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DT 27893

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27893

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th August 2015

Fairly average Saturday puzzle – well I thought so anyway.

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1a           Note sum charged in unauthorised occupation of quantity of floor space (6,4)
SQUARE FEET –   RE (musical note) and FEE (sum charged) inserted into SQUAT (unauthorised occupation).

6a           Fraud from flipping computers (4)
SCAM –   A reversal (flipping) of MACS (computers).

9a           Dandy to get fat (5)
SWELL – A slang term for a fashionably dressed person (dandy) or a verb meaning to expand or increase in volume.

10a         Eccentric directors of stiff material (9)
CARDBOARD –   CARD (eccentric person) BOARD (directors).

12a         The woman records trial wherein some get fleeced (5-8)
SHEEP SHEARING –   SHE (the woman) EPS (records) HEARING (trial).

14a         In support, learner left with care of plumbing item (8)
BALLCOCK – Insert into BACK (support) L (learner) L (left) CO (care of).

15a         Artist has entry cut short (6)
INGRES –   A regular in Crosswordland – this artist’s name is obtained by cutting short or leaving off the last letter of INGRESS (entry).

17a         Austen novel to get from office (6)
UNSEAT – An anagram (novel) of AUSTEN.

19a         Ecstasy gets a hip roue smashed (8)
EUPHORIA –   An anagram (smashed) of A HIP ROUE.

21a         Where one’s tried to get round report of royals (5,8)
COURT CIRCULAR –   COURT (where one’s tried) CIRCULAR (round).

24a         An elector undermined liberal position (9)
TOLERANCE –   An anagram (undermined) of AN ELECTOR.

25a         Detective on public transport (5)
REBUS – RE (on the subject of) BUS (public transport).

26a         Rejected love that produces pain (4)
SORE –   A reversal (rejected) of EROS, the Greek god of love.

27a         Estimate on repairing starter home? (10)
MAISONETTE –   An anagram (repairing) of ESTIMATE ON


1d           Window frame made by son, with wood (4)
SASH – S (son) ASH (wood).

2d           Able to take a stretch briefly after university, one’s employed in the kitchen (7)
UTENSIL –   U (university) followed by TENSILe (briefly indicating that you need nearly all the adjective meaning stretchable.

3d           Bloomer after posh car company gives scary ride (6-7)
ROLLER-COASTER –   ROLLER (posh car) CO (company) ASTER (bloomer, flower).

4d           Oppose rugby forwards getting cosmetic treatment (4,4)
FACE PACK –   FACE (oppose) PACK (rugby forwards).

5d           Make electrics safe in underground shelter (5)
EARTH –   Make an electrical device safe or an underground shelter for a wild animal.

7d           Caught old tennis star pocketing one keyboard (7)
CLAVIER –   C(caught) LAVER (Rod the tennis player) into which is inserted (pocketing) I (one).

8d           Island bananas to be put on old Turkish officer’s vehicle (10)
MADAGASCAR –   MAD (bananas) AGAS (old Turkish officer’s) CAR (vehicle).

11d         Original ideas from hit issue (13)
BRAINCHILDREN – BRAIN (hit on the head) CHILDREN (issue).

13d         Arranges a best focus? Not at all! (10)
OBFUSCATES –   An anagram (arranges) of A BEST FOCUS.

16d         More masculine, given second look (8)
BUTCHERS –   Cockney rhyming slang – BUTCHERS HOOK = look:   BUTCHER (more masculine) S (second).

18d         One has a row in kitchen mostly (7)
SCULLER –   Almost all (mostly) of a SCULLERy

20d         Snack, lightly cooked — something boring (7)
RAREBIT –   RARE (lightly cooked) BIT (part of a drill, something boring).

22d         Vacation I arrange includes ancient region of Eastern Mediterranean (5)
IONIA –   Hidden in (includes) vacatION I Arrange.

23d         Man perhaps that follows Carl in Northern city (4)
ISLE –   My favourite clue – the Northern city being, of course, CARLISLE.


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  1. Pretty straightforward, in the tradition of the Saturday puzzle. Thanks to Mr Ron and CS. I agree that 23d was the best clue. I don’t recall ever seeing or hearing the answer to 11d, but what else could the plural of brainchild be?

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