DT 27785

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27785

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 25th April 2015

Morning All! THis was slightly trickier than the week before with a few clues that needed unravelling. Overall quite a good puzzle IMHO!.

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1a           Fishmonger’s special offer for Scrooge (10)
CHEAPSKATE – The first is the cryptic definition for a good deal from a fishmonger, the second the main definition.

6a           A barrier for architect (4)
ADAM – William ADAM the Scottish architect and mason. A charade of A DAM (a barrier).

9a           Character in The Odyssey returning after the blast destroyed fighting vessel (10)
BATTLESHIP – Make an anagram (destroyed) of THE BLAST an then reverse PI – A Greek letter (character from the Odyssey)

10a         It takes a stiff pint by the sound of it (4)
BIER – Like this one !. The stiff is a dead body here and BIER is a homophone (by the sound of it) of BEER

12a         Arrive by gold carriage (6)
LANDAU – A crossword stalwart – Place LAND (arrive/touchdown) by AU – the chemical symbol for gold.

13a         Payment from trade about to unravel somewhat (8)
DEFRAYAL – Place DEAL (trade) around/about FRAY – to unravel a bit/somewhat.

15a         Certain bet’s stupid without right means to pay (7,5)
BANKERSDRAFT – Start with a BANKER or certain bet then add DAFT/stupid around the outside/without R for Right.

18a         Form of cricket in which score is doubled (6-6)
TWENTY-TWENTY – A gentle cryptic def.

21a         Snare fish after net is broken (8)
ENTANGLE – AN anagram (is broken of NET followed by the verb ABGLE for fish.

22a         Artillerymen landing weapon (6)
RAPIER – A charade of RA – a member of the Royal Artillery then a PIER or landing place.

24a         Millions have got cut (4)
MOWN – Another simple one – M for Millions and OWN for ‘have’.

25a         Working in Capitol I could be Congressman (10)
POLITICIAN – An anagram (working) of IN CAPITOL I. A good consistent surface reading.

26a         Discharge lieutenant for dope (4)
DOLT – DO for Discharge/fire (presumably) and then LT – the abb. of Lieutenant.

27a         Pillar of the underground in prison having served time (10)
STALAGMITE – STALAG, a German WW2 prison, followed by an anagram (served) of TIME.


1d           Metal business, Latvian perhaps (6)
COBALT – A charade of CO (Company/business) then BALT or a native of the Baltic states e.g. a Latvian.

2d           Navigator’s instrument with top knocked off still surviving (6)
EXTANT – Remove the top letter from (s)EXTANT (a marine navigational aid).

3d           Influence a sprinter to cheat (4,1,4,3)
PULL A FAST ONE – The cryptic definition is to PULL (influence) A FAST ONE (sprinter).

4d           A little peck is suggested (4)
KISS – Two definitions. The second is a hint or suggestion.

5d           Hard worker mostly tests grooming products (10)
TOILETRIES – All but the last letter (mostly) of a TOILE(r) or hard worker followed by TRIES for tests.

7d           Neat worker repaired mainyard (8)
DAIRYMAN – An anagram (repaired) of MAINYARD. NEAT is a synonym of cattle (also KINE).

8d           Examination’s just the thing to probe my virtue (8)
MORALITY – Place (they probe or get inside) an ORAL exam and IT (the very thing) inside MY from the clue.

11d         Believe sailor’s justification for advance (6,6)
CREDIT RATING – A charade of CREDIT (believe) and a RATING or sailor.

14d         Quickly dismiss parody on solicitor protecting the French (7,3)
SKITTLE OUT – A SKIT/parody on a TOUT (solicitor) that is containing or protecting LE – ‘the‘in French.

16d         Master arranged education sorted by ability (8)
STREAMED – An anagram (arranged) of MASTER followed by ED, the abb. for Education (as in BED for Bachelor of Education).

17d         Extremely studious person bags top-class award (8)
BESTOWAL – Place A (top class) inside BEST OWL (The most extreme studious person).

19d         Border with Italy shelters popular Adriatic resort (6)
RIMINI RIM (border) IN (popular) I(taly) for border with Italy containing (sheltering) IN.

20d         Group in church make obeisance (6)
CRINGE – Place a RING/band/group inside CE for Church of England.

23d         Penny, out of sorts, needs this (4)
PILL – A charade of P for Penny and ILL for out of sorts.

Thanks to the setter. I’m off next week so will see you all the week after.



  1. gazza
    Posted May 1, 2015 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    I thought that this one was pretty good – thanks to Mr Ron and Gnomethang. Amongst my favourite clues were 10a, 3d and 14d.
    The answer to 4d is hidden in the clue.

  2. Matchew
    Posted May 1, 2015 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    17d BESTOWEL?

    • gazza
      Posted May 1, 2015 at 10:07 am | Permalink

      Welcome to the blog, Matchew.
      It’s BESTOWAL (award).

      • gnomethang
        Posted May 1, 2015 at 10:09 am | Permalink

        Thanks for both, gazza! Less haste more speed as usual!