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DT 28195

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28195

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***


Recently we, like many of you we guess, have been rather absorbed in the goings-on in Rio. We have been noting how well Team GB has been doing and have even found ourselves cheering them on at times. The big exception is of course when anyone in black strip with a fern on it is in the same event. We in NZ are feeling pleased with our own medal count to date and still have fingers crossed for a few more to come.
Despite all this distraction there was still time to solve, blog and enjoy this Jay puzzle.

Please leave a comment saying how you got on.


1a     Delighted, seeing left of centre damaged (7)
CHARMED : The left of centre is its first letter and then a word meaning damaged or hurt.

5a     Power failure across river causing indignation (7)
OUTRAGE : The abbreviation for river is inside a power failure.

9a     Passage that’s a scream when read the wrong way (5)
ALLEY : A from the clue and then the reversal of a word meaning scream or shout.

10a     Prison sentence and form will give such an existence (9)
LIFESTYLE : A prison sentence that theoretically is endless and then form or fashion.

11a     Signal given by fire on common (5,5)
GREEN LIGHT : Fire, or set ablaze follows a common where village cricket might be played.

12a     Opera video shows backing singer (4)
DIVA : The answer is reversed and hiding in the clue.

14a     Any video game’s ruined this trip (6,6)
MAIDEN VOYAGE : An anagram (ruined) of ANY VIDEO GAME.

18a     Official announcement from soldiers in urge to rent (5,7)
PRESS RELEASE : Military engineers are inside a word meaning urge or push and a synonym for rent as a tenant might do.

21a     Not at home, in a fashion (4)
AWAY : A from the clue and fashion or method.

22a    Warning of cigarette scare (5,5)
SMOKE ALARM : A slang word for a cigarette and a word meaning scare or frighten.

25a     What may raise the issue at table? (4-5)
HIGH-CHAIR : A cryptic definition of an item of furniture for a child.

26a     Reflective royal’s drink (5)
LAGER : A word meaning royal is reversed.

27a     Pacified state, outwardly old-fashioned (7)
SEDATED : State outwardly means its first and last letters and then a word meaning old-fashioned or passe.

28a     Worried at a slur from the South (7)
AUSTRAL : An anagram (worried) of AT A SLUR.


1d     Explosive accusation? (6)
CHARGE : Double definition. The accusation could be one laid in a law court.

2d     Out when bound to be broadcast (6)
ASLEEP : A two letter word meaning ‘when’ and a word that sounds like (broadcast) to bound or jump.

3d     Asian with money laid out for dressing (10)
MAYONNAISE : An anagram (laid out) of ASIAN and MONEY.

4d     City store stocking fish at last (5)
DELHI : A store that sells gourmet foods includes the last letter of fish.

5d     High break must be a remote possibility (3-6)
OFF-CHANCE : High or well past its use-by date, and then a word for a break or opportunity.

6d     Call for an answer after tense undertaking (4)
TASK : The abbreviation for tense, then pose a question.

7d     A terrible pity state of America’s not representative (8)
ATYPICAL:  A from the clue, an anagram (terrible) of PITY and the three letter abbreviation for a West Coast US state.

8d     Important to be given a rise (8)
ELEVATED : Double definition.

13d     Officers study accommodation for horses (10)
CONSTABLES : A three letter word for study and where an ostler might look after horses.

15d     Nod, seeing chap cross line in fear (9)
DREAMLAND : Put the abbreviation for line inside a synonym for a chap and enclose this within a five letter word for fear.

16d     Climbing mountains, the girl’s making headline stories in paper (8)
SPLASHES : Reverse (climbing in a down clue) a word for mountains and add a way of saying ‘the girl is’ using a personal pronoun.

17d     Lunatic called into action (8)
DERANGED : Called or made a phone call is inside a word for an action.

19d     Knife’s good for new threat (6)
DANGER : In a word for a knife substitute one of the abbreviations for good with the abbreviation for new.

20d     Unprincipled Frenchman after a spoken test (6)
AMORAL : A from the clue, the French equivalent of Mr, and a spoken test or exam.

23d     In the case of Kafka, weapon’s sealed fate (5)
KARMA : The first and last letters of Kafka surround a generic word for a weapon.

24d     Could be Glaswegian way to keep company? (4)
SCOT : The abbreviation for company is inside the abbreviation for street.

We can’t decide whether we like 15d or 25a best today.

Quickie pun     easy   +   garrets   =    e-cigarettes

59 comments on “DT 28195

  1. 2*/4*. This puzzle, which I found relatively easy and very enjoyable, comprises lots of consistently high class cluing but I have no particular favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A very high quality, but very straightforward puzzle. Favourite was 25a. Was 1*/3* for me. On the way to the IOW for the day.

      1. Jose, I have given up trying to underline comments. I can make text bold or italicised, but the code for underlining simply doesn’t work for me (and you too it seems).

        1. Thank you RD. BD, can you advise please – I can’t get anything underlined. How do the reviewers do it?

          1. I want to reply to SL about a clue but it won’t have the same effect if I can’t underline the definition, like he has done.

