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DT 28246

Daily Telegraph No 28246

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 15th October 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty *   Enjoyment ***

A short-lived but enjoyable solving experience.


1a           Producing great strides — and forcing giants to wear small pairs! (6,8)
MAKING PROGRESS – MAKING (forcing) OGRES to wear PR, the abbreviation (small) for pairs

8a           I rent out still (5)
INERT -An anagram (out) of I RENT

9a           Growing one is illegal, but many of us grow more than one (3,5)
POT PLANT  No 1 son, a keen grower of the second sort of plant rather than a cryptic clue solver,  both ‘got’ this clue and smiled at it too.

11a         I have to follow Eastern females, etc, being represented as useful (9)
EFFECTIVE – IVE (I’ve, I have) follows E (Eastern) and F F (females) and an anagram (being represented) of ETC

12a         Take hold of feline companion (5)
CATCH – CAT (feline) CH (Companion of Honour)

13a         Specialist doctor gets round ban (4)
VETO – VET (specialist doctor) and O (round)

14a         One’s always right in store (8)
CUSTOMER – Another nice cryptic definition

17a         Tough Roy upset to get curdled food (8)
YOGHOURT – An anagram (upset) of TOUGH ROY gives one of the less common ways of spelling this food

19a         Such prospects show one’s in the pink (4)
ROSY – In the pink of course meaning that your prospects were hopeful or promising

23a         American entering valley to gather corn? (5)
GLEAN – A (American) entering GLEN (valley)

24a         Come in after fish and chips (9)
CARPENTER – ENTER (come in) goes after CARP (fish)

25a         Float I made to burst and be capsized aboard rescue craft (8)
LIFEBOAT – An anagram (made to burst) of FLOAT into which is inserted a reversal (capsized) of BE 

26a         Intense sorrow as a result of grand fire sputtering (5)
GRIEF – G (grand) and an anagram (sputtering) of FIRE

27a         Food that could be said to produce a curiously lasting feline smile? (8,6)
CHESHIRE CHEESE – a photographer might ask the Cheshire Cat (a curiously lasting feline) to say cheese in order to get him to smile for a photograph  


1d           Female diplomat to get on first cruise (6,6)
MAIDEN VOYAGE – MAID (female) ENVOY (diplomat) AGE (get on)

2d           Continue to have loud rumpy-pumpy exercises (4,3)
KEEP FIT – KEEP (continue) F (musical instruction to play loudly) IT (rumpy-pumpy or sexual intercourse)

3d           See what may be put on board? (6)
NOTICE A verb meaning to see or something you’d put on a notice board

4d           Concerned with digestion? Go getting nervous reaction (6)
PEPTIC – PEP (go or energy) TIC (nervous reaction)

5d           Fleeing, one after another? (2,3,3)
ON THE RUN – pursued by the police, for example, might mean in succession. 

6d           Actor Lee Wild to move to a new setting? (8)
RELOCATE – An anagram (wild) of ACTOR LEE

7d           Knight in Muscat going round sacred place (7)
SANCTUM – An anagram (going round) of MUSCAT into which is inserted an N, the abbreviation in chess for a knight

10a         Sweet wine, not very much (6,6)
SHERRY TRIFLE – SHERRY (wine) TRIFLE (not very much)

15a         Titled woman, 50, dropped by many (8)
COUNTESS –  The Roman numeral for 50, an L, is removed from COUNTLESS (many)

16d         Little brother developed colic — it’s greens (8)
BROCCOLI – BRO (‘little’ brother) and an anagram (developed) of COLIC

18d         Grand king looks down on the old getting sent up, his bent being rather gloomy (7)
GREYISH – G (grand) R (rex, king) looks down on or goes over a reversal (getting sent up) of YE (the ‘old’ way of saying the) and an anagram (bent) of HIS

20d         Sketch route for getaway? (7)
OUTLINE – Split 3,4, this might be a get away

21d         After court order, the man appears to squirm in pain (6)
WRITHE – WRIT (court order) HE (the man)

22d         Distance member goes round north — this is to be cut (6)
LENGTH – LEG (member) goes round N (north) and is followed by part of (to be cut) THis.