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ST 2783

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2783

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 15th February 2015

Morning All!. Nothing much to trouble here but the usual fine clueing in abundance.

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1a           As a precaution, how one should be when judging suit? (4,2,4)
JUST IN CASE – The first is the definition, cryptically alluded to by a judge needing to be JUST (fair) in a CASE (trial).

6a           Absorbing nothing, learners lie and take it easy (4)
LOLL – Place O for nothing inside L, L and L for Learner.

9a           Opportunist in part of church changing side in the end (7)
CHANCER – Change the end L(left) letter of CHANCEL (part of church) to an R for Right.

10a         Clears account, then leaves office (7)
ACQUITS – A charade of AC for account and then QUITS or leaves office.

12a         Sign worker, provided with European position (13)
MANIFESTATION – A charade of MAN (worker/hand), IF (provided), E for European and finally STATION for position.

14a         Injured with a weapon by hothead? (6)
HARMED – ARMED (with a weapon next to (by) H, the head letter of H(ot).

15a         Is temperature reduced in social gathering for interval? (8)
DISTANCE – IS from the clue and then T – the abb. (reduced) of temperature inside a DANCE (social gathering).

17a         Work of a kind that’s causing suffering over time (8)
PAINTING – Work being an artistic work. Place PAINING (causing suffering) around (over) T for Time.

19a         Tolerate English poet (6)
BROOKE – Either Rupert or Arthur. BROOK for tolerate (e.g. I will brook no argument) followed by E for English.

22a         Aboard warship, make speech about ruckus being undisciplined (13)
INSUBORDINATE – If one is on a warship one might be described as IN (a) SUB

24a         Half-hearted action about a study that’s leading nowhere (4,3)
DEAD END – Start with a DEED (action) and then remove one E from the middle (i.e. half-hearted) and place that around A DEN (a study) – DE (A DEN) (e)D.

25a         Without skill, in particular (7)
NOTABLY – Split as (3,4) and it would mean ‘without skill’.

26a         In the company of comic husband (4)
WITH – A charade of WIT (comic) and H for Husband.

27a         Take point from game that’s raised by defenders (10)
DRAWBRIDGE – A charade of DRAW (take a point from in e.g. a football match) and the card game of BRIDGE.



1d           Something for raising flag on board for sailor (4)
JACK – Three definitions here – something to raise a car for example, a flag on board a ship (e.g. the Union Jack) and also a Jolly JACK Tar or sailor.

2d           Person who fakes things using small tool (7)
SHAMMER – S for Small followed by a HAMMER (tool).

3d           Without doubt, fashionable artist’s embracing Tate? Not half (13)
INCONTESTABLE – In for fashionable/hip then the artist John CONSTABLE containing (embracing) half of (ta)TE.

4d           Wine container a waiter finally produced in eatery (6)
CARAFE – A from the clue and the last letter in (waite)R placed inside a CAFÉ or eatery.

5d           Settles on king wearing fur (8)
SEALSKIN – SEALS (as in settles a deal) on top of K for King and finally IN for wearing (e.g. she was in a little black dress).

7d           What makes one shed tears, harbouring sanctimonious belief (7)
OPINIION – An ONION makes on cry (traditionally). Insert (it is harbouring) PI for sanctimonious.

8d           Unusually long leases in city on Pacific (3,7)
LOS ANGELES – A nice surface reading and a simple anagram (unusually) of LONG LEASES.

11d         Person in charge of military supplies taking mercy on captain (13)
QUARTERMASTER – QUARTER for mercy on top of a MASTER or captain.

13d         It shows what’s in store for outsiders (4,6)
SHOP WINDOW – A nice simple cryptic definition.

16d         Uninvited visitor at home ultimately left, showing less politeness (8)
INTRUDER – IN (at home, the ultimate letter in (lef)T and then RUDER for showing less politeness.

18d         Isn’t having change of heart over worker, say, for moment (7)
INSTANT – Change the middle letters (or heart) of ISNT to INST and then add an ANT (worker).

20d         Offer too much for centre of proverbial 24? (7)
OVERBID – The centre letters on (pr)OVERBI(al) followed by D – crytically referred to in the answer to 24a as then end of (dea)D.

21d         Fan requiring immediate success for team (6)
WINNOW – Split as (3,3) it might mean a demand for immediate success from a team – WIN NOW.

23d         Old instrument from Early Renaissance (4)
LYRE – A hidden word to finish with. The old instrument is inside (from) earLY REsistance.
Thanks to Virgilius for the puzzle. I will be back tomorrow for last Saturday’s prize puzzle review.

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  1. This was a good Sunday puzzle as I remember.
    Specially 3d.
    You forgot to talk to us about the speech and the ruckus in 22a.
    Thanks again to Virgilius and to Gnomethang for the review.

  2. As enjoyable as ever – thanks to Virgilius and Gnomey for the review. My favourite clue was 13d.

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