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DT 27755

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27755

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 21st March 2015

Morning All! There were some fun clues that tripped me up on the day but I found this a fine solve.

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1a           Copper, special originally, eating something done that’s succulent (6)
CACTUS – CU for the chemical element copper and also S for Special containing (eating an ACT – something done – C (ACT) U + S

5a           Mineral springs help? Yes, indeed (4,4)
WELL SAID – A charade of WELLS (mineral springs) and AID for help.

9a           Music-maker and I sang carol in resort (3,7)
COR ANGLAIS – Conversely the French Horn is also an anagram (in resort or re-sort) of I SANG CAROL.

10a         Informant keeping head of precinct spellbound (4)
RAPT – The head letter of P(recinct) held by a RAT or informant.

11a         Adverse reaction feared by galley slave? (8)
BACKLASH – Split as (4,4) it is the fear from a galley slave of the whip on his back.

12a         Released the Parisian solicitor (3,3)
LET OUT – …and split as (2,4) this may be LE TOUT or ‘the’ in French (Parisian) and TOUT or solicitor.

13a         Saying said by Eastern biblical character (4)
ESAU – Place SAU – a homophone of SAW or saying after E for Eastern.

15a         Substitute Dopey, initially, for Bashful? (8)
RESERVED – Tricky for me but a simply clue. RESERVE (substitute) and then the initial letter of D(opey). Good surface reading!.

18a         Way to pay for course (8)
FOOTPATH – A charade of FOOT (to pay) and then PATH or course.

19a         Opening in yoga, teaching (4)
GATE – Hidden IN the last two words.

21a         Neat wood (6)
SPRUCE – Two definitions. I have NEVER solved this first time in a crossword!!!

23a         Old maid in flap, rigid almost (8)
SPINSTER – Start with SPIN (a flap) and then add almost all the word STER(n) for rigid.

25a         Nothing else in lake (4)
MERE – A simple double definition.

26a         Unintended exchange of early letters with old golf club by wretched miser (10)
SPOONERISM – Your old golf club is a SPOON (as opposed to a mashie, niblick or brassie). Add an anagram (wretched) of MISER.

27a         Refused to abandon one’s belief in organised company (4,4)
HELD FIRM – I couldn’t get ‘kept’ out of my head, alas!. We need HELD (organised) and FIRM for company.

28a         Politician, English, before University frolic (4-2)
EURO-MP – Tricky as well. E(nglish) and U(niversity) before a ROMP or frolic.


2d           A city in Italy locally known for perfume (5)
AROMA – Nice and straightforward – A from the clue and then ROMA – The local name (i.e. the correct one) for Rome.

3d           What an athlete may wear in line with action (9)
TRACKSUIT – A line is a TRACK and a (law(SUIT) is an action
For me you still can’t beat “Follow the invisible man in the sportswear department” but hey-ho!

4d           Remarkable gesture (6)
SIGNAL – A double definition, the first being slightly dated but not unknowable.

5d           Her thermostat adjusted after we pull through (7,3,5)
WEATHER THE STORM – Start with WE and after that (from the clue  – after we) place an anagram (adjusted) of HER THERMOSTAT.

6d           Lacking energy, and unprepared at the supermarket? (8)
LISTLESS – The second cryptic definition is for someone who turns up at the supermarket without the shopping list.

7d           Fish traps at sea (5)
SPRAT – An easy anagram (at sea) of TRAPS but a very pleasing surface reading.

8d           Unwise being disrespectful about king (9)
IMPRUDENT – It is IMPUDENT (disrespectful) around (or about) R for Rex/King.

14d         Who’s working still, we hear, to create the best exhibit? (9)
SHOWPIECE – An anagram (working) of WHO’S followed by PIECE – an homophone (we hear) of still/peace.

16d         Hospital doctor pressing substance right into bottom (9)
REGISTRAR – Place the GIST or substance and R for Right inside the REAR or bottom – RE (GIST R) AR

17d         To take part in boating sport, risk a wet undoing? (5-3)
WATER-SKI – An anagram (undoing) of RISK A WET and another nice surface reading.

20d         One knight to leave money, as intended (6)
FIANCE – Remove N for knight (from the chess notation) from FI(n)ANCE to leave the intended/betrothed.

22d         Greatly affect winning margin (2-3)
UP-END – A charade of UP (winning) and END (margin/nether region)

24d         Course record, very good over mile (5)
EPSOM – A charade of EP (record/Extended Player) then SO (very good) followed by M for Mile.

Thanks to the setter. I’ll see you all next week.

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  1. I thought that this one gave us some good clues with excellent surface readings. I’d pick out 11a, 18a and 16d. Thanks to Mr Ron and Gnomey.

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