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DT 27881

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27881

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on 15th August 2015

I’ve been trying to remember why I enjoyed this Mysteron puzzle more than some Saturdays, but there’s a lot happened in the interim so I’m not sure whether it was just because it was a smidge trickier than usual Saturday puzzles.

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4a           I boast highbrow subject introduced by appropriate presenter (8)
BRAGGART – Melvyn BRAGG (appropriately a presenter of highbrow subjects on TV) and ART (subject)

8a           Bishop’s joint a job for chiropodist (6)
BUNION –   B (bishop) UNION (joint)

9a           A bird‘s exciting times out (8)
TITMOUSE –   An anagram (exciting) of TIMES OUT

10a         What riders wear jumping Becher’s, consuming energy (8)
BREECHES –   An anagram (jumping) of BEECHERS ‘consuming’ E (energy).

11a         Conductor‘s upset (6)
RATTLE –   The surname of a famous conductor or a verb meaning to upset.

12a         Cancel my orders for plant (8)
CYCLAMEN –   An anagram (orders) of CANCEL MY

13a         Record of top cricket match that was once broadcast in quiet periods (4,4)
TEST CARD –   Something broadcast on TV when there wasn’t a programme  running sounds like it could be the record of a top cricket match.

16a         Deny being negative in a fit of temper (8)
ABNEGATE –   NEG (negative) inserted into A BATE (a fit of temper).

19a         British manager sacked — he gets lighter work (8)
BARGEMEN –   Lighters being types of barges – B (British) followed by an anagram (sacked) of MANAGER.

21a         Boost for royal consort proclaimed (6)
FILLIP –   A homophone (proclaimed) of PHILIP (the current Queen’s consort).

23a         Stay more upright, lacking interest (8)
LISTLESS –   Split 4,4 this ‘old friend’ of the crossword solver  would be an instruction to lean less (stay more upright).

24a         Stick around northern party to see rugby player (5-3)
Newspaper Clue:   Rugby player see stick around new party (5-3)
STAND-OFF –    STAFF (stick) put round N (northern) or N (new) and DO (party).       Such an insignificant change – I wonder why??

25a         Peacekeepers in intricate act of madness (6)
LUNACY – UN (United Nations,  peacekeepers) inserted into LACY (intricate)

26a         Dickens character in uninteresting, dull work (8)
DRUDGERY –   The Dickens character Barnaby RUDGE inserted into DRY (uninteresting).


1d           Coaches county seconds (7)
SURREYS –   Anyone who has seen the musical Oklahoma will remember the Surrey with the Fringe On Top and have no problem following the county of SURREY with S (seconds).

2d           Feature of room provided uplifting change (9)
FIREPLACE –   A reversal (uplifting) of IF (provided) followed by REPLACE (change).

3d           Scan the melody in part song (6)
ANTHEM –   Hidden in part of scAN THE Melody.

4d           Crazy golf place — club to go wrong at the start (4-2-3-6)
BATS-IN-THE-BELFRY –   BAT (club) SIN (go wrong) THE BELFRY (golf ‘place’)

5d           Star in danger taking two separate directions (8)
ASTERISK –   AT RISK (in danger) with two compass directions S(outh) and E(ast) inserted separately.

6d           Good landlord provides spirit (5)
GHOST – G(good) HOST (landlord)

7d           Thief is person in charge around street (7)
RUSTLER –   RULER (person in charge) put around ST (street).

14d         Minor leader — one participating in revolutionary affair (9)
CHIEFLING –   I (one) participating in or inserted into crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary – CHE and then followed with a FLING (affair).

15d         US lawman to make point — it helps to listen (8)
EARPHONE –   EARP (the famous sheriff Wyatt EARP) followed by HONE (to sharpen or make a point).

17d         Second-rate celebrity is a pest (7)
BLISTER –   B LISTER (second-rate celebrity).

18d         One used to pray for fool in debt (7)
HASSOCK –   ASS (fool) inserted into HOCK (debt).

20d         One who’s beaten up needs start of emergency repair at last (6)
RESOLE –   My last one in –   A reversal (up in a down clue) of LOSER (one who’s beaten) followed by the ‘start’ of Emergency.

22d         Gave false report about North having rules (5)
LINED –   N (north) inserted into LIED (gave false report).

The Gnome’s back from his hols, just in time for his ‘week off’ from blogging so I’ll see you here again next week.


2 comments on “DT 27881

  1. I thought that this was the best Saturday puzzle for some considerable time with lots of excellent clues. Thanks to Mr Ron and the indefatigable crypticsue. I’d pick out 4a, 4d and 20d for special mention but my favourite, for its elegant simplicity, is 1d.
    I presume that 24a was changed online because the newspaper version is not grammatical (unless you’re Yoda).

  2. It seems that I stand a better chance of finding and remembering the crossword when it’s a Saturday one – the gap between the puzzle and the review is smaller.
    I remember enjoying this one very much and that 2d was my last answer – silly really considering how much I love having fires.
    I liked 8 and 26a and 4, 6 and 20d.
    Thanks to Mr Ron and to CS.

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