine clues and 11d was my favourite.
    1.5/3.5* overall.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the decorators for their review.

  15. Curious mixture of first class clues such as 17a (nice misdirection) and 11d and not so good as in 2d (hats off to anyone working out the 2nd half), 15a and 4d.
    Overall enjoyable with reservations.
    For me ***/***
    Thx to all esp the 2kiwis for the explanation of Born Free.

  16. Tricky but enjoyable. Finished in reasonable time so off to paint the cloakroom. Lots as usual to savour from Jay, but 1a gave me a huge grin. Thanks also to th 2ks.

  17. Being a 1a, born in 1946, I found this a very straight forward crossword for once, unless I’ve got better at solving them over the last 40 years.
    Thanks to the 2Kiwis for the explanations and Jay for the puzzle.
    No favourite clues, although I love crepe suzette whenever available.

  18. Greetings all from Margaret River, West Australia where we arrived today, having covered over 2,000 miles in the last week in our hired motorhome. Apologies for only commenting occasionally – we have actually managed to download and complete the back pager every day since leaving home. Today’s was towards the easier end of the spectrum, but we enjoyed it; 2*/3* overall.

    Favourites were 15a (having seen some of the images Google offers, the 2Ks’ decision not to add a pic is thoroughly justified), and 8d for the penny-drop moment when we finally parsed it.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and Jay. Enjoying Wednesdays a lot recently!

    1. Thanks for checking in. I am having fun googling the various places that you visit, as I do with the 2Kiwis snapshots! I always wanted to go down under but never got there.

    2. I agree Wednesdays are good. I’m glad you’re having fun but, however far away you are, you can’t get away with having more than one favourite. :negative:

  19. Good afternoon everybody.

    Extraordinarily easy puzzle today completed in no time at all although the fact that somebody else had already done it may have contributed somewhat to this stellar performance.

    Fortunately the puzzle in another place was available.


  20. I certainly didn’t find this a walk in the park and did need help from gizmo for my last in, 13d, which seems easy in retrospect.
    I also needed gizmo for checking the spelling of 3d and 19a. I have a 3d Leopoldi, which I think is called a flame here, in a huge pot which is just coming into bloom.
    How to choose a fave from such a rich assortment? I think I’ll choose 2d for its cleverness.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2Kiwis for the fun.

  21. The usual Wednesday fun from Jay. I didn’t know the 3d shrub, and with all of the checkers in place there still seemed to be several options for distributing the remaining fodder to make something that could plausibly be a plant, so I had to turn to electronic help there. Last in today were 2d and 9a, which both brought smiles when the penny dropped. Favourite has to be 9a.

    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Kiwis.

  22. I feel very much in the minority today at never having encountered the name for the young kangaroo before, even though the answer was never in doubt. The anagrammatised plants posed no problem, but I thought 1d was a little obscure for someone south of Sturgeonshire.

    My favourite clue of the day was 11d. 2d was clever, but “Born Free” was the first…what?

    Thanks to Mr. Mutch and the painters from Aotearoa.

    1. . . . but it’s not a young kangaroo. The second bit of 1a is a big male kangaroo.
      I agree 1d was a bit obscure – well, I’d never heard of it anyway . . .

    2. 2d: I’m not sure if your ? was a rhetorical one, but I’ll reply anyway since this is a blog and that is what it’s for (hope you don’t mind). Born Free wasn’t the first anything – “the first” is mere wordplay to trigger LED in the answer. It’s good if surfaces make proper literary and grammatical sense (though not essential), but they are not required to be factual at all.

  23. Morning all. A cloudy morning dawning here but the forecast is for this to clear away soon and then blue skies and sunshine. Last weekend was a long weekend here (or what you call a Bank Holiday) and is the marker that most people use that summer is on the way. It doesn’t always feel like that but at least we get longer daylight hours. Hope you are all enjoying a mellow autumn.

    1. A very mellow autumn in Oxford – spent all day raking up leaves – why, when as soon as I’ve done it a whole lot more fall down? Oh dear – done lots of digging of veggie patches too . . .

  24. Very late today after leaving home at 06.00, doing a long day’s work and driving back through Blackwall Tunnel, which probably addled my brain to the point where I agree with Brian. “3*/3* Overall enjoyable with reservations”.

