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ST 2786

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2786

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 8th March 2015

Morning All!. I am in 5 star territory for some of the misdirection and surface readings here. This was one of the most fun crosswords to have been completed by me in the last 2 years. The re-solve and review brought some subtleties out that I missed previously. Thanks Brian!


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1a           Instructional text used in preparation of course (6)
RECIPE – A fine cryptic definition. Nothing to do with institutional texts or coursework but a course of food.

4a           Off-putting statement from me as pagan (8)
IDOLATER – If one arranges this as I DO LATER it means putting off a course (q.v.) of action.

10a         Is included in list man arranged — as a rule, it was awful (9)
STALINISM – Place IS from the clue into an anagram (arranged) of LIST MAN.

11a         Runs into singer and part of orchestra (5)
BRASS – R for run in the BASS singer. I love the way that Mr Greer gets a riff on a series of clues and then puts them out later on. I think that this is one of them.

12a         Cosmetic mother applied over a mark on skin (7)
MASCARA – MA for mother placed around (applied OVER) A SCAR or A mark on the skin.

13a         Article penned by humorous author for kid, say (7)
LEATHER – The softest of leather. THE inside (penned by) Edward LEAR (a humorous author).

14a         Appliance for cooking fruit missing front ring (5)
RANGE – Took a while for me but just remove the O from (o)RANGE – missing the front O-Ring!.

15a         Make a contribution with good setting up (8)
PITCHING – I didn’t have my solution when reviewing this and made the same mistake of trying to get a ST (Saint) in. Don’t do that! Start with PITCH IN (make a contribution) and then simply add G for Good.

18a         Person supervising old English writing, perhaps, including poetry (8)
OVERSEER – Place (include) VERSE or poetry inside O for Old, E for English and finally R for wRiting – remembering the three Rs of Reading, wRiting and aRithematic. It all looks a bit like O (VERSE) E R

20a         Alternative to reveille in Territorial Army (5)
ALARM – Lovely Clue!. Hidden inside TerritoriAL ARMy is the alternative to the normal reveille. Looks like an &Lit but isn’t but is such a great spot!

23a         I belong with new organisation in base (7)
IGNOBLE – Rearrange the letters of I BELONG and (with) N for New. The anagram indicator is ‘organisation’ – (I BELONG N)* Organisation.

25a         Being portrayed as smart about use of computers (7)
SITTING – Another clue that I missed in the re-solve!. Simply STING (smart) around or about IT for use of computers (or all things computer in Crosswordland!).

26a         Form of gold or silver used in helping others (5)
INGOT – A great hidden word (defined by USED IN) helpING OThers. Simply the best!

27a         Weed found in land, one I’d destroyed (9)
DANDELION – An anagram (destroyed) of LAND ONE ID.

28a         After partner’s heart, play this (8)
SERENADE – I love this clue because it reads like so many cryptic instructions to e.g. add a word after T, the heart of parTner, but in fact it is the song to play if you are after your partener’s heart so a top cryptic definition.

29a         Didn’t go steady, being fickle (6)
STAYED – A fickle anagram of STEADY and excellent surface reading. Should I go with my ‘Steady’ or not? Should I stay or should I go now? Relative options on a postcard please!


1d           Rocky situation faced, so to speak, by four presidents? (8)
RUSHMORE – A nice cryptic definition but not too hard. The faces of some of the more elderly and popular US Presidents. No room for Dubya!

2d           Make more crude, disturbing a censor (7)
COARSEN – An anagram (disturbing) of A CENSOR.

3d           King on one vessel captured by noble warship (9)
PRIVATEER – A bit complicated this!. Place R for Rex (king) and I VAT for One vessel inside of a PEER or noble – P (R) (I VAT) EER

5d           Removing forces from a revolt after limited changes (14)
DEMILITARISING – Place A RISING (a revolt) after an anagram (changes) of LIMITED. Ace!.

6d           Old money from Europe, including British pound (5)
LIBRA – The LIBRA is a standard unit of a pound in Latin. Place B for British inside of the old LIRA currency in Italy (old money from Europe).

7d           Form of instruction can, when a head is included (5-2)
TEACH-IN – Place EACH (a head/per capita) inside TIN for can.

8d           One can count on it as a devotional aid (6)
ROSARY – A lovely cryptic definition for a lapsed Catholic – smile of the day and thank you Mr Greer!

9d           Objected about perhaps changing drug taken the wrong way (14)
MISAPPREHENDED – Tricky to spot again but a lovely clue: MINDED (objected to perhaps) around an anagram (taken the wrong way) of an anagram (changing) of PERHAPS and the drug E(cstacy). I love the way that there are so many ways to misinterpret the clues here! – MI (PERHAPS)* (E) NDED

16d         Male with cunning thought sincere (9)
HEARTFELT – A charade of HE (male), ART (cunning/guile) and FELT (thought).

17d         Visualised a drink in dime novel (8)
IMAGINED – A GIN (a drink) in a novel anagram of DIME. You only have to remember Philip Marlowe to realise how good this clue is!.

19d         Sour stuff very shortly happening, with anger rising (7)
VINEGAR – V for Very (shortly) and IN (happening, hot) and finally adding EGAR, the reversal (rising) of RAGE.

21d         Leaders leaving bar aid city that’s showing effect of drought (7)
ARIDITY – Remove the leading letters in (b)AR (a)ID (c)ITY.

22d         Flower-girl turned up with American star (6)
SIRIUS – IRIS is the name of both a girl and a flower. Reverse her (turned up) and add US for American. What a dog!.

24d         Staff don’t make declaration (5)
BATON – Split as (3,2) then BAT ON means ‘do not declare and draw stumps in Cricket’. Sorry ladies!.

I will see you next Sunday for another belter.

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  1. Another cracker from the Sunday supremo – thanks to him and Gnomethang. Difficult to pick a favourite but I think I’ll go with the super-smooth 20a.
    In 23a you don’t need the extra N in the fodder. The anagram indicator is ‘with new organisation’.

  2. Dug my paper copy out to find that I had written Bliss in the margin which showed how much I had enjoyed it. Proud of sorting 5d and loved 25a for some now forgotten reason.

  3. I also thought 23ac was an anagram of I BELONG and N(ew), but that’s one N too many, so just I BELONG with new as a redundant part of the anagram indicator, I think.

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