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DT 27815

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27815

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 30th May 2015

A straightforward Saturday offering – ideal for lovers of anagrams,  of which there are nine.

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1a           Uncensored clip circulated during leave (8)
EXPLICIT –   An anagram (circulated) of CLIP inserted into EXIT (leave).

5a           Class mostly argue, giving one grief (6)
SORROW –   Most of SORT (class) and ROW (argue).

10a         Valets have first orders in service (7,8)

11a         Dish is too much in centre of St-Tropez (7)
RISOTTO –   OTT (over the top, too much) put between the two letters found in the middle of St TROpez.

12a         Long letter from learner having entered English course (7)
EPISTLE –   E (English) and PISTE (course) the latter having L (learner) inserted.

13a         Detergent son used inside daily (8)
CLEANSER –   S (son) inserted into CLEANER (daily).

15a         Alacrity shown by the man crossing a street (5)
HASTE – HE (the man) going round (crossing) A (from the clue) and ST (street).

18a         A great number outside uranium plant (5)
LOTUS –   LOTS (a great number) goes round U, the abbreviation for uranium.

20a         At university, have stimulated a liberal revolution (8)
UPHEAVAL – UP (at university), an anagram (stimulated) of HAVE, A (from the clue) and L (Liberal).

23a         New leader, fiery type (7)
HOTHEAD – HOT (new, the latest thing) and HEAD (leader).

25a         Attend service with other ranks on liner, perhaps (7)
WORSHIP – W (with) OR (Other Ranks) SHIP (liner, perhaps).

26a         Plain and pistachio nuts ordered by editor (15)
UNSOPHISTICATED –   An anagram (ordered) of PISTACHIO NUTS followed by ED (editor).

27a         Starving in country area disregarded (6)
HUNGRY – Remove the A (area disregarded) from the country of HUNGARY.

28a         Poet, more humorous, capturing hearts (8)
WHITTIER –   H (hearts) captured by WITTIER (more humorous).


1d           Strongly advise her to, if upset about kiss (6)
EXHORT –   An anagram (if upset) of HER TO put round an X (about kiss).

2d           Cheese and wine celebration cut short (4,5)
PORT SALUT –   PORT (wine) and almost all (cut short) of a SALUTE (celebration).

3d           Lethargy in a tie arranged round end of year (7)
INERTIA –   An anagram (arranged) of IN A TIE put round R (the ‘end’ of year).

4d           Opening bars from Barbarin, trombonist (5)
INTRO –   Hidden in BarbarIN TROmbonist.

6d           East German — wealthy person who refuses to recognise reality (7)
OSTRICH –   OST (the German word for East) and RICH (wealthy)

7d           Bolt, foremost of runners I check out (5)
RIVET –   R (the ‘foremost’ letter of runners) I (from the clue) VET (check out).

8d           Irish writer, the old dramatist, initially staring in a demented way (4-4)
WILD-EYED –   WILDE (Oscar, the Irish writer) YE (an archaic way of saying the) and the initial letter of Dramatist, split 4-4.

9d           Inquiry about small new care home’s beginning (8)
RESEARCH – RE (about) S (small) an anagram (new) of CARE, and H (the ‘beginning’ of home).

14d         Private side subtly restricts one sibling in four (8)
SQUADDIE –   QUAD (one sibling in four born at the same time) inserted into an anagram (subtly) of SIDE.

16d         What one may wind up eating? (9)
SPAGHETTI –   This cryptic definition made me smile.

17d         Notwithstanding some original thoughts (8)
ALTHOUGH – Hidden in some originAL THOUGHts

19d         Night train  agent, inactive (7)
SLEEPER – Double definition, the second one being an inactive spy.

21d         Fruit pair stupidly put on bed (7)
APRICOT –   An anagram (stupidly) of PAIR put on or followed by a COT (bed).

22d         Spinner quietly stopping team getting runs (6)
SPIDER –   P (piano, quietly) goes inside (stopping) SIDE (team) and is followed by R (runs)

24d         Heartless Teddy boy becomes boxing champ (5)
TYSON –   Remove the middle letters (heartless) from TeddY and follow with SON (boy).

25d         Keep an eye on wife at church (5)
WATCH –   W(wife) AT (from the clue) CH (church).


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  1. Thanks to Mr Ron for the puzzle and to CS for the write-up. It was all very straightforward, I thought, and I did like 16d.

    1. I loved 16d too it made me giggle when I spotted it, thanks BD and CS as always.

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