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ST 2761

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2761

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 14th September 2014

I do like Sunday mornings – a little lie-in and then the best crossword of the week to solve, and then (because I am a girl and we always get our homework done early!) to enjoy all over again in the afternoon if it is my turn to draft the review.   A lovely mix of clues  – all the Virgilius trade mark clues were there – and my favourite has to be 24d.

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7a           Guided back to mindful state in East (8)
DELAWARE –   A reversal (back) of LED (guided) followed by AWARE (mindful).

9a           Shock about drug — ask for second opinion in case (6)
APPEAL –   APPAL (shock) with E (Ecstasy, drug) inserted.

10a         Working for company, not well (6)
INFIRM – Split 2, 4 would mean that you were working for a company.

11a         Strictness with truth, following this rule, ultimately (8)
SEVERITY –   The ‘ultimate’ letters of thiS and rulE followed by VERITY (truth)

12a         Unusually deviant animal’s a kind of marsupial (9,5)
TASMANIAN DEVIL is an anagram (unusually) of DEVIANT ANIMALS.

15a         Overlook writings about one of the Romans (4)
MISS –   MSS (manuscripts, writings) with I (the Roman numeral for one) inserted.

17a         Sign that’s oddly placed in airliners (5)
ARIES is found in the odd letters of AiRlInErS.

19a         Bird   fell rapidly from sky in America? Doesn’t sound like it (4)
DOVE – Although they look the same, the bird is pronounced differently to the American verb meaning fell rapidly.

20a         On which gymnasts may perform as sign of equality, perhaps (10,4)
HORIZONTAL BARS – A piece of gymnastic equipment which looks like an equals sign in maths.

23a         Exactly reproduced section of whatever bat I made (8)
VERBATIM is reproduced in a section of whateVER BAT I Made.

25a         Source of danger in hospital covered by doctor or nurse (6)
THREAT –   The abbreviation for Hospital – H – covered by or inserted into TREAT (doctor or nurse).

27a         Chap who’s engaged in monetary affairs not using first name (6)
FIANCE –   Remove the first N (not using first Name) from FINANCE (monetary affairs).

28a         King poorly protected by the queen in exciting play, for example (8)
THRILLER –   R (Rex, king) and ILL (poorly) are inserted into THE (from the clue) and followed by R (Regina, queen).


1d           When damaged, cut down (4)
HEWN is an anagram (damaged) of WHEN.

2d           Philosophy of Orient‘s left-winger after change of ends (6)
TAOISM –   A left-winger could be a MAOIST – swap the first and letters over (after change of ends)  to get a Chinese system of philosophy.

3d           It’s behind pupil starting off learning each new subject (4)
LENS –   The starts of Learning Each New Subject produce part of the eye.

4d           Gave up, and made some hand signals, we hear (6)
WAIVED sounds like (we hear) WAVED (made some hand signals).

5d           Was happy about a couple of pawns aimlessly moved (8)
APPROVED –   A (from the clue) P P (two Pawns in chess notation) and ROVED (aimlessly moved).

6d           Part of bridge, say, is being intelligent about opponent (10)
CANTILEVER –   ANTI (opponent) inserted into CLEVER (being intelligent).

8d           Country in which soldiers or workers have broken into song (7)
ARMENIA –   MEN (which can be used to refer to either soldiers or workers) inserted into ARIA (song).

13d         Time chart I organised for school subject (10)
ARITHMETIC is an organized anagram of TIME CHART I.

14d         Like many flying from Kenya via Nairobi (5)
AVIAN is hidden in KenyA VIA Nairobi.

16d         Write up piece of music as, also, dance tune (8)
SARABAND –   BAR (piece of music) and AS (from the clue) re reversed (write up) and followed by AND (also).

18d         Fragment from the star that’s exploded (7)
SHATTER – An anagram (that’s exploded) of THE STAR produces a verb meaning to break into fragments.

21d         What’s repeated in jazz variation for their instrument (6)
ZITHER –   The letter that’s repeated in the word JAZZ followed by an anagram (variation) of THEIR.

22d         Just as sailor turned up on bank (6)
BARELY –   A