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Daily Telegraph No 28144

A full review by gnomethang

This puzzle was published on 18th June 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** – Enjoyment ***

 Morning All! REviewing this I found a fair bit of formula about the clues but there are a couple of gems in there as well.

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1a           Songs of Praise requires additional contribution by charity (6)
PSALMS –  Start with P.S. Post Scriptum, for an additional contribution on a letter, and then add ALMS or charity.

4a           High-class fur fit for purpose (6)
USABLE – U for high class (U = Upper) and then a SABLE fur from the coat of a winter ermine.

8a           Sort of country inn with something left outside (8)
REBUBLIC – Place a RELIC or something left outside of a PUB/inn/bar.

10a         Tool works without resistance (6)
PLIERS – PLIES for works (e.g. a trade) outside of R for Resistance.

11a         That girl retaining old trainer perhaps (4)
SHOE – SHE (that girl) containing (or retaining) O for Old.

12a         Talk with woman, the lady of the house (10)
CHATELAINE – A charade of CHAT (talk) and ELAINE for ‘the woman;.

13a         More advanced form of bingo, darling! (8,4)
BRIDGING LOAN – An anagram ( form) of BINGO DARLING.

16a         Spend childhood entertaining grand whim (7,5)
PASSING FANCY – Start with PASS for spend e.g. time and then place G for Grand inside INFANCY/childhood.

20a         Scroll I put out showing symbol of Parliament (10)
PORTCULLIS – An anagram (indicated by out) of SCROLL I PUT.

21a         Hospital that is offering cover for very busy place (4)
HIVE – H for Hospital and then I.E. (Id Est in Latin meaning that is). The latter includes (offers cover for) V for Very.

22a         A divine being in father’s temple (6)
PAGODA – A GOD (A divine being) inside PA for dad/father.

23a         Fat duke’s excellent in old-fashioned way (8)
DRIPPING – Start with D for Duke and then add RIPPING, an old fashioned word for excellent (think Ripping Yarns).

24a         Crook logged out (6)
DOGLEG – An Anagram (again indicated by ‘out’) of LOGGED. One for the golfers.

25a         Iodine applied to blood around new cut (6)
IGNORE – I for Iodine and GORE/blood around the outside of N for New.


1d           Claim made about Norse god a lot (8)
PLETHORA – This took me a while even with the THOR (Norse God). The PLEA or claim goes around the outside (is about).

2d           Severe injury in A & E (5)
ACUTE – Place CUT or sever inside the letters A and E. Surface reading improves this clue!.

3d           Hail ‘Cam’, spin-doctored as a prophet (7)
MALACHI – An anagram (spin-doctored) of HAIL CAM. Little bit of politics, oo-er!.

5d           Before being grappled by Japanese wrestling ace (7)
SUPREMO – PRE or before inside (being grappled by) a SUMO wrestler – SU (PRE) MO.

6d           Exotic bat — in Iran it’s a national symbol (9)
BRITTANIA – An exotic anagram of BAT IN IRAN.

7d           Go wrong with simple task (6)
ERRAND – A charade of ERR (go wrong) alongside  AND for with.

9d           Having rushed around, burn that being barbecued (11)
CHARGRILLED – Very nice and subtle. Place CHARGED (rushed) around the outside of a RILL or burn/brook. Anyone who put HARED around GRILL for burn loses 5 points for missing the C at the beginning.

14d         One’s upfront in Aegean, getting hot in swim with skimpy costume (9)
DIPTHONG – A lovely definition – the AE being up the front of Aegean. Place H for H(ot) inside a DIP or swim and a THONG or skimpy costume.

15d         Look for a scrap, namely to get one’s own back (8)
SCAVENGE – Start with SC, the Latin abb. for Scilicet or ‘namely’ and then add AVENGE for ‘to get one’s own back’.

17d         Prepared meat with herb around America (7)
SAUSAGE – This will be the herb of SAGE around the USA.

18d         Turn and throw baby in pond? (7)
GOSLING – A charade of GO (turn in a game) and then SLING for throw.

19d         Dispute with Iceland died right down, being one to avoid fighting (6)
COWARD – The dispute with Iceland was the COD WAR (not football!). Place the D right down to the bottom of this down clue.

21d         Aquatic creature in Italian river (5)
HIPPO – A charade of HIP (In/trendy) and the river PO (the one that is in Italy and not China).

Thanks to the setter. I will see you the week after next.