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ST 2866

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2866

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday 18th September

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****


Morning All! – A slightly tricky puzzle to get stared on but all came together quite well with the usual excellent cluing.
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1a           Following lofty principles in trade, one’s put in unlimited time (8)
IDEALISM – Place DEAL for Trade and IS for “one’s” inside IM (t)IM(e) without its limits (unlimited).

9a           Stop possessions otherwise being covered by tax (8)
EXORCISE – OR for otherwise inside (being covered by) EXCISE or tax/duty.

10a         Flat boat at stern of ship on river (4)
RAFT – The stern of a ship id the AFT. Place that after (on in an across clue) the abb. R for River.

11a         At end of a new part of speech, stick declaration (12)
ANNOUNCEMENT – CEMENT or stick goes after (at the end of) A form the clue, N for New and then a NOUN for part of speech.

13a         Senior investigator’s command producing state of confusions (8)
DISORDER – A senior police investigator’s command might be interpreted as a D(etective) I(nspector)’S Order (or DI’S ORDER)

15a         Administer like high-fliers, including Conservative (6)
INJECT – C for Conservative is included inside IN JET or the position of those that are flying high.

16a         Fruit that’s unlike peach, by the sound of it (4)
UGLI – The fruit that is the opposite (unlike) a peach/something beautiful.

17a         Cast, getting fine fish (5)
FLING – A charade of F for Fine and the LING – a common crossword fish.

18a         Path travelled on horseback — or went by boat, we hear (4)
ROAD – A homophone (we hear) of both RODE (went on horseback) and ROWED (went by boat).

20a         Formidable type that dentist can deal with (6)
TARTAR – Two definitions – The old Turkish warrior and also the gum/tooth problem.

21a         Worked on plot, dreadfully deranged (8)
GARDENED – An angram (dreadfully) of DERANGED..

23a         Two kinds of seaman like hot cakes? (12)
MERCHANTABLE – Two sailors – A MERCHANTE and an ABLE (bodied seaman) create an adjective for things that can sell like hot cakes.

26a         Heap is what Pat may have dropped (4)
RICK – The RICK is what might be dropped from (Pat)RICK to give a stack or heap (of hay for example).

27a         Cultivate area on hill, producing food for Mexicans (8)
TORTILLA – TILL/cultivate and A for Area go after a TOR or hill.

28a         One isn’t perturbed about learner that’s cheeky (8)
INSOLENT – An anagram (perturbed) of ONE ISNT around L for Learner.


2d           Artist’s work crossing line, in a manner of speaking (8)
DRAWLING – A DRAWING or artist’s works goes around (crosses) L for Learner.

3d           Belligerent Nato is acting peculiarly (12)
ANTAGONISTIC – An anagram , indicated by peculiarly, of NATO IS ACTING.

4d           In affair, one desperately pressed one’s suit, perhaps (6)
IRONED – A hidden word (IN) inside affa IR, ONE D esperately

5d           People going over University’s list of courses (4)
MENU – MEN or people above U for University.

6d           Feeling pain under military leader giving instruction (8)
COACHING – Place ACJING/feeling pain underneath the CO or Commanding Officer.

7d           Graves, for example, that can be found in vault (4)
WINE – A crossword chestnut – GRAVES being a wine from the Gironde department of France. The clue is then a cryptic definiton and nothing to do with coffins.

8d           In other words, visibly embarrassed about condition (8)
RESTATED – RED for visibly embarrassed around (about) STATE or condition.

12d         Officer, as usual, supporting former PM (5-7)
MAJOR-GENERAL – GENERAL or as asual underneath (supporting in a down clue) the former PM John MAJOR.

14d         Head of government, after financial disaster, in a sorry state? (5)
RUING – G for the head letter of G(overnment) going after financial RUIN.

16d         Final is not altogether difficult — I’m at ease (8)
ULTIMATE – Another hidden word is part of (but not altogether!) difficULT IM AT Ease

17d         Story with moral about weapon that’s okay for fieldworker? (8)
FARMABLE – One of Aesop’s FABLEs (a moral story) around an ARM or weapon.

19d         A chap consuming steamed rice, as some Indians are (8)
AMERICAN – A MAN (a chap) containing (consuming) a steamed anagram of RICE.

22d         Old master manages to swallow half of beer (6)
RUBENS – RUNS or manages containing (is swallowing) half of BE(er) from the clue.

24d         Right on time, turning up — excellent (4)
RARE – Place R for Right on top of the reversal (turning up) of an ERA or time period.

25d         No-win situation stated in Asian language (4)
THAI – A homophone (stated) of a TIE or no win situation.

Thanks to the setter. I will be back tomorrow for a review of last weekend’s Saturday puzzle.

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  1. Oh no you won’t. It was my turn and I scheduled it earlier in the week before flying to Belfast. You are doing both reviews next week.

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