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DT 27983

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27983

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 12th December 2015

Typical Saturday crossword  –  whilst solving the puzzle,  I did notice  the number of times I had to remove a letter from  a word, but hadn’t quite realised how many anagrams there were until I typed the review.

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1a           Noble champion? (5-6)
TITLE-HOLDER –   A champion or a way of describing a peer of the realm, for example.

7a           Conjecture in East about ‘Wise Men’ (7)
IMAGINE –   MAGI (wise men) inserted into IN (from the clue) and E (east)

8a           Callas working on aria’s ending in opera house (2,5)
LA SCALA –   An anagram (working) of CALLAS goes on or before A (the ending of aria).

10a         Paper having no time for children (5)
ISSUE –   Remove the T from TISSUE paper.

11a         Get rid of last of cattle spread out round Cape (9)
ERADICATE –   E (the ‘last’ of cattle) and RADIATE (spread out) with C (cape) inserted.

12a         Latest to pick out popular nightclub? (7)
HOT SPOT – HOT (the latest ‘thing’) and SPOT (pick out)

14a         As an example, copper piece (7)
ELEMENT –   Copper is an example of a chemical element ;   an element is a piece or part of something.

15a         Trade ban: almost board ship and depart (7)
EMBARGO –   EMBARk (almost board ship) and GO (depart).

18a         Whole unit, say, brought into Bury? (7)
INTEGER –   EG (say, for example) inserted into INTER (bury).

20a         International striker on trial (4,5)
TEST MATCH –   MATCH (striker) goes on or after TEST (trial).

21a         Mark‘s short visit home (5)
STAIN –   STA[y](a ‘short’ visit) and IN (home).

22a         Muscle seen from both sides (7)
ROTATOR –   This muscle is a palindrome (seen from both sides).

23a         Maine, a certain size (7)
MEASURE –   The abbreviation for Maine – ME,  A (from the clue) SURE (certain).

24a         Good-time girl from Malaya? Print blurred (5,6)
PARTY ANIMAL –   An anagram (blurred) of MALAYA PRINT.


1d           Movement in broadcast millions missed (7)
TRANSIT –   Remove the M (millions missed) from TRANSMIT (broadcast).

2d           Beginning of traditional ceremony, lacking originality (5)
TRITE –   T (the ‘beginning’ of traditional) RITE (ceremony).

3d           High point of achievement of the first lady and others (7)
EVEREST –   EVE (the first lady) REST (others).

4d           Taking vacation, small number lacking energy to go to desert (2,5)
ON LEAVE –   ON (a small number – on[e] –lacking the E for energy) LEAVE (desert).

5d           One opposing official policy — leader of Democrats insisted upon change (9)
DISSIDENT –   D (the leader of Democrats) and an anagram (upon change)of INSISTED.

6d           All are staggering having consumed English booze (4,3)
REAL ALE –   An anagram (staggering) of ALL ARE and E (English).

7d           Girl tethers barking dog (5,6)
IRISH SETTER –   IRIS (girl) followed by an anagram (barking) of TETHERS

9d           Defoliant spy ring dropped on field (5,6)
AGENT ORANGE –   AGENT (spy) O (ring) RANGE (field).

13d         Border safe? Gulf ruler turns up, being welcomed in (9)
PERIMETER –   A reversal (turns up in a Down clue) of EMIR (Gulf ruler) inserted into PETER (slang term for a safe).

16d         Marilyn Monroe film kiss — high point (3,4)
BUS STOP – BUSS (kiss) TOP (high point)

17d         Office item available with mounted pictures going over year (3-4)
OUT-TRAY –   OUT (available) TRA (‘mounted’ or reversed ART –pictures) Y (year)

18d         Animal smell, not pleasant, over area in pub (7)
INHUMAN –   HUM (nasty smell) and A (area) inserted into INN (pub).

19d         Slow guard, out of position by a lake (7)
GRADUAL –   An anagram (out of position) of GUARD followed by A L (lake).

21d         Small and friendly crowd (5)
SWARM –   S (small) WARM (friendly).


2 comments on “DT 27983

  1. There’s not a lot to say about this one – the clues all work but there’s not much in the way of sparkle. Thanks to the setter and CS for the write-up.
    If the compiler is a setter can the solver be called a settee?

  2. I think that I remember quite enjoying this one.
    I liked 21 and 24a and 18 and 21d. My favourite, although I don’t like the idea of tethering a dog – our wonderful Annie just needed to be told to ‘stay’ – was 7d.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and to CS.
    See, CS – you don’t need to have multiple favourites to push me into commenting!

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