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DT 27743

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27743

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 7th March 2015

I haven’t counted them but I did get the strong feeling while typing the explanations that there do seem to be a considerable number of charade-type clues in last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle.

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1a           Searched for somewhere to spend the night (6)
PROBED –   PRO (for) BED (somewhere to spend the night).

9a           Exhaust resources in practice session (3-7)
RUN-THROUGH – A hyphen is inserted into RUN THROUGH (exhaust resources) to get the practice session.

10a         Mole‘s holiday by river? (10)
BREAKWATER –   BREAK (holiday) WATER (river)

11a         New regulation ahead for fine linen (4)
LAWN –   LAW (regulation) goes ahead of N (new).

12a         Nurse regularly meeting journalist, which is enjoyed (4)
USED –   The regular or even letters of nUrSe ‘meet’ ED (editor, journalist).

14a         Sort of verb taken from passage, I have to conclude (10)
TRANSITIVE –   TRANSIT (passage) IVE (I have).

17a         Secure part that’s appealing (7)
WINSOME –   WIN (secure) SOME (part).

18a         Guarantee to get organised after conflict, with time (7)
WARRANT –   RAN (organized) and T (time) go after WAR (conflict).

20a         Free port erects a position to examine one’s past (10)
RETROSPECT –   An anagram (free) of PORT ERECTS.

21a         Successive notes delayed (4)
LATE –   Successive musical notes – [do re me fa so] LA TE [do] go together to mean delayed.

22a         Lover to live with a Unionist (4)
BEAU –   BE (live) A (from the clue) U (unionist).

23a         Drink up (7,3)
STIRRUP CUP – a cryptic definition of a drink taken on horseback (up).

25a         Dry goods will be carried here? (2,3,5)
ON THE WAGON – An informal expression meaning abstaining from alcohol could describe where goods are carried.

26a         Dodgy legality when two learners go merrymaking (6)
GAIETY –   Remove the two Ls from LEGALITY (two Learners go) and an anagram (dodgy) of the remaining letters produces another word for merrymaking.


2d           Salesman revises orders, being dictatorial (10)
REPRESSIVE –   REP (salesman) followed by an anagram (orders) of REVISES.

3d           Gamble on a foreign character (4)
BETA – BET (gamble) on A (from the clue).

4d           At end of play they do this sketch on puzzles (4,6)
DRAW STUMPS –   DRAW (sketch) STUMPS (puzzles).

5d           Set loose in Paris, one parts heading north (7)
UNSTRAP –   UN (one in Paris where they speak French) and a reversal (heading north in a down clue) of PARTS.

6d           Having no end of attractiveness, one cleans up (4)
CHAR –   Remove the last letter (having no end) from CHARM (attractiveness).

7d           Security pass on the side (10)
COLLATERAL –   COL (mountain pass) LATERAL (on the side).

8d           Risk  fortune (6)
CHANCE –   A verb meaning to risk or a noun meaning fortune.

13d         Deeply agitated, first to get wrapped up in breeze (10)
DISTRAUGHT –   IST (first) ‘wrapped up in’ or inserted into DRAUGHT (breeze).

15d         Superficial understanding shown by second of concern? (10)
SMATTERING –   S (second) MATTERING (of concern).

16d         Folly one’s revealed in fancy plumbing fixture (6,4)
VANITY UNIT –   VANITY (folly) UNIT (one).

19d         Crowd round honey-maker welcoming Spaniards’ positive reaction, for example (7)
BESIEGE –   BEE (honey maker) goes round (welcoming) SI (the Spanish word for yes, a positive reaction) and EG (for example).

20d         Band‘s award (6)
RIBBON –   A band of material or an award (usually added to a medal).

23d         Stitched four ways (4)
SEWN – The four compass points (ways).

24d         Little being put together for each one (4)
PERI – A beautiful but malevolent fairy –   PER (for each) I (one).  I do hope Sarah who said on Saturday that she was a 24d will explain all today as I am very intrigued.


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  1. Several delightful words including winsome, which for some reason always make me smile. Thanks to setter and CS for making my day and please Sarah come back and explain your comment.

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