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DT 28240

Daily Telegraph No 28240

A full review by gnomethang

This puzzle was published on 8th October 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **   Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Apologies for last week’s no show – I was simply inundated with work. I loved the anagrams in this puzzle but didn’t enjoy a couple of niche references.


1a           Doctor’s job forces leader to behave when in charge (7,8)
GENERAL PRACTICE – A GENERAL or leader of military forces then ACT or behave inside a PRICE or charge/cost.

9a           Casual zen deployed in part of Passage to India (4,5)
SUEZ CANAL – An anagram (indicated by deployed) of CASUAL ZEN.

10a         Expert in road went fast (5)
RACED – An ACE or expert inside a RD or abb. for Road.

11a         Good-for-nothing makes Bette lose her head (5)
IDLER – That will be Bette MIDLER – remove the first letter (lose the head). Not my favourite clue.

12a         Transport magnate‘s shown ripe bananas (4-5)
SHIP-OWNER – An anagram (bananas) of SHOWN RIPE.

13a         Fortification arranged by having US soldiers coming round working (8)
GARRISON – The abb. ARR for ARRanged with the GIS (Government/General Issue or American Soldiers) coming round the outside. Finally add ON for working/running.

14a         Swear summer in Cannes makes you exhausted (6)
EFFETE = To EFF and Jeff/Blind (or swear) followed by ETE or the French word for Summer (indicated by in Cannes).

16a         Venetian leader receives thanks in declining years (6)
DOTAGE – The DOGE was a chief magistrate in Venice or Genoa. Include (it receives) TA for a word of thanks.

18a         American wrestler hiding in one tree or another (8)
MAHOGANY – You need to know about Hulk HOGAN – the American wrestler. Place him inside a MAY tree to get another. Even I had forgotten about this un-notable.

22a         Scaring bird round top of tree (9)
STARTLING – Back on track with a chestnut. Place a STARLING around the top letter in T(ree).

23a         Crash has queen in pain (5)
PRANG – An R for Regina/Queen – it could have been R for Rex/King – inside a PANG of pain.

24a         A lottery returned prize (5)
AWARD – A from the clue and then a reversal (returned) of DRAW or lottery.

25a         Dark Blues briefly set off in racing boat (9)
OUTRIGGER – The Dark Blues in the famous boat race are the O(xford) U(niversity) or OU. Add TRIGGER/set off.

26a         Suffer poverty cultivating hostile farmland (4,2,4,5)
FALL ON HARD TIMES – A nicely spotted anagram (cultivating) of HOSTILE FARMLAND.


1d           Youngster requires energy drink (7)
GOSLING – A charade of GO (energy/zip) and SLING – e.g. the Gin SLING drink.

2d           One makes points to goad Republican (7)
NEEDLER –To NEEDLE or goad followed by R for Republican. Other Republican candidates are available.

3d           Do truer discoing possibly from its output? (9,6)
RECORDING STUDIO – Great clue. An anagram of DO TRUER DISCOING (possibly).

4d           Outsider has hot pants the wrong way round (4,4)
LONG SHOT – HOT from the clue and then LONGS or pants/desires. Then place them the other way round.

5d           Like newly turfed pitch? Spinning bowler not half needs supporting help (6)
RELAID – Reverse (spinning) half of (bow)LER and then add AID for help.

6d           Botanic Prof torn suffering damage to environment? (6,9)
CARBON FOOTPRINT – A suffering anagram of BOTANIC PROF TORN and another very good clue.

7d           What some churches use to arouse passion (7)
INCENSE – Two definitions – who spelt it with two Cs?

8d           Back last runner at ‘Aydock? (7)
ENDORSE – Lovely. The last running horse at ‘Adock might be the END ‘Orse since we are dropping the (h)AITCHES!

15d         Criminal, German, concealing disquiet (8)
GANGSTER – GER for German containing (concealing) ANGST or despair.

16d         Detective workers on woman’s side (7)
DISTAFF – Split as (2,5) to get a DI (Detective Inspector) and then the STAFF or workers (as opposed to the management!).

17d         Track laid round area — very hard work (7)
TRAVAIL – A TRAIL or track around  the abb. for A(rea) and V(ery).

19d         Molten rock goes skywards carrying aluminium alloy in liquid form (7)
AMALGAM – Reverse (goes skyward) MAGMA/Molten rock and include/carry AL for Aluminium.

20d         Dairy products sort guy out (7)
YOGURTS – An easy anagram, indicated by ‘out’, of SORT GUY.

21d         Put a stop to glitch so bike keeps up (6)
KIBOSH – The answer is hidden in (kept) and reversed in (up) glitcH SO BIKe.

Thanbks to the setter. I’ll see ya when I see ya!