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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27779

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 18th April 2015

Morning All! There were some very nice surface readings in this puzzle. It would have needed to be harder for me to add another enjoyment star but while it lasted it was fun!

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1a           A doctor tucking into mother’s curry (6)
MADRAS – Place (or tuck) A DR (A Doctor) into MA’S for mother’s.

5a           Marxist film offers nothing before starting course (4,4)
DUCK SOUP – That’ll be Groucho and co. not Karl!. DUCK for nothing/nil (from cricket) followed by the starting SOUP course.

9a           Food on board ship for a horse (10)
LIPIZZANER – A word that turns up occasionally in crosswords. Place a PIZZA inside (on board) a LINER or ship – LI PIZZA NER

10a         Time for fruit (4)
DATE – A gentle double definition.

11a         Pest is hidden by shade (8)
NUISANCE – Place IS inside (is hidden by) a NUANCE or shade of meaning.

12a         Perfect surface texture (6)
FINISH – Two definitions – the first a verb meaning to complete perfectly, the second a finish on a coat of paint for example.

13a         Fine Greek character producing his cheese (4)
FETA – A simple charade of F for Fine and the Greek letter ETA.

15a         Summary of extra scene (8)
OVERVIEW – A charade of OVER (an extra run in cricket) and a VIEW or scene.

18a         Two channels, second horizontally (8)
SIDEWAYS – The two channels are a SIDE (informally a channel on a TV set) and a WAY followed by S for second/

19a         Travel free, heading east (4)
RIDE – RID for free (as a verb) and then E for East.

21a         Carnival site wrecked in outskirts of Fuengirola (6)
FIESTA – I’ve been there and it certainly was! Make an anagram (wrecked) of SITE and place in FA – The outside letters or outskirts of FuengirolA.

23a         Used bidet, one being well-trained (8)
OBEDIENT – An anagram, indicated by used, of BIDET ONE. Nice toilet training imagery!.

25a         Temporary quarters affected (4)
CAMP – Two definitions again, the second referring to over the top mannerisms.

26a         Top drawer that opens up first? (10)
GUNFIGHTER – A good cryptic definition of the cowboy who draws his gun fastest and hence opens the shooting first.

27a         I agree to pick up judge (4,4)
HEAR HEAR – Two synonyms of HEAR – to pick up audibly and to judge a trial/take a hearing.

28a         Head of smooth snake is more blue (6)
SADDER – S (the head of the word Smooth) and then ADDER (a snake).


2d           So long, notice that is for all to see (5)
ADIEU – A charade of AD (notice/advertisement) then I.E. (Id Est in Latin or that is) and finally U – the abb. of Universal or ‘for all to see’ in the cinema.

3d           Restore control over situation (9)
REINSTATE – REIN for control above (over in a down clue) a STATE or situation.

4d           Measuring spirit after one’s served up (6)
SIZING place ZING for spirit after the reversal of IS (One’s served up).

5d           Priestley play used organ, unsettling angle (9,6)
DANGEROUS CORNER – I was unaware of the work but it is an anagram (play) of USED ORGAN followed by a CORNER (angle).

6d           Laid-back about a judge appearing heartless (8)
CAREFREE – Start with C – the abb of Circa (Ca is also an abb. but not here) then add A from the clue and then remove the middle letter from REF(e)REE or judge.

7d           Irish John entertaining daughter in saloon (5)
SEDAN – SEAN is an Irish spelling for John. Add D for Daughter inside.

8d           Functioning at an acceptable level, good enough for race (2,2,5)
UP TO SPEED – A definition and cryptic def. The second meaning is being fast enough in the race i.e. on the pace.

14d         Friend ringing home after priest is put out (9)
ELIMINATE – Take your MATE (friend) and place him around the outside (ringing) IN for (at) home and place all that after ELI – one of the usual priestly suspects in Crosswordland – ELI M(IN)ATE

16d         Top of vase decorated, though no good lacquered (9)
VARNISHED – The Top letter in Vase – V – followed by (g)ARNISHED (decorated) without the G for Good.

17d         Aggressive speech from former Tory leader about Iran I ignored (8)
HARANGUE – The former Tory leader is William HAGUE. Place him outside (about) (i)RAN with the I removed/ignored. Little bit of politics!.

20d         Foremost of infants in group, a prodigy (6)
GENIUS – The first (foremost) letter in I(nfants) placed in a GENUS or group.

22d         Marvellous word for an American caretaker (5)
SUPER – The second (cryptic) definition is an abb. of SUPER(visor) – the name for a condominium caretaker in the US.

24d         Relative, kind to conserve energy (5)
NIECE – An easy one to finish – simply E for Energy inside NICE or kind
Thanks to the setter. I’ll see you all next Friday.


  1. gazza
    Posted April 24, 2015 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Thanks to Mr Ron and Gnomethang. My favourite clue was 27a but I didn’t like 26a (a gunfighter doesn’t necessarily shoot first, especially if he’s a poor gunfighter).

  2. Amy
    Posted June 23, 2015 at 4:12 pm | Permalink

    Thanks again for good challenge… Favourite was5d!

    • gazza
      Posted June 23, 2015 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

      Your comment needed moderation because there was a typo in your email address. You also used a new (shorter) alias – both aliases should work from now on.