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DT 28114

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28114

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment **

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 14th May 2016

Morning All! Thanks to crypticsue for all the help recently – I have had issues multiple. This was another in a line of extremely easy prize puzles that have not yielded much fun. There are some nice clues upon review but they were missed on the day as I simply wrote most of them in.

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7a           Piffle I spread about love story (4,2,2)
LIFE OF PI – Spread an anagram of PIFFLE I around O for Love in Tennis. Not a fillum I have seen.

9a           Seen in bistro, January’s ‘most industrious worker’ (6)
TROJAN – Hidden (seen in) bisTRO JANuary is a workhorse.

10a         At university, rower across river causes pandemonium (6)
UPROAR – Place UP (at university) and then an OAR or rower around (across) R for river.

11a         Parsimony of girl in canteen (8)
MEANNESS – This will be ANNE (a girl) inside a MESS or canteen.

12a         Dish of grouse a winner at Waterloo (4,10)
BEEF WELLINGTON – To BEEF or grouse/complain and then WELLINGTON, Duke of, who won the battle.

15a         Genius present (4)
GIFT – Two definitions and not so hard when you realise both are nouns..

17a         Reportedly remained sober (5)
STAID – Sounds like(reportedly) STAYED for remained.

19a         Detest bowler, say, opening for Essex (4)
HATE – A bowler HAT followed by the opening letter in E(ssex). Nothing to do with cricket although it sounds like it!

20a         Direct action film (5,9)
BRIEF ENCOUNTER – Another fillum that I have not seen. A charade of BRIEF (diercet in a court of law) and then ENCOUNTER or a military action.

23a         Short programme on British dessert dish (8)
SYLLABUB – Semove the last letter (short) on a SYLLABU(s) or plan/schedule and then add B for British.

25a         Traditional story‘s conclusion on stage (6)
LEGEND – Place an END or conclusion after (ON in an across clue) a LEG or stage in a race.

27a         Sound part of Britannica? (6)
VOLUME – A level of sound and also one section of the Encyclopedia.

28a         A plucked instrument enthralling bishop — so perfect (8)
ABSOLUTE – Place A LUTE outside (it is enthralling) B for Bishop and SO from the clue.


1d           Women’s group member gets wet (4)
WIMP – A charade of the WI (Women’s Institute) and an MP or Member of Parliament.

2d           Pardon being absent after service not quite right (3,3)
LET OFF – A LET (a service in tennis that is not quite right) with OFF (being absent) afterwards.

3d           Established tree on top of mound (4)
FIRM – A FIR tree above the top letter in M(ound).

4d           Pull small coach (6)
STRAIN – S for Small and then a TRAIN or coach.

5d           Superb spinner cut (3-5)
TOP-NOTCH – A charade of TOP (a slinning thing) and then a NOTCH or cut in wood.

6d           Small home on estate I’m getting converted (10)
MAISONETTE – An anagram (getting converted) of  ON ESTATE I’M.

8d           Medical tool perhaps originally carried by troops (7)
FORCEPS – The original letter of P(erhaps) inside or carried by FORCES for troops.

13d         Novel nine told by English author (4,6)
ENID BLYTON – A novel (and apposite) anagram of NINE TOLD BY.

14d         Pick up knight behind king (5)
LEARN – N for Knight from the chess notation after King LEAR.

16d         Operate following hearing test (5,3)
TRIAL RUN – Place RUN (Operate or make go) after a TRIAL or hearing.

18d         Scribbles aimlessly? Did at first, a great deal (7)
DOODLES – The first letter of D9id) and then OODLES or a great deal/lots.

21d         Excellent, the French myths (6)
FABLES – A charade of FAB (excellent) and then LES, or the (third person plural) in French.

22d         Slight criticism of soldier over entering foggy glen (6)
NIGGLE – reverse (over) a GI or soldier  and place inside (entering) a foggy anagram of GLEN. N(IG)GLE.

24d         Lover from London district, it’s said (4)
BEAU – Sounds like (it is said) the BOW area of London.

26d         Brief written record of college uprising (4)
NOTE – Another reversal (uprising) of the college of ETON.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

5 comments on “DT 28114

  1. Thanks Gnomey, sailed through this apart from 1a which eluded me until I read BD’s review. Occasionally I wonder why so-called prize crosswords appear easier than rest of week.

  2. Thanks for the review, yes, easier than normal, I suppose they make them easier so that people buy the paper!!

  3. Are the prize crosswords easier to encourage entries so that they get addresses and email addresses – for marketing purposes or sale?

  4. I have spent two weeks puzzling over 1 across!This morning in desperation,I found this wonderful blog-many thanks.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Marie. Now that you’ve found us I hope that you’ll become a regular commenter.

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