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ST 2783

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2783

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 15th February 2015

Morning All!. Nothing much to trouble here but the usual fine clueing in abundance.

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1a           As a precaution, how one should be when judging suit? (4,2,4)
JUST IN CASE – The first is the definition, cryptically alluded to by a judge needing to be JUST (fair) in a CASE (trial).

6a           Absorbing nothing, learners lie and take it easy (4)
LOLL – Place O for nothing inside L, L and L for Learner.

9a           Opportunist in part of church changing side in the end (7)
CHANCER – Change the end L(left) letter of CHANCEL (part of church) to an R for Right.

10a         Clears account, then leaves office (7)
ACQUITS – A charade of AC for account and then QUITS or leaves office.

12a         Sign worker, provided with European position (13)
MANIFESTATION – A charade of MAN (worker/hand), IF (provided), E for European and finally STATION for position.

14a         Injured with a weapon by hothead? (6)
HARMED – ARMED (with a weapon next to (by) H, the head letter of H(ot).

15a         Is temperature reduced in social gathering for interval? (8)
DISTANCE – IS from the clue and then T – the abb. (reduced) of temperature inside a DANCE (social gathering).

17a         Work of a kind that’s causing suffering over time (8)
PAINTING – Work being an artistic work. Place PAINING (causing suffering) around (over) T for Time.

19a         Tolerate English poet (6)
BROOKE – Either Rupert or Arthur. BROOK for tolerate (e.g. I will brook no argument) followed by E for English.

22a         Aboard warship, make speech about ruckus being undisciplined (13)
INSUBORDINATE – If one is on a warship one might be described as IN (a) SUB

24a         Half-hearted action about a study that’s leading nowhere (4,3)
DEAD END – Start with a DEED (action) and then remove one E from the middle (i.e. half-hearted) and place that around A DEN (a study) – DE (A DEN) (e)D.

25a         Without skill, in particular (7)
NOTABLY – Split as (3,4) and it would mean ‘without skill’.

26a         In the company of comic husband (4)
WITH – A charade of WIT (comic) and H for Husband.

27a         Take point from game that’s raised by defenders (10)
DRAWBRIDGE – A charade of DRAW (take a point from in e.g. a football match) and the card game of BRIDGE.



1d           Something for raising flag on board for sailor (4)
JACK – Three definitions here – something to raise a car for example, a flag on board a ship (e.g. the Union Jack) and also a Jolly JACK Tar or sailor.

2d           Person who fakes things using small tool (7)
SHAMMER – S for Small followed by a HAMMER (tool).

3d           Without doubt, fashionable artist’s embracing Tate? Not half (13)
INCONTESTABLE – In for fashionable/hip then the artist John CONSTABLE containing (embracing) half of (ta)TE.

4d           Wine container a waiter finally produced in eatery (6)
CARAFE – A from the clue and the last letter in (waite)R placed inside a CAFÉ or eatery.

5d           Settles on king wearing fur (8)
SEALSKIN – SEALS (as in settles a deal) on top of K for King and finally IN for wearing (e.g. she was in a little black dress).

7d           What makes one shed tears, harbouring sanctimonious belief (7)
OPINIION – An ONION makes on cry (traditionally). Insert (it is harbouring) PI for sanctimonious.

8d           Unusually long leases in city on Pacific (3,7)
LOS ANGELES – A nice surface reading and a simple anagram (unusually) of LONG LEASES.

11d         Person in charge of military supplies taking mercy on captain (13)
QUARTERMASTER – QUARTER for mercy on top of a MASTER or captain.

13d         It shows what’s in store for outsiders (4,6)
SHOP WINDOW – A nice simple cryptic definition.

16d         Uninvited visitor at home ultimately left, showing less politeness (8)
INTRUDER – IN (at home, the ultimate letter in (lef)T and then RUDER for showing less politeness.

18d         Isn’t having change of heart over worker, say, for moment (7)
INSTANT – Change the middle letters (or heart) of ISNT to INST and then add an ANT (worker).

20d         Offer too much for centre of proverbial 24? (7)
OVERBID – The centre letters on (pr)OVERBI(al) followed by D – crytically referred to in the answer to 24a as then end of (dea)D.

21d         Fan requiring immediate success for team (6)
WINNOW – Split as (3,3) it might mean a demand for immediate success from a team – WIN NOW.

23d         Old instrument from Early Renaissance (4)
LYRE – A hidden word to finish with. The old instrument is inside (from) earLY REsistance.
Thanks to Virgilius for the puzzle. I will be back tomorrow for last Saturday’s prize puzzle review.


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  1. This was a good Sunday puzzle as I remember.
    Specially 3d.
    You forgot to talk to us about the speech and the ruckus in 22a.
    Thanks again to Virgilius and to Gnomethang for the review.

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