            1. Highlight it then. I think the hints might be improved if definitions were highlit. It is the same amount of work for us. On a small gadget the underlining does not stand out.

              1. Thank you MP. I’m assuming that underlining in a comment officially can’t be done. But can you please tell me how to do highlighting, bearing in mind that I’m using a bog- standard public PC (browser: Google Chrome) in a library?

                1. To underline in a comment precede the relevant text with left-hand angled bracket lower-case u right-hand angled bracket and follow it with left-hand angled bracket backslash lower-case u right-hand angled bracket. Both without spaces.

                    1. Formatting in comments is explained better in FAQ #19. You can use underlining italics and bold

                    2. Sorry to be a pain …. but I’m going to try the Underline thingy again.

                      I’ve cut and pasted BD’s suggestion so “text to be underlined” should be underlined.

                      text to be underlined

                      No – it still doesn’t work.

                  1. Thank you G (and BD) – I did read the FAQs first and used the code as you describe (but with forward slash, not back slash) and as depicted by BD above but it still wouldn’t work. I will try it again now and the word underline should be underlined. Here goes…

                    1. There you go – it ain’t worked. Don’t worry, I’ll try it using the ordinary Windows browser instead of Google Chrome. It’s probably some technical inadequacy on these library computers.

  3. Hi one and all. I have thoroughly enjoyed ”The Big D’s” blog over the last year or so and am interested to get people’s views on the definition of Lego clues. Having done crosswords in various rags for yonks, I think a three-piece clue doesn’t merit being called ‘Lego’ but a four-piece does. I appreciate there’s no official definition but……..thoughts?

  4. OK for me except for 19d where I thought I should substitute the abbreviation for new with the abbreviation for good in a word for a threat to get a knife. What did I miss?
    Thanks to setter & 2Ks for hints (& support). I cheer on Kiwis when no GB involved. Drysdale’s win a thriller.

      1. Thanks – possessive not an abbreviation for is! Couldn’t see it. Agree that this was **/***.
        Thanks to Jay and 2Ks – didn’t need the help but enjoyed the review.

  5. D’oh, after wracking my brain for a parsing I had just bunged in 19d. Otherwise an altogether pleasant exercise with 25a probably Fav. Thanks Mysteron and 2Ks. **/***.

  6. A pleasant enough solve in the very early daylight. Only 19ds bung in needed revision when going through and parsing each clue. Too many anagrams for this boy with 14ac and 3d jumping out immediately. Nice clueing throughout but quite easy overall.

  7. Thanks to The 2Ks for an excellent blog and thanks to Jay for the mild skirmish. I do hope Angel has managed to remove the hook from her lip after yesterdays comments.

  8. Now that’s what I call a R&W crossword. Just goes to show one day you cannot get onto the the setters wavelength and the next you can.
    Learnt a new word in 28a, obviously the origin of Australasia.
    For */***
    Thx to all

  9. The 5a power failure is becoming such a regular that I doubt any of us will forget it in a hurry!
    Have to confess to being another who mixed up the knife with the threat (careless girl) and also missed the instruction in 27a, which left that as one of the last to parse.

    An enjoyable solve with top three places going to 22&25a plus 17d.

    Thanks to Jay and also to 2Ks, particularly for setting me straight over 19d. Nice illustration for 25a – much more appealing than the plastic contraption I had for my two!

  10. Enjoyable solve and thanks 2 Kiwis for your clueing. Great to see your countrymen punching above their weight in Rio as we have come to expect. I am really enjoying our Olympics also, happy to see the excellent Simone Biles in gymnastics, the unexpected story of the Chinese diver proposing to his sweetheart (could have been soooh embarrassing), our amazing Jason Kenny in last night’s cliffhanger… So much and so good. What an enjoyable games for all and congratulations from one sports mad nation to another even more sports mad one.

  11. Nothing too taxing in todays back pager but an enjoyable solve nonetheless. I agree with Jane that the ‘power loss’ appears to be the word of the week but I’m also sure that the answer for 7d has also appeared in the last day or two. My favourite of the day is 25a – quite a clever clue IMHO.

    Thanks to Jay for the puzzle and to the 2K’s for their fine review.

    The toughie today is a breeze compared to yesterdays. Worth having a go.

    1. How stupid am I (don’t all speak at once) re the answer for 7d. It’s also in todays toughie – I knew I’d seen it somewhere else recently. D’oh!

  12. So tired from work that I decided to have a little nap before the blog opened and woke up 3 hours later. Missed lunch completely and being invited for dinner, I shall starve for the rest of the afternoon.
    That gave me time to read the blog properly as I have been reading it in diagonal for the last few days and posted some inadequate comments.
    Got 19d right but I thought the etiquette was, when there’s a double occurrence of a letter, to indicate that only one is to be swapped.
    Agree with Jane that 5a has now reached the status of Old Chestnut.
    Favourite is 15d.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2kiwis for the review.

  13. A smoothie which slipped down a treat.

    The 5a power failure didn’t hold me up for long this time. Even I eventually learn!

