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DT 28059

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28059

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs where I’m pleased to say that normal access to the blog now seems to have been restored, after much tinkering with DNS caches and other techy stuff.

Nothing especially obscure from Giovanni this morning, though the dialect word at 4d may be unfamiliar to our overseas contributors.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ‘Click here!’ buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.  You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a           Part of ship in port (4)
HULL – Double definition: the main body of a ship; and a port on the East coast.

3a           Fresh fighting force to include fellow shopkeepers (10)
NEWSAGENTS – Another word for fresh followed by the initials of a Special Forces regiment wrapped around a fellow or chap.

9a           Weak lover, female dumped (4)
LAME – Remove the initial F (female dumped) from a word for a lover, most often seen in conjunction with ‘old’.

10a         High-handed, inwardly very resistant (10)
IMPERVIOUS – Insert Very into a word meaning high-handed or commanding like an emperor.

11a         Beware of clique showing established attitudes (7)
MINDSET – Another word for ‘beware’ followed by another word for a clique or circle.

13a         Little Aussie beast interrupting side in cafe (7)
TEAROOM – A football or cricket side wrapped around the shortened form of  a well-known Australian marsupial.

Image result for tearoom

14a         Nasty red coat covered in grass? Should be smartened up again! (11)
REDECORATED – Anagram (nasty) of RED COAT with a variety of grass wrapped around it.

18a         One looking for applause has to come in and earn it possibly (11)
ENTERTAINER – Another word for ‘come in’ followed by an anagram (possibly) of EARN IT. The whole clue defines this person.
ARVE Error: need id and provider

21a         Ground swamped by winter rains (7)
TERRAIN – Hidden in the clue.

22a         Revolutionary, a writer in disgrace (7)
CHEAPEN – Crosswordland’s favourite South American revolutionary followed by A ( from the clue) and something to write with.

23a         With sun coming in, mild air is somehow different (10)
DISSIMILAR – Anagram (somehow) of MILD AIR IS with Sun inserted.

24a         Walked and finally sat on perch (4)
TROD – The last letter of saT followed by a perch or pole.

25a         Pomposity of earnest son spouting (10)
ORNATENESS – Anagram (spouting) of EARNEST SON.

26a         Evens maybe — or maybe not (4)
ODDS – ‘Evens’ is an example of the answer – but so are 1, 3, 5, 7 …


1d           Hard gospel for everyone to penetrate — a distinctive feature (8)
HALLMARK Hard and one of the four Gospels, placed either side of ‘everyone’.

Image result for hallmark stamp

2d           Drink in article in French paper (8)
LEMONADE – A heavyweight French newspaper (2,5) with an indefinite article inserted.

4d           This person turned up and encountered an insect (5)
EMMET – Reverse (turned up) a pronoun for ‘this person’ and add a word for encountered, to get a dialect word for an insect or a tourist.

5d           One observes holy group keeping quiet on a hill (9)
SPECTATOR – Insert the musical symbol for quiet into a religious group or cult, then add A (from the clue) and a hill found on Dartmoor, for example.

6d           Fulfil two functions on Christmas Day as concession? (4,3,4)
GIVE AND TAKE – The two things you do with presents on Christmas Day also give us a phrase describing the concessions made in a negotiation.

7d           Politician from Newcastle area with old trick (6)
NEOCON – Put together the compass point initials of the region where Newcastle is to be found, Old, and a trick or cheat.

8d           Notice little boy hiding in that plant (6)
SESAME – A word for ‘notice’ wrapped around a short form of a boy’s name.

Image result for sesame

12d         Careerist worked a short time in admin department (11)
SECRETARIAT – Anagram (worked) of CAREERIST followed by A (from the clue) and Time

15d         Memory of number in Orient being tortured (9)
RETENTION – Anagram (being tortured) of ORIENT wrapped around a cardinal number.

16d         Fashionable Oxford feature, Oxford ultimately being wonderful (8)
INSPIRED – Put together a two-letter word for fashionable, a feature of Oxford described poetically as ‘dreaming’, and the last letter of OxforD.

17d         Men starting off in stages to provide small bombs (8)
GRENADES – Remove the initial letter (starting off) from (m)EN, and put the result into some stages or steps.

