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DT 27827

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27827

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 13th June 2015

Morning All! I found this pretty straightforward but there was a lot of enjoyment, particularly in writing it up. Nice puzzle.

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1a           An Italian school’s language (8)
ROMANSCH – A ROMAN (Italian) followed by SCH, the abb. for school (on map for example).

6a           He is in finest order (6)
BEHEST – Place HE from the clue inside BEST (finest).

9a           Servant wearing short skirt (6)
MINION – Wearing a short skirt one might be said to have a MINI ON.

10a         Ministerial rites arranged in travel regularly (8)
PRIESTLY – Make an anagram (arranged) of RITES and insert into PLY, a verb which, amongster other definitions, means ‘to travel regularly over the same route’.

11a         Curiosity to make a capital return (8)
INTEREST – Two definitions, the second the fixed return on a cash sum (capital) in a bank.

12a         To a great degree or just that amount? (2,4)
SO MUCH – The first is the definition and ‘just that amount’ can be read as ‘SO MUCH’ (and no more).

13a         Nice views might be seen through it (6,6)
The Capitalisation at the beginning hides the fact that Nice is in France hence a FRENCH WINDOW would offer such a view.

16a         Low-key, although it needs two pianos (6-6)
SOFTLY-SOFTLY – The repetition of the musical instruction piano.

19a         Made an impression as an artist (6)
ETCHED – A Crosswordland stalwart!

21a         Suppress the endless nonsense and let loose (8)
THROTTLE – A charade of TH(e) (being endless), ROT/nonsense and a lose anagram of LET.

23a         Without first ingredient, mismanage dissolving powder (8)
MAGNESIA – I was confused initially as I wanted to remove the I (first of Ingredient). In fact we lose the first letter of (m)ISMANAGE and then make an anagram (dissolving).

24a         Stampede over long grass (6)
ONRUSH – A charade of ON (over/about) and RUSH for grass/reed.

25a         Agent accepts shelter when tired (6)
SLEEPY – A SPY or agent includes (accepts) the LEE or shelter.

26a         One’s tied up with drip that’s not welcome in garden (8)
KNOTWEED – A charade of KNOT (one that is tied) and a WEED or drip/weak man.


2d           Gold book that is getting bound in the East (6)
ORIENT – OR for gold (the heraldic colour) and NT (the New Testament in the Bible) with IE (Id Est) getting bound up in the middle.

3d           Celia’s new name (5)
ALICE – A straightforward anagram (new) of CELIA.

4d           Seeing that bank showing honesty (9)
SINCERELY – A charade of SINCE (seeing that/because) and RELY for bank (upon).

5d           That man Patrick in charge of livery (7)
HEPATIC – Another charade, this time of HE (that Man) PAT(rick) and IC for In charge (from Commander In Chief for example). Tricky definition ‘livery’ can mean ‘of the liver’.

6d           Composer‘s perfect joy (5)
BLISS – Another Crossword Stalwart – Sir Arthur BLISS (1891 – 1975) being the first of the two definitions.

7d           Silence is golden when this is paid? (4,5)
HUSH MONEY – A cryptic definition with reference to silencing the accuser (presumably with gold not cash!!).

8d           One chooses to remove corselet (8)
SELECTOR – An anagram (indicated by to remove) of CORSELET.

13d         Conversely it means there is only a slim hope (3,6)
FAT CHANCE – Another cryptic definition relying on the opposite/converse of slim/FAT.

14d         Confounded tar we found before swimming pool game (5,4)
WATER POLO – An anagram (confounded) of TAR WE followed by an anagram (swimming) of POOL. I liked this clue a lot!.

15d         Jumbo might leave this cold on track! (8)
CONTRAIL – I stared at this for ages having only seen ‘footfall’ as an answer from the checking letters but knowing it was not good enough. In fact it is a charade of C(old) then ON from the clue and finally TRAIL/track.

17d         Where return ticket takes one somewhere in Australia (7)
OUTBACK – A cryptic definition then straight definition. A return ticket takes you OUT and then BACK again.

18d         Cathedral with diocese and building in Paris (6)
The cathedral of ELY then a SEE (diocese).

20d         Swedish youngster, partly attractive (5)
DISHY – A hidden word (indicated) by partly) in SweDISH Youngster.

22d         Flung from end to end as reported (5)
THREW – A homophone (as reported) of THROUGH.

Thanks to the setter –it felt like a CEPHAS production – and I’ll be back next Friday.

3 comments on “DT 27827

  1. Fairly straightforward though I didn’t know the 15d word (which the ODE classifies as North American – I think that we’d normally use vapour trail). Thanks to Mr Ron and the Gnome.
    My favourite clue was 13a because it reminded me of Gerard Hoffnung’s letter from a Tyrolean hotelier: There is a french widow in every bedroom, affording delightful prospects.

    1. Someone I work with tweeted pics of some vapour trails this morning and he called them 15d.

    2. Thanks gazza – that quotation has made my day particularly as I added the N upon checking my work and had similar reveries!

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