    I never did get 1d and in frustration bunged in bean as a endless beano in the vain hope that it meant fine in Scotland.

    7d was a new word for me and 11d was my runaway favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

    1. “Bean” was my first thought for 1d too.

      With a RayT puzzle due up next, I’d venture to suggest that you won’t be agreeing with Brian tomorrow!

  25. A few unusual words today, including a flower I didn’t know which made the anagram a little tricky to untangle. This, and sporadic progress, made it feel decidedly tricky at times, but the finish time said it wasn’t, not for the first time. Perhaps it just pays to get the brain into gear. An enjoyable challenge.

  26. Great puzzle from Jay which we thoroughly enjoyed. However, didn’t the real baby boom start in the 1950’s?
    Thanks also to those 2 pesky Kiwis as Miffypops might say!

  27. Quite tricky but still enjoyable .1a is my favourite .
    Thanks to our Kiwi contributors and Jay , of course.

  28. Well, I couldn’t do any of that.
    Been on a good run too recently.
    Unfortunately Ray-T tomorrow, so I can cut and paste the top line for reuse tomorrow.
    Thanks to the 2xK’s for bringing light where all was dark and to Jay for another in a long line of his crosswords that I can’t do.

          1. Thanks for asking, Merusa.
            It’s a very long day, but going well. It’s been a lot of work setting up my own business at the same time (I’m an IT contractor).
            I find that crosswords are much easier in the morning on a fresh mind. When I start looking at eight o’clock in the evening, they are virtually impossible.

    1. Well at least you tried HIYD. I always struggle on a Wednesday because it’s a long day followed by choir rehearsals. This week is half term so no choir, but I was out doing something else. I came in and tried to do all sorts of things with 1a and failed miserably. I have given up completely. I think that 1a is GK. I shall put today behind me and look forward to tomorrow.

      1. Oh well, we tried.
        I thought a young kangaroo was a ‘joey’ and could never get past that as all my brain was saying to me was “sleeeeeep”

        1. You bought the dummy Hoofit (poor pun I know) the “new” gave “baby” Australian jumper gave “boomer” the adult male.
          At least the insomnia seems to have taken a back seat. Its an ill wind and all that.
          Don’t be apprehensive about tackling today’s, tired or not.

  29. Oh happy day, a *** difficulty rating and I almost got there, just needing the 2 Kiwis hints for 1a, 15a and 16d. Favorites were 12a and 3d. This pretty shrub/vine is abundant here in south Florida with masses of thorny purple blooms in the winter. I still chuckle about a famous author who described a romantic couple “lying down on a bed of bougainvillea”, ouch. You might as well lie down in a bed of roses, only bigger thorns and more of them on the bougainvillea.

    1. Mine is a very pretty orange/red, I love them. I have mine in a pot, they tend to get away from you if you put them in the ground.

  30. A bit like Gardeners’ Question Time – but, as always, great fun from Jay!

    Thanks to the 2Kiwis for the review.

  31. A few semi-unknowns for me today, but I was still disappointed when having made my best stab, up popped that irritating message, “sorry, some answers are incorrect.” I tried transposing an e and an i in my answer for 3d and that did the trick.

    Lots of super clues and much enjoyed.

    Many thanks Jay and 2Kiwis.

  32. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle from Jay as usual. The curse of the double definition got me again. Could only think of prize for 25a, which I knew was wrong. Favourite was 13d. Was 2*/3* for me.

  33. No problems for me from Jay this time. An excellent puzzle over all too quickly. I’d never heard of 7d, but it was plain from the clue and confirmed by my BBB. I’m amazed that many people did not know the shrub at 3d as it features heavily in American literature, even then, I still had to check the spelling. 15a is today’s star turn. Thanks to the Ks and Jay. 1*/4*

  34. Managed to complete it but needed some explanations.
    I had bean for 1d hen it suddenly clicked.
    Thanks to kiwis and Jay
    Enjoyed it

  35. Belated thanks to Kiwis x 2 and setter. We get the DT XW late in the South Pacific. Some good word plays floral anagrams. Would have got 1a much earlier if it said 1950’s rather than 1940s.

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