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DT 27902

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27902

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** – Enjoyment ****

We still keep that hoping Spring is nearly here but the succession of cold Southerly conditions that we have had recently is giving a different opinion. At least the days are getting longer and a few early flowers are making a tentative appearance.
One blogger only today as grandmother duties are required in Wellington for a few days.
A few answers in the NW corner caused a bit of head scratching but generally it went together much as we expect a Jay puzzle to do, with the usual generous helping of fun.

Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts on today’s puzzle.


1a     Training area for road users? (5,8)
LEVEL CROSSING : A cryptic definition of an intersection of two different transport systems.

9a     Offending Labour Party? (5,4)
CHAIN GANG : This is a group linked together for punishment work.

10a    Wind breaker covering end of shore (5)
WEAVE : The breaker is the sort you might find at a surfer’s beach and includes the last letter of shore.

11a     Makes an inventory first, in case of ladies (5)
LISTS : The lowest ordinal number, written in its short form, is inside the first and last letters of ladies.

12a     Particular about kite mark? Quite the reverse (4)
ITEM : It is hiding in the clue. “Quite the reverse” is to tell you that the kite mark is actually about (around) the “particular”.

13a     Suitable returns following argument (4)
TIFF :  A word meaning suitable is reversed and then the abbreviation for F(ollowing).

15a     Argued about accepting quiet promotion (7)
UPGRADE : An anagram (about) of ARGUED has the musical letter for soft included.

17a     Respect excursion being cut short — only right of course (7)
TRIBUTE : Take a four letter word for an excursion and remove its last letter. Next add a synonym for only and the last letter (right side) of ‘course’.

18a     Watches people after game (7)
HUNTERS : These pocket watches with covers over their dials are also people who might be on a safari.

20a     Hide from company and clean building (7)
CONCEAL : The abbreviation for company and then an anagram (building) of CLEAN.

21a     Runs to the rear platform on water (4)
RAFT : The cricket abbreviation for runs and ‘towards the rear’ on a ship.

22a     Shame! Mine’s the fourth of July! (4)
PITY : Another word for a deep hole in the ground followed by the last letter of July.

23a     Nut is capable of going after exercise (5)
PECAN : The abbreviation for physical exercise, then a word meaning ‘is capable of’.

26a     Nice surprise for soldiers surrounded by rubbish? (5)
TREAT : These engineering soldiers are included in a word for rubbish or shoddy articles.

27a     Not joining in work can get initially unpopular (6,3)
OPTING OUT : The abbreviation for a (usually musical) work, a three letter synonym for a can, the first letter of get and lastly, a word for unpopular or not in fashion.

28a     Official warned off after dealing (7,6)
TRAFFIC WARDEN : An anagram (off) of WARNED is preceded by a word for dealing or trade.


1d     Pub landlord in council administration? (5,9)
LOCAL AUTHORITY : The wordplay is a cryptic definition of the role of a pub landlord.

2d     Containers routed through Largs when empty (5)
VIALS : A word meaning routed through or ‘by way of’ and then the first and last letters of Largs.

3d     Prospects of lights on projections at sea (10)
LANDSCAPES : Lights or gets down from is followed by geographical projections of the coastline into the sea.

4d     Become aware of true side deceptive daughter’s hidden (7)
REALISE : A synonym for true and an anagram (deceptive) of SIdE after the abbreviation for daughter is removed.

5d     Split up FBI agents in group (7)
SEGMENT : The nickname for FBI agents that we all (or some of us) learnt from old comics is inside a word for a group.

6d     The state of Ontario water? (4)
IOWA : What’s a US state doing inside Canada?  Hiding, of course!

7d     Appreciation of view expressed by King George? (9)
GRATITUDE : The cipher for King George precedes a word that sounds like a view or stance.

8d     Complaint over duke’s meal (4,10)
BEEF WELLINGTON : A word for a complaint is followed by the duke who gave his name to our capital. Where my co-blogger is this week.

14d     Worker trapped by wild pig with a bear? (5,5)
GIANT PANDA : An anagram (wild) of PIG surrounds a worker insect, then a word that can mean ‘with’ plus A from the clue.

16d     Mostly neglectful — reforming to show respect (9)
GENUFLECT : This respect is shown by a bend of the knee and is an anagram (reforming) of NEGLECTFUl after the last letter has been dropped.

19d     Turn bad, as a follow-up TV series might be (4-3)
SPIN-OFF : A word meaning turn (usually rapidly) and then one meaning bad or sour.

20d     Mysterious tomb — Inca, oddly (7)
CRYPTIC : A synonym for a tomb and the first and third letters of Inca.

24d     Some music that may strike one as familiar (5)
CHORD : There is an idiomatic phrase about something familiar striking a *****.