    There’s a bit of a theme in 27a, 2d and 15d. :yawn:

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis. Such beautiful economy of hinting.

    1. I thought you would mention the visual for 2d. We “obtained” a cat because it followed me & the Lab home. It was always sleeping with the dog & came out on our evening walk when it wasn’t raining.

      1. I also loved the pic at 2d, but I made no mention as I think I’m beginning to be too predictable! Sadie loves her cats.

  14. Loved it, so many fun clues.
    I initially put baby chair for 25a, silly me, soon corrected once I got the downs. That’s my fave as well.
    Thanks to Jay for the entertainment and to the 2Kiwis for their hints.

  15. Thanks 2kiwis. So pleased with myself as only needed your help on 2d. Was hung up on “aired” being broadcast. Still, I’m improving with the help of you experts! 😀

  16. A very nice crossword from Jay with some good clues including 10 and 25a and also 15d which was my favourite. 2.5/3* overall.
    Thanks to Jay, and to the 2K’s for their review.
    Re: Rio…. am I alone in wondering why the stench of corruption has to spoil everything?

  17. Very nice puzzle and very nice blog.
    I may be wrong but I think that Team GB ‘s recent success is connected to greater and better drug taking supervision. In other words , when the cheats are being caught out , the real athletes are winning.
    I won’t comment on Ireland’s results except to say some people are upset with boxing judges.

  18. Jay’s level of consistency seldom disappoints, and today was certainly no exception.

    My two favourite clues were 9a and 15d.

    Many thanks to Mr. Mutch and the 2Ks.

  19. Late today – been gardening. I agree with the K’s ratings for both difficulty and enjoyment.
    1a was my last answer – don’t know why.
    15d took a while.
    I don’t think I’ve ‘met’ 28a before and I can’t spell 3d – actually, I can but I always think I can’t so have to check it.
    Like Kitty I noticed the distinctly dozy theme.
    I liked 9 and 22a and 15 and 16d. My favourite was 25a.
    With thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s – love the pic for 2d but, like Merusa, worry that I might be getting a bit predictable.

    1. Re 3d, I’m always surprised by the two “n”s, but with an anagram, like today, I have to write the letters down and make sure I use them all.

  20. Loved this. Very well crafted and stylish clues. I particularly liked 7D. My rating is 2*/4* Thanks to 2K for the blog which I didn’t need but enjoyed anyway.

  21. Hi everyone. Another frosty morning just about to dawn here with the probability of another fine day to follow. Still winter but there is certainly the promise of spring in the air now.
    When we saw the clue for 22a and then the Quickie pun we did wonder whether Jay or someone close to him is in the throes of dealing with a nicotine habit. Expect that is something we will never know.
    We are just catching up with what has been happening overnight for us in Rio. We think that we will be cheering on opposing sides in the women’s hockey game that is coming up soon. Enjoy the rest of the games.

    1. It feels so strange to hear you say that the promise of Spring is in the air. For the last few days, and particularly this evening, it feels as if Autumn is almost here – after a hot day it’s now feeling quite chilly and the garden looks a bit tired. I’m also very suddenly aware that, to quote my Nan, “The nights are drawing in”.

  22. Oh happy day! Actually completed without hints, but thanks of course to 2 KiWis, and to Jay for providing a puzzle pieces on my wavelength. No favourite, liked them all.

  23. Pretty straightforward, with the only real difficulty deciding whether the answer was a knife or a threat at 19d. Not come across 28ac before, except as part of the country, but what else could it be?

  24. 2*/3* by my reckoning, and favourite clue 15d. Thanks to Jay, and of course to the 2 Kiwis.

  25. I did not find this straightforward , but did enjoy it.
    Made the same mistake as others with 19d.
    Needed help with the parsing for a fair few….I’ve always been a bunger-inner rather than a worker-outer, but I am trying to change.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2 Kiwis.

  26. Favourites 25a and 11a. Certainly not a R & W for me. I was left with the NE which took me longer to complete than the rest of the puzzle. Thanks Jay, 2 Kiwis and bloggers. Did not need the hints but had to check a synonym and an antonym. Put Ravi for 12a which did not help! All’s well that ends well.

  27. Solved this one without help in ********* but your tips on the harder clues during the w/e are great and I love the pics! 15d a doddle, 25a definitely the best today! Discovered your blog/website a couple of weeks ago :)

    1. Welcome to the blog Cathy.
      We have a convention that we do not give solving times on the site so unfortunately we have had to edit your comment.
      Look forward to seeing further comments from you.

  28. Best of the week so far – a bit more difficult, better cluing and more enjoyable but still only middle-of-the-road. 2*/3.5*

  29. Late in the day due to return from holiday…
    What a joy Jay’s puzzles are!! By far my favourite setter. Clear, unambiguous clues, designed to challenge, but always fair.
    Today’s was special, got there in the end, no complaints. So many good clues, 19d fav…
    Now to Thursday, which I assume is a Ray-T, so I am about to experience the absolute opposite end of the spectrum….

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