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DT 27851

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27851

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 11th July 2015

Morning All! I found this a pretty standard difficulty puzzle for Saturday just falling in the two star difficulty. There were plenty of easy clues to get you started and a few to make you think.

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1a           Equip pal to create ornamental work (8)
APPLIQUE – An anagram (to create) of EQUIP PAL.

9a           Ardent male meeting me in passage (8)
VEHEMENT – Put HE (male) next to (or meeting) ME from the clue and place both inside VENT for passage.

10a         Prophet: ‘Before noon you will return amazingly’ (4)
AMOS – Before noon is A.M. – Then return SO for amazingly (Soooo Graham Norton!).

11a         Secretly, trendy needs self-assurance (2,10)
IN CONFIDENCE – A charade of IN for trendy and CONFIDENCE for assurance.

13a         Lasses returning to big pile refuse to get dropped by mine (4,4)
SLAG HEAP – Reverse (returning) GALS/lases and then MINE (a big pile i.e. gold mine).

15a         Small canine — greyhound perhaps? (6)
LAPDOG – The first is the straight definition and the cryptic definition refers to the dogs that run laps of a circuit.

16a         It’s hot and smoky at times in Vietnam (4)
ETNA – The usual crosswordland volcano is hidden IN viETNAm.

17a         Bill avoids bird — one’s given a close shave? (5)
RAZOR – Remove the ‘bill’ from a RAZOR(bill).

18a         Foolhardy in spots (4)
RASH – Two definitions and not much more to say!.

20a         School sandwiches used to be cut in half in station (6)
EUSTON – Place ETON School around half of US(ed).

21a         Lasting three months beyond the prime? (8)
AUTUMNAL – The Prime here being the prime of life i.e. in one’s autumn. The first definition is the straight one.

23a         Make fewer complaints about practical demonstration (6,6)
OBJECT LESSON – To make fewer complaints is to OBJECT LESS and follow that with ON for about/reference.

26a         Fox in Scotland trapping a small creature (4)
TOAD – I managed to remember that a TOD is a fox in Scotland. Insert (trap) A from the clue.

27a         Heather, after twelve months, gets young animal (8)
YEARLING – LING is a regular synonym for heather. Place that after a YEAR (twelve months).

28a         See April disentangling trellis (8)
ESPALIER – An anagram (disentangling) of SEE APRIL.


2d           It is not bound to appeal to readers (8)
PAMPHLET – A cryptic definition (as in it might not appeal) of a loose-leaf or unbound publication.

3d           Logs in to play — action that’s a hopeless endeavour! (6,6)
LOSING BATTLE – An anagram (to play) of LOGS IN followed by BATTLE for action.

4d           Flan made by French who put by Argentinian red (6)
QUICHE – A charade of QUI (the French for who) then CHE Guevara – the Red (communist) from Argentina.

5d           Not once coming up, bypassing right flat (4)
EVEN – Reverse (coming up in a down clue) NEVER (not even once) and remove (bypass) the R for Right.

6d           Sensational story giving tingle to that female Cockney (8)
THRILLER – A THRILL (tingle) followed by ‘ER – HER (that female) as spoken by a Cockney.

7d           Eager Nan’s left cotton cloth (4)
KEEN – Remove nan from the (nan)KEEN cotton.

8d           Full complement of grit (8)
STRENGTH – Two definitions – One at full STRENGTH and the second a synonym for grit.

12d         Old fairytale being intellectual? Not yet fully proved (12)
EXPERIMENTAL – An old fairytale BEING (CHARACTER)might be described as an EX-PERI (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Add MENTAL for intellectual.

14d         Not a square meal for Italians (5)
PIZZA – A cryptic definition for the round Italian food. [PIAZZA (square) without (not) the A from the clue.  BD]

16d         How agreement could be made across bridge (3,2,3)
EYE TO EYE – The first is the straight definition, the second cryptic defines the end points when traversing the bridge of ones nose.

17d         Like a lemur, trailing badly (4-4)
RING-TAIL – An anagram (badly) of TRAILING.

19d         Ankle was dislocated in ballet (4,4)
SWAN LAKE – Another anagram (indicated by dislocated) of ANKLE WAS.

22d         Raise money — it’s a risk either way (4-2)
TOSS-UP – A fifty-fifty (either way risk) where the money is raised in the air during the flip.

24d         Jack round with a new woman (4)
JOAN – J for Jack (in bridge shorthand) then O (circle) and then A from the clue and finally N for New.

25d         Advantage of four-speed gears (4)
EDGE – A hidden word (indicated by of) inside four-speED GEars.

Thanks to the setter – I will be back next Friday for more of the same.

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  1. Not a great deal of sparkle here – thanks to Mr Ron and Gnomey. As BD pointed out on the day (totally missed by me) you can also reach the answer to 14d by removing A from an Italian square – PI(a)ZZA,

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