Image result for grenade

19d         In workplace I love being led by boss (6)
STUDIO – A boss or knob followed by I (from the clue) and the letter that looks like a love score at tennins.

20d         Bird is pinned by something pointed — not good (6)
PRISON – Remove the final G (not good) from one of the points of a fork, and wrap the result around IS (from the clue) to get something for which bird is a slang term.

22d         Utter confusion when Charles admits love (5)
CHAOS – The letter that looks like a love score at tennis again, inserted into a shortened form of Charles.

The Quick crossword pun WREST + OARED = RESTORED

52 comments on “DT 28059

  1. Pleasant challenge today without much headache. 4d insect new to me. Don’t think of 22a as disgrace. Thanks Mr. Ron and DT. **/***.

  2. 8d. Why is it “that” plant?

    Since the recent problems with the blog, my logon and email are not retained. Is this now normal?

    1. You need to read the clue as “Notice, little boy hiding in that, plant” – that is, the little boy is hiding in ‘notice’.

    2. Also 19d. Why “in” workplace and not “the” workplace. The answer is the workplace, not one’s position therein.
      Thanks DT and setter

      1. I think it’s because “in” the answer (which is another word for workplace), we have a word for boss followed by I and O.

    3. The problem with the loss of userid and email address has been going on for a couple of weeks – I reckon the Bigdave site is handling the cookie differently – but this seems to fall on deaf ears and nobody seems all that bothered!


      1. I had lost my user ID and email address for a time. I have however had them back now for a few weeks. Only tried it on my IPad so can’t speak for other devices. What I do not have is a tick box to say if I want to see when other comments posted by email

  3. Pleasant romp with this one & agree with the ratings offered,knew the insect in 4D having lived in the West Country in a previous existence. Favourite clue for me was 3A,many thanks to the setter & to DT for his review, it’s a nice sunny spring like day down here on Southampton water, wishing all a good weekend. :yahoo:

  4. A very pleasant and fairly quick run through today without any major hold ups. 6 down was just about my favourite and this was 1.5*/3* for me.

    Thanks to the Don and DT. Oh well, back to the bedroom which is being 14 across. Good to see the sun out in the Marches as well. Almost feels like Spring.


  5. 7d is a new word for me. Still having great difficulty logging in, so very pleased to have joined you this morning.

  6. Reasonably straightforward today, just took a little while to remember the 4d insect and hadn’t previously come across the shortened version of 7d.
    Isn’t 8d a pretty plant – never even considered what it looked like before!

    Thanks to DG for going easy on us today and thanks to DT for a good blog – nice to be reminded of the camp entertainers. :smile:
    Lucky you having normal service resumed – still having to go through a proxy server at this end!

  7. No new words from our setter today, and altogether pretty benign I thought – no need for any trips to zoos or museums.

    2d put me in mind of this.

    Many thanks to Giovanni and to DT.

  8. A fairly quick R&W but enjoyable nevertheless. */***. Like Angel, 22a (disgrace – cheapen) didn’t seem quite right but I presume it is given in the BRB?

    Thanks to the Don and DT.

    Glad Spring is arriving in the UK – it’s very windy, showery and quite cold in the Leewards!

  9. Too easy for a Friday but enjoyable enough overall. The politician was last in. See you all on Monday. Have fun.

    1. If you want more, the Toughie is a Micawber – and so far, not too hard (although that might be about to change). I can email you a copy if you want?

  10. 4D was a new word for me, but not difficult to work out. AS others have said, quite benign today, but that’s OK by me. 20D was my favorite. Thanks to Giovanni and DT. Going back to the Toughie, which is giving me more than a few problems.

  11. A fairly straightforward R&W and obscurity free. Somehow that doesn’t feel right on a Friday! One thing I like about the Don’s puzzles is that they are invariably fair. And this was no exception.

    Agree about 22a.

    Liked 10a and 22d.

    Many thanks to Giovanni and to DT for a great blog.

    The sun is shining and I am on a honey high.

  12. Got around to this eventually this morning – nice solid and reasonably straightforward puzzle. many thanks Giovanni and DT

  13. Very pleasant solve for a lovely sunny Spring morning in Teesdale. 4d was a new one to us.

  14. Very pleasant solve for a lovely sunny Spring morning in Teesdale. 4d was a new one to us. Thanks to Giovanni and DT.