25d     Slowness to act to screen a covered walkway (4)
STOA : And to finish off, another answer hidden in the clue.

I can’t decide which one I like best from 1a 9a and 14d.

Quickie pun   aweigh + lover + thyme = a whale of a time

62 comments on “DT 27902

  1. My anniversary today, and for the first time in 15 years I forgot. Luckily, so did she, she found out from her phone somehow, so just maybe I’ll get away with it – quick shop for flowers and card and thai lunch booked.

    Nice puzzle today, this type of watch (18a) always catches me out. I liked 15a (argued about accepting quiet promotion), 1d (the landlord) and especially 14d (the wild pig and bear).

    9a I thought “offended” or “labour party that offended” might be better, surely they are not currently offending.

    many thanks Jay and thank you very much 1Kiwi

  2. I am usually a difficulty rating one below the 2K’s but not on this occasion as i concur with a ***/****. The NW corner took a bit of parsing and 1a was nearly the last in when the penny dropped and the d’ohs rang out. Thanks for the pics, was left an almost identical gold hunter by an uncle made by Bensons of Bond street -still ticking. Assume ‘expressed’ allows for the missing T in 7d.Favourite 3d

  3. Waited desperately for the review this morning. Most of it straight forward, but more a case of tearing my hair out rather than scratching my head over the north west corner. Not helped by thinking that water was the definition for 6d and immediately filled in font. I am sure that some of you will realise where I got this from. Cant believe I did that when the answer was so obvious. I just started at the wrong end that was all…and got the wrong definition. Favourite was 16d, then 8d, which reminds me that I am hungry, so off to hunt whats in the fridge for lunch. Thanks to Jay, and to1Kiwi for a splendid review.

  4. Good puzzle today – I really enjoyed it, nothing obscure, good anagrams – what’s not to like! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  5. Very good puzzle from Jay that I found to be pretty straightforward. Thanks to the 2Kiwis and Jay 1.5*/4*

  6. Not on quite the same wavelength today so had trouble with a number including wordplay problems which I just could not see.

    Managed to get there with help of hints.

    Thanks to setter and 2K’s

  7. Found this quite difficult in parts , finished all but 5 quite easily then was stumped and had to come here for help, thanks 2ks, didn’t know ‘f’ was an abbreviation for following?? 12a even with the explanation I don’t quite ‘get’!! no real favourite tho’ I did like 8d in fact I love 8d might even make it for dinner! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  8. Far better than yesterday’s, for me just crept into the ** for difficulty but def *** for enjoyment.
    However, still don’t understand the significance of particular or quite the reverse in 12a’s lurker. Also prospects for landscapes does seem rather weak in 3d.
    Best for me as 28a(the clue not the animal!).
    Thx to all.

    1. Not sure if we are allowed to comment here on the Quickie but I would just like to point out that 8a is incorrect. Mint is of the genus Mentha and Thyme of the genus Thymus. Apart from being both herbs they are entirely unrelated.

  9. I agree with 3* difficulty and 4* for enjoyment – might even be 3*+ for difficulty as I got completely stuck with my last few answers.
    “Training area” – oh dear – that was almost my last answer – how can Jay do this sort of thing to us?
    My other problems which between them took as long as the rest of the crossword were 9a and 2,4 and 5d – I always forget those FBI agents.
    Always forget the 18a watches too.
    I liked 7 and 14d. My favourite was either 1 or 28a.
    With thanks to Jay and to the Kiwi.
    Need to stack logs – chimney was swept this morning so we’re having a fire tonight whether we need one or not! Toughie later on.

    1. At least you ‘knew’ the FBI agents – I didn’t realise that the word was used specifically for them!

      1. The G stands for Government, hence Government Men. In my youth I used to be enthralled with the FBI, the bootleggers and the gangsters.

      2. Yes – I did know them but I always forget them – think I’d be happier if I could tell myself that it was just something I didn’t know rather than having to confess that I’d forgotten about them for the umpteenth time.

  10. **/****

    Always guaranteed a great puzzle from Jay. Agree about 1a, 9a and 14d but would add 1d too.

    Many thanks to Jay and to the one Kiwi for a great blog.

    6 to go in the Toughie and I’m stumped…and I’ve possibly invented a word.

  11. Guest has now departed on her drive back to Cheshire and I did (just about) resist the desire to get back to the crosswords for long enough to get the bedding and towels into the washer!
    This one required quite a few ‘penny-dropping’ moments along the way, particularly in the NW corner, but I would say that my opinion of it is quite in tune with the Quickie pun. 2.5*/4* for me.
    Don’t think I’ve come across the word at 25d before and the ‘E’ in 17a had me fooled for a while, but a plethora of ‘ticks’ on the completed puzzle. 1,9,27&28a plus 1,14&20d all get a mention – can’t really choose a favourite but I’ll give the nod to 14d just because….!

