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DT 28018

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28018

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 23rd January 2016

Morning All! This was almost a write-in apart from about 3 clues. There were a few amusing and elegant clues in there so I did enjoy it upon reviewing.

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1a           What makes crust start to rise in pie? (6)
PASTRY – Place the starting letter of R(ise) inside a PASTY or pie.

4a           English journalists will tuck in exceedingly and drink (8)
ESPRESSO – E for English and SO for exceedingly/very with the PRESS or journalists collectively tucked inside.

9a           Place found in rickety pier causing undulation (6)
RIPPLE – PL, the abb. for Place on a street map found inside an anagram (rickety) of PIER.

10a         One car is overturned in plan of action (8)
SCENARIO – An overturned anagram of ONE CAR IS.

11a         Poet‘s house next to watercourse (6)
HORACE – HO for house placed next to a RACE for watercourse (a fast flowing stream).

12a         Alan’s suffering little sister following day’s end breakdown (8)
ANALYSIS – An anagram (suffering) of ALAN and then SIS (a little SISter) following Y – the end of (da)Y.

14a         Little time for sleep? (5,5)
SMALL HOURS – I wanted Forty Winks but this is a different clue – SMALL for little and HOURS for (a length of) time.

18a         Not drinking as sailors can — leading French in this? (10)
ABSTINENCE – A charade of ABS (Able Bodied Seamen or sailors) then TIN (can) and finally EN and CE – ‘in’ and ;this’ in French.

22a         Squirts rush out when it’s played on the lawn (8)
HOSEPIPE – On the Day BD described it as a weak cryptic definition. If the squirts are small children, and they rush out(side) to play when the HOSEPIPE is played on the lawn then I think it is quite a nice clue!.

23a         ‘Nearly all.’ — ‘Nearly all?’ — ‘Nearly …’ (6)
ALMOST – The first ‘Nearly all’ is AL(l), the second simply means MOST. Nice clue.

24a         Living with cook as a temporary solution (5-3)
QUICK FIX – To be living/alive is to be QUICK (q.v. ‘Be Quick or be Dead’ and Quicksilver (mercury)). Add FIX for cook (an Americanism as far as I am concerned!).

25a         Ollie’s partner’s spoken a few lines (6)
STANZA – This is STANZ, a homophone (spoken) of STAN’S (Laurel, the comedy partner of Ollie), followed by A from the clue

26a         Old and sore — stretcher required? (8)
EXTENDER – A charade of EX (old/former) and then TENDER for sore (which is on the banned word list).

27a         Game groom’s first to be hugged by future relative (6)
BRIDGE – The first letter of G(room) included in (hugged by) a BRIDE or future relative.


1d           Buy tea bag on the way round (8)
PURCHASE – A nice diverting lift and separate between tea (CHA) and bag (PURSE). Place the latter around the former.

2d           Prue’s new chap is one with great abilities (8)
SUPERMAN – An anagram (indicated by new) of PRUES followed by MAN for chap. Meh!

3d           Check of presents? (4-4)
ROLL-CALL – The check being of those that are present in this nice cryptic definition.

5d           After short time, speed becomes uninspiring (6-4)
SECOND-RATE – A charade of SECOND (a short time) and then RATE for speed.

6d           Cause long-term irritation in right joint (6)
RANKLE – R for Right and then the ANKL:E joint – nice and straightforward.

7d           Teacher misses motorway pressure (6)
STRESS – Remove the MI or M1 from a school (mi)STRESS.

8d           Old boy is to broadcast as orchestra member (6)
OBOIST – OB, the Abb. for Old Boy from school followed by an anagram (broadcast) of IS TO.

13d         Award one fails to win (5,5)
BOOBY PRIZE – I couldn’t get away from the Wooden Spoon for a while!

15d         Pump provided by men in apartment above (8)
INFLATOR – Take the OR (Other ranks in the army i.e. ‘men’) and add IN from the clue and FLAT/apartment above it (in a down clue).

16d         Urged United to support 27 opponents (8)
ENJOINED – JOINED or United go underneath (supporting in a Down clue) E(ast) and N(orth) who are opponents in a game of bridge.

17d         Eat with wife — have outside in warm spell (8)
HEATWAVE – Place EAT and W(ife) inside HAVE from the clue. Just a write in really!

19d         Verify said money order (6)
CHEQUE – A homophone (said) of CHECK (verify).

20d         Help musician starting late (6)
ASSIST – Remove the first letter (starting late) of (b)ASSIST.

21d         Declared Scots know to get half of spoils beforehand (6)
SPOKEN – Place half of SPO(ils) before KEN – the Scots dialect for ‘know’.

I’ll see you all next Friday unless I see you this coming Saturday!

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  1. Only recently discovered this blog, which is quite wonderful having wanted to learn how to solve cryptics for so long – learning lots and enjoying enormously. Thank you.

    Could you please explain ‘banned word list’ as mentioned in 26a. Thank you.

    1. Welcome to the blog jan .
      The ‘banned word list’ is not crossword related but a list of words banned by my brother as being, well, nasty sounding. Think ‘beige’, particularly when used with ‘slacks’.

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