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DT 27683

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27683

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 27th  December 2014

Another straightforward puzzle with quite a few cryptic definitions.

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1a           Hotel employee that’s more to the left? (6)
PORTER   –  PORT (left) plus ER (used to indicate ‘more’)

4a           During which there’s the prospect of hidden riches? (4,4)
GOLD RUSH –   A cryptic definition.

8a           Lots of dogs failing to start (6)
OODLES –   Remove the ‘start’ from POODLES.

9a           I’m repelled by staff in bed in secret photo (8)
MICRODOT – A reversal (repelled) of IM followed by ROD (staff) inserted into COT (bed).

10a         Stride out, catching dancer’s skirt half torn off — waste (8)
DETRITUS –   An anagram (out) of STRIDE into which is inserted half of a TUtu.

11a         Warning of thaw? (6)
NOTICE –   Split 2, 3 – NOT ICE so a thaw.

12a         This will show you the way to finish letters (8)
SIGNPOST –   Another split the solution, this time 4, 4 gives you a way to finish letters.

13a         Large number behind bars were scrounging (6)
CADGED –   D (Roman numeral for 500, a large number) put into CAGED (behind bars).

15a         Once it was the capital of Spain (6)
PESETA –   ‘Capital’ here, of course, referring to currency.

18a         One who’s recently become a member of a union (5-3)
NEWLY-WED –   Another cryptic definition.

20a         Lapel back incomplete (6)
REVERS – Almost all (incomplete) of REVERSE (back).

21a         Greek character with Italian backing — we French will become rebellious (8)
MUTINOUS –   MU (Greek letter)   TI (a reversal (backing) of IT – Italian) and NOUS (the French word for ‘we’).

23a         Steps outside a new window (8)
FANLIGHT –   FLIGHT (steps) put outside A and N (new).

24a         Old boy round to accompany first instrument player (6)
OBOIST –   OB (old boy) O (round letter) and IST (first).

25a         Many beam if around mum and little nipper (8)
CRAYFISH –   C (Roman for a hundred, many) RAY (beam) FI (IF ‘around’ or reversed)and SH (be quiet, mum).

26a         Delay for one with the doctor coming round (6)
DITHER –   Insert I (one) and THE into DR (doctor).


1d           Arrogant pair do uplifting drawing in university (5)
PROUD –   PR (pair) followed by a reversal (uplifting in a down clue) of DO into which is inserted U (university)

2d           One doesn’t mind showing it (9)
TOLERANCE –   Another cryptic definition.

3d           Cooking roots — it makes a dish (7)
RISOTTO –   An anagram (cooking) of ROOTS IT.

4d           Courtier’s victory? (4,3,3,5)
GAME, SET AND MATCH –   A win on a tennis court, perhaps.

5d           The French cheat in command — that’s not saying much (7)
LACONIC –   LA (the in French) CON (cheat) and IC (in command).

6d           Opening    cause of downfall (7)
UNDOING –   Double definition.

7d           Having a volcanic temper? (3-6)
HOT-HEADED –   And another cryptic definition.

12d         Poor sci-fi rerun sending one to sleep (9)
SOPORIFIC –   An anagram (rerun) of POOR SCI-FI.

14d         Removing moisture from tiny gourd that’s sprouted (6,3)
DRYING OUT –   An anagram (sprouted) of TINY GOURD.

16d         Plain vehicle goes from South America to North America (7)
SAVANNA –   SA (South America) VAN (vehicle) NA (North America).

17d         Idiot one’s seen holding raised period weapon from Africa (7)
ASSEGAI – ASS (idiot) and I (one) holding a reversal (raised) of AGE (period).

19d         Announced which river crossing will be somewhere near London (7)
WATFORD –   A homophone (announced) of WHAT (which) followed by FORD (river crossing).

22d         Woodland being settled over unknown river (5)
SATYR –   SAT (settled) Y (mathematical unknown) and R (river).


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  1. I must admit that I found several of the clues here a bit ‘iffy’. Porter (more to the left?) and not ice (thaw?), for example. Even with a bucketful of cryptic licence I can’t see how courtier is a tennis player (it’s like having barrier as a ballet dancer). Thanks to Mr Ron and Crypticsue for the review.

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