  15. I found it quite difficult to get started ***/*** :cry: Liked 13a & 1d :yahoo: Thanks to DT and to Giovanni. 7d was a new word for me. My answers were uncovered and the emoiticoms were small squares with ( on the majority) the description e.g. :bye beside them. Lovely sunny afternoon here in Cambs after early fog :cool:

  16. **/***. Enjoyable solve. 7d was new for me but easy to work out from the clue. Thanks to the setter and DT for the review.

  17. I have been doing crosswords long enough that 4d was not a problem. 7d, on the other hand did need confirmation in BRB. All went together smoothly with a satisfactory degree of enjoyment.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  18. An unexpectedly straightforward puzzle, with few if any obscurities and only the NE corner offering a modicum of resistance.

    My favourite was 10a. An enjoyable solve overall.

    Many thanks to Giovanni and to Deep Threat, and a good weekend to all.

  19. I’v been trying to comment on and off all day so I’m going to take the chance now and keep it short.
    I took ages to get started at all but then it all sorted itself out – think I’ll go for 3* for difficulty and enjoyment.
    Like KiwiColin I’ve been doing crosswords for so long that I’ve met both meanings of 4d but didn’t know 7d.
    I liked 9a (it wasn’t my first answer but since I couldn’t explain that one I didn’t put it in) and 11a and 20d. My favourite was, predictably, 16d.
    With thanks to Giovanni and to Deep Threat.
    Now to see if this will go . . .

    1. It did – can’t make a smiley face because there aren’t any and I’m trying not to use exclamation marks so that’s it then.

    2. If you’re looking for a real favourite today, I think you might find it in the Micawber! :yes:

      1. Oh – haven’t even looked at Toughie today – the sun came out and I went into the garden. Might have a look later – thanks.

        1. It’s a tough Toughie, Kath – at least it was for me – but there’s one particular clue in the SE corner that will make you smile.

  20. No real problems at all. I didn’t know that 4d was a dialect word, it has appeared often enough in crosswords.
    Fave was 1d.
    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT for his review.

  21. Thought this was going to be quite difficult when I couldn’t get an answer until halfway through the across clues, but with one or two entered everything rapidly fell into place. ** for difficulty, lots for entertainment value.

  22. I finally got going with this one when I arrived at the bottom of the grid. From there on up everything fell into place without too much resistance. Fave was. 2d and overall 3/3*.
    Thanks to Giovanni and to DT for his review.

  23. This was OK but nowt special. 25a to me is a case of thesauritis but otherwise no gripes. No real favourite in a fairly bland puzzle so it’s **/** from me.

    Thanks anyway to the Don and DT.

  24. Very gentle, but served to warm up the LGCs: 1*/3*. Favourite clue was 4d, and I’m sure they’ll soon be pouring into my adopted county now that there’s a hint of spring in the air (and I sincerely hope that flash of meteorological optimism won’t prove ill-judged). Thanks to Giovanni, and to DT.

  25. Good evening everybody.

    A finely honed puzzle I thought. First in was 21a making me fear the worst but picked up nicely after that. Favourite was 20d. Not at all persuaded by 25a.


  26. I’ve got the Builders in so had plenty of time to muse over this one while they beaver away in the Living and Dining rooms – it’s all coming back to life – only the skirting boards to go in on Monday then it’s the Decorators and Carpets – there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

    Todays puzzle was pretty straightforward no real problems – over too quickly!


    1. Glad things are progressing Michael. :smile: Seems like it has been going on forever. Can’t imagine what it must have been like.

      1. I was in my local Waitrose and was talking to a lady I know serving on the Deli counter – I told her my problems and then she told me about her colleague who has been out of her house since December, has lost all her furniture and has a current rebuild bill of £89k – I feel sympathy for her but definitely don’t feel so bad about my own situation!

  27. Such a beautiful morning that I didn’t start until the afternoon and when I finished could not get onto the site. Probably nobody else out there now but a nice straightforward puzzle. Liked 4d as a Cornishman I Used to work with used this all the time to describe tourists.

  28. Very late in the day finishing (almost midnight) but I didnt start untill mid evening. I found this a bit daunting at first glance but after managing to get the upper half going thing progressed quite quickly so I reckon ** for difficulty.

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