    Many thanks to Jay and 1K – are those turtles on the 21a?

    Off to catch up with yesterday’s Cryptic and the Rookie now. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gifhttp://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif

  12. Just couldn’t see 3d at all.
    Thought it was longshades.
    Favourite is 1d.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2kiwis for the review.

  13. Another top-notch offering from Jay. Like the 2Ks, the NW corner was a bit sticky until I got 1a then everything fell into place. 2/4 today, with many thanks to Jay and the aforementioned antipodeans.

  14. Well, after four days of torrential rain and pretty much non-stop thunder at last normal service has been restored. Normal service from the Wednesday Wizard too. Not too hard and quite amusing. We’ll go for **/**** – training area indeed :lol:

    Ta to Jay and also to the 1Kiwi

    1. Saw some pics on the news of cars floating down the roads in Murcia and places around Sevilla. Let’s hope nobody got hurt and that we shall not live the same scenario as last year.
      Still extremely dry here.

  15. Just about the right level of difficulty – some were read and write but others needed some head-scratching.

    Some lovely anagrams, epecially 16d, but my favourite was 9a, a “d’oh” moment indeed when solved.

    I can’t make up my mind about 22a – either it’s a very contrived surface that didn’t really make a lot of sense, or perhaps I’m missing something?

    Many thanks to Jay and Kiwi Colin.

  16. ***/*** for me today but brain like past-its-selldate broccoli after surgery to remove nasty b.c.c. on nose yesterday ! Managed without hints until 16d and 18a- which I didn’t know. Likewise 25d. Dislike four-letter words that I don’t know !! Thought 1a very clever, likewise 9a and 3d. Thanks to Jay and 2 Kiwis .

  17. A pleasant solve over breakfast in Plockton. No real hold ups. It started slowly and gathered pace and then it was done. Easy long anagrams helped. We are on the Isle Of Skye today and tomorrow. The weather is very sunny and warm and the scenery is spectacular. Today I swam in The Fairy Pools. Saint Sharon has the photos to prove it

      1. The weather is so good there were hundreds walking to and from the pools. I just got on with it. It had to be done.

  18. A tricky puzzle with several ‘solutions’ that eluded me. In the end I I left with just 9a unsolved. I see from the hints that it was obvious all the time.

    I’m not sure about wind as a synonym for the solution of 10a. I can’t see what winding has to do with the process.

    Four/three for me.

  19. Clever and enjoyable puzzle fo rme…..for some reason got stuck on 8d and 18a was unfamiliar to me but otherwise everything good…thanks to setter and reviewers

  20. I found it really really difficult, in particular 1a and 1d.I thought 1d was local supplier and then added an “s” to make it fit.8d had me for a long time , as I regard Beef Wellington as a dish or a course rather than a meal.
    With thanks to Jay and the Kiwis.

  21. I found the SW corner decidedly tricky. I could not think of the second word for 1d, so I looked at the hint for that which helped me to finish the rest.
    I needed the hints to know why my bung-ins at 3d and 17a were correct.
    There were several great clues, but I liked 1a best, with 16d close behind.
    Thanks to Jay and to solo kiwi.

    1. I hope the note from “team” Paso Doble yesterday was not truly a good-bye note. I shall miss them if so.

      1. Something in my head tells me that at some stage they’re off to Italy but I can’t remember when they said. I can’t believe that they’ll just go and leave us for ever – surely they won’t do that? I’d miss them too – they’re lovely.

  22. 1a made me laugh when I eventually got it, took too long though.
    Some very clever constructions, eg 8d.
    Some time ago, I decided not to be beaten again by 18a and I wasn’t.
    Many thanks to the setter and to the 2Kiwis (1 I think)

  23. Good morning everyone, and it is a very early morning indeed. It is now 4.30am here but I have been up since 2am. I had a booking with the Microsoft Help Team for 7am but somehow the time difference with India got mixed up and the phone rang at 2am. I am still connected with them remotely and stuff is still going on. Let’s hope it is all sorted out this time.
    There seems to be pretty much universal support once again for this Jay puzzle which is always pleasing.
    My plan is to go back to bed again as soon as I get the all clear from India.

      1. The drama continues. In front of me the laptop is in the process of reinstalling Windows 7. Fingers crossed. The return to bed looks a long way off.

      2. Well I am back in operation again on the laptop with Windows 7 behaving as it always used to. Well I hope it is. It is a bit frightening to see that there are over 1300 unopened emails in our inbox and they are still coming.

  24. Back after quite a few busy days – I managed to solve the puzzles but could not blog. Found this one a bit tricky and needed help for 18a and 25d – missed the hidden clue and did not know that fob watches could be hunters. Quite a few clever clues: 16d, 22a but my favourite was 9a. So 3*/3* with many thanks to Jay and to the 2Kiwis. Returning to Hyères next Tuesday for a month and looking forward to sunnier and warmer climes!

    1. Look forward to seeing you soon.
      Still sleeping without sheets and wearing shorts and light shirts. Shoes and socks are out of the question of course.

  25. Fairly straightforward…but my limited vocabulary means Ive never heard of a ‘stoa’…ignoramus!!!

  26. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle from Jay as usual. Favourite was 22a. No real hold ups. Was 2*/3* for me. Good weather forecast for tomorrow in Central London.

  27. An enjoyable puzzle today with some lovely clues. My favourites were 8d which was first one in, 16d,20d, and 18a. I had a bit of trouble with 10a, trying to make various anagrams involving ‘wind’ until the penny dropped, and I was slow to get the second word of 1d…stupid really as it was so obvious ! The covered walkway was a new word to me too, so another one for my vocabulary list of unusual words. I nearly stymied myself by putting in Erie for 6d, thinking the water referred to the lake in Canada /US, then realised my error. For some obscure reason, I also had a bit of difficulty with 12a, trying to make anagrams of ‘kite’…….whats an iket? ..or a tike?….. Anyway this was not too difficult a puzzle and didn’t need the hints, so 2*/4* and thanks to setter and to 2Ks.

  28. You did us proud today Jay – TVM. Just enough exercise for the grey matter and plenty of fun along the way. South was plain-sailing but North required a little more thought. Joint Favs 1a and 18a. Thank you for your hints solo Kiwi. Presumably you had no problem with the Duke’s dish in 8d! ***/***. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

    1. You’re right, 8d was a read and write. It was the top end of the other side of the grid where the challenges were waiting.

  29. So my first post. Found this one difficult – just couldn’t get into the right wavelength at all. Doesn’t diminish the enjoyment though. Fun to post something here and say thank you for unlocking the clues that have driven me mad!

    1. Hi Thisismimi, Welcome to the blog.
      Apologies for being so long in approving this, bit further reading of the comments probably gives some explanation of why I was not on hand. From now on the blog will recognise you and your comments won’t need to go into moderation. Look forward to hearing from you regularly.

  30. Found it very difficult but very clever and enjoyable ***/**** ? I liked 1a, 1d& 9a ? A big thank you to the sole Kiwi (without whose hints I would have failed to complete) and to Jay. Let us hope that tomorrow will be slightly less difficult! Some hope ?

  31. Having a lot of difficulty with this one. Let’s start with 1a. Apart from containing the words road and train(ing), how does this clue indicate the answer?

    1. OK – Jaylegs and Sam Kelly,
      I’m going to answer both of you as I hope that by now our poor sleep deprived antipodean will be back in the land of nod.
      First of all I think it would be a good idea if I suggested that it’s best to hit the ‘reply’ button when keeping a theme going otherwise it all gets a bit lost in other stuff.
      I think that Jaylegs is right when he, or she, suggests that 1a is where a motorist (a road user) might meet a train – let’s hope not!
      As for the last three words of the clue for 12a I do agree with you a bit although I think that the setter is, and always should be, trying to deceive us.
      Night night all,

  32. 12a. The last three words of the clue are redundant and, presumably deliberately, misleading. We are not your enemies, Mr Setter; you should not be trying to deceive us.

    1. Not redundant I would say, although perhaps “quite the opposite” would have been less misleading; “kite mark” is around the “particular”, not the “particular” around “kite mark”. My understanding is that “quite the reverse” is the hidden answer indicator.

  33. Couldn’t get a paper today, so I’ve missed what would seem to be a typically enjoyable Jay. I had to do yesterday’s PJ Toughie instead, which was marginally more enjoyable than going naked into the street and banging my head on the kerb, but only marginally. Just thought I’d pop in and check you’re all behaving yourselves.

  34. I am going to go against the tide here by saying this was one of the less enjoyable Jay puzzles for me – and I usually love his http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_rose.gif
    I did get it finished in the end but needed some help from the 1Kiwi (thank you :) ) to parse some of them. It didn’t help that I hadn’t heard of the watches (18a), the FBI agents (5d), lights for alights (3d), nor F for following (13a). Luckily I did remember the Greek walkway from an earlier crossword.
    Favourites 9a for the d’oh and 14d just because :)
    Least favourite 1a

  35. Well here we are at 2.30pm on Friday and I have finally finally completed this crossword! It took me for some reason ages to sort out; I just was not at the races at all. However, I got there. Fave was 9a and 3/4* overall.
    Thanks to Jay and SoloK for the review.

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