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DT 28234

Daily Telegraph No 28234

A full review

This puzzle was published on 1st October 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty **   Enjoyment ***

Hurriedly put together while watching a Celebrity edition of Pointless . 


1a    One noted for stubborn tenacity making target with almighty backing (7)
BULLDOG: a target, or more accurately the centre of one, followed by the reversal (backing) of The Almighty

5a    Granted time for deliberation (7)
THOUGHT: a conjunction meaning granted or notwithstanding followed by T(ime)

9a    Frolicking inside college in outskirts of Swindon? Best say nothing (7,2,6)
SILENCE IS GOLDEN: an anagram (frolicking) of INSIDE COLLEGE inside the outer letters (outskirts) of S[windo]N gives a saying that suggests that often the best thing to say is nothing

10a    Coats designed for an opera (5)
TOSCA: an anagram (designed) of COATS

11a    Of high quality, prize trophy goes west (3-6)
TOP-DRAWER: the reversal (goes west in an across clue) of words meaning a prize (6) and a trophy (3)

12a    Applied, being sensible (9)
PRACTICAL: two definitions

14a    Fish, first from babbling brook (5)
BRILL: the initial letter (first) of B[abbling] followed by a brook

15a    One who sells tins, rye and soda? (5)
BAKER: the tradesman whose wares might include any or all of the above types of bread

16a    Dismissed in style? Say what you’re thinking (3,4,2)
OUT WITH IT: a three-letter word meaning dismissed in cricket followed by a phrase meaning in style (4,2)

18a    Aims often set out in this (9)
MANIFESTO: one of the better all-in-one clues in which an anagram (set out) of AIMS OFTEN is described by the whole clue

21a    Male, when working, is one who dresses stone (5)
MASON: a charade of M(ale) and two-letter words meaning when and working

22a    Medical condition of an old king — a version inaccurately advanced (8,7)
ANOREXIA NERVOSA: AN from the clue, O(ld) and the Latin for king are followed by an anagram (inaccurately) of A VERSION and A(dvanced)

23a    A place to eat? Daughter and I clear end of table (7)
DINETTE: a charade of D(aughter), I, a word meaning clear of all charges or deductions and the final letter (end) of [tabl]E

24a    Greek character reportedly regarded as drunk (3-4)
PIE-EYED: what sounds like a Greek character is followed by a four-letter verb meaning regarded or watched


1d    Kiss before drug, keeling over in roadside shelter? (3,4)
BUS STOP: a little-used word for a kiss followed by the reversal (keeling over) of a drug

2d    Scottish pop diva’s footballer being dragged along on new song (5,4,2,4)
LULU’S BACK IN TOWN: a Scottish pop singer, the S from ‘S and a footballer are followed by a phrase meaning being dragged along (2,3) and N(ew)

3d    Yorkshire town established by duke, eccentric ancestor (9)
DONCASTER: D(uke) followed by an anagram (eccentric) of ANCESTOR

4d    Visitor figured in conversation (5)
GUEST: sounds like (in conversation) guessed (figured)

5d    Airman up for trial? (4,5)
TEST PILOT: this airman tries out aircraft while up in the air

6d    Atmosphere in office, initially gloomy (5)
ODOUR: the initial letter of O(ffice) followed by an adjective meaning gloomy

7d    Fail school subject — but be remembered (2,4,2,7)
GO DOWN IN HISTORY: this could mean to fail a particular school subject

8d    Climber needs to catch up on correct procedure, mostly (7)
TENDRIL: The reversal (up in a down clue) of a three-letter verb meaning to catch is followed by most of a word meaning correct procedure or routine

13d    Blaze under bridge, something one doesn’t want to be caught in (9)
CROSSFIRE: a blaze preceded by (under in a down clue) a verb meaning to bridge or traverse

14d    Damage that is seen after child runs off vessel used by cook (4-5)
BAIN-MARIE: a three-letter verb meaning to damage and the Latin abbreviation for “that is” are preceded by a word for a child from which the R(uns) has been dropped (off)

15d    Attack doctor dividing committee (7)
BOMBARD: a two-letter abbreviation for a doctor inside a committee

17d    Pot if tense? Head of agency drank bubbly (7)
TANKARD: T(ense) and the initial letter (head) of A[gency] followed by an anagram (bubbly) of DRANK

19d    Fast naval force (5)
FLEET: two definitions

20d    Admit academic robe’s no good at university (3,2)
OWN UP: drop the G(ood) from an academic robe and add the usual word for at university

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      1. Dave, do you mind me asking – is that because of 3D? I ask because the online version told me I had that wrong but I can’t see anything else it could be. Don’t comment very often so now I’m here l’ll take the opportunity to say thanks for a great blog

        1. They are not there yet because Gnomey has been working very long days and so couldn’t fit in his two blogging duties this week. I did the Sunday review and BD is kindly fitting in the Saturday review into the numerous other things he does on a Saturday.

          I’m afraid I can’t help about 3d because I didn’t even look at the Saturday puzzle last week as I was at No1 son’s wedding.

          1. Thanks for your reply CS, I’ll be interested to hear the eventual response, but I’ll be patient. Hope the wedding went well.

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