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DT 28060

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28060

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 12th March 2016

Apart from all the comments about 3d, this Saturday puzzle proved to be fairly average Saturday fare  – just a shame the clue types weren’t mixed up a bit – there’s an awful lot of ‘take a letter off’ in the Acrosses and several anagrams in a row in the Downs.

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1a           Book about Russian ready to be awkward (11)
TROUBLESOME – TOME (book) put about ROUBLES (Russian ‘ready’ cash)

7a           Upstart hit back with place being unfinished (7)
PARVENU – A reversal (back) of RAP (hit) followed by almost all of VENUe (place being unfinished)

8a           Cheese after a major component of it’s turned to silky stuff (7)
TAFFETA –   FETA (cheese) goes after a reversal (turned) of FAT – a major component of cheese.

10a         Charlie‘s just the thing to snare fashion designer endlessly (5)
IDIOT –   IT (just the thing) ‘snares’ almost all (endlessly) of DIOr (fashion designer)

11a         Friend with top off tests fabrics (9)
MATERIALS –   MATE (friend) and tRIALS (tests) without the first letter (top off)

12a         Nieces excited about first bit of chemical knowledge (7)
SCIENCE –   An anagram (excited) of NIECES put about the first bit of Chemical.

14a         Cut around edges of tile to make smaller (7)
SHORTEN –   SHORN (cut) put round the ‘edges’ of TilE

15a         Bad hands move slowly on board steamship (7)
SCRAWLS –   CRAWL (move slowly) put ‘on board’ SS (steamship)

18a         Stick around liking hot stuff (7)
CAYENNE –   CANE put around YEN (liking)

20a         Sick of commander interrupting meal (3-6)
OFF-COLOUR –   OF (from the clue) and CO (commander) interrupting FLOUR (meal being grain ground into powder).

21a         Time accompanied by one alluring woman (5)
HOURI – HOUR (time) plus I (one).   When you haven’t heard a word for many a long year – has anyone met a Houri lately? –  it is always worth checking the BRB as sometimes the definitions can sometimes be unexpectedly amusing.   Not so here, apparently she’s a voluptuously alluring woman or nymph of the Muslim paradise.

22a         Have a close shave as English exercise cut short (7)
EPILATE –   Here’s another ‘take a letter off’ clue – E (English) followed by almost all of PILATEs (exercise).

23a         Non-drinker swallowing an alcoholic drink in fit of temper (7)
TANTRUM –   TT (teetotal, non-drinker) ‘swallows’ AN (from the clue), the result then followed by RUM (alcoholic drink).

24a         Increase in support gives good basic training (11)
GROUNDSWELL –   A gathering movement of public or political movement or feeling –   split 7. 4 – GROUNDS, WELL and the second part of the clue becomes clear.


1d           Stations for period in India (7)
TERMINI –   TERM (period) IN (from the clue) I (the NATO Phonetic Alphabet uses India to represent the letter I).

2d           Public spell of cricket takes time (5)
OVERT –   OVER (spell of cricket) T (time)

3d           Black Country man, I’m brought up in fog (7)
BRUMMIE –   IM reversed (brought up in a Down clue) inserted into BRUME ( a literary word for fog).  Just in case our setter didn’t read all the comments last Saturday, it might be worth their noting for future reference that a Brummie comes from Birmingham.   The Black Country is an area of the West Midlands North and West of (but not including) Birmingham.

4d           Lands in eastern parts of USA (7)
ESTATES –   And this Saturday’s chestnut is …. E (eastern) STATES (parts of USA)

5d           Present politician money from church (9)
OFFERTORY – OFFER (present) TORY (politician)

6d           Fancy gentle rambles around area? (7)
ELEGANT –   An anagram (rambles) of GENTLE put around A for area.

7d           Investigates squalid hotels as place to hide out (7,4)
PRIEST’S HOLE –   PRIES (investigates) followed by an anagram (squalid)of HOTELS.

9d           I see batsmen playing skiving off work (11)
ABSENTEEISM –   An anagram (playing) of I SEE BATSMEN.

13d         Now eat top cooked vegetable (3,6)
NEW POTATO – Four anagrams in a row but I’m not sure I’d award a bonus mark!   Cooked indicates the need to rearrange NOW EAT TOP.

16d         Boring brief relationship after scripture lesson (7)
RIFLING –   RI (religious instruction, scripture lesson)   FLING (brief relationship)

17d         Terrible investor runs out broke? (5,2)
STOVE IN – An anagram (terrible) of INVESTOR without the R (runs out).

18d         Clergymen showing posh style in old cars (7)
CURATES – U (posh, upper class) inserted into CRATES (old cars)

19d         Nervy about head of tribunal being unbiased (7)
NEUTRAL – NEURAL (relating to the nerves of the central nervous system) goes round the ‘head’ of Tribunal.

21d         Pivotal point of fishing expedition (5)
HINGE –   A lurker to finish – hidden in part ‘of’ fisHING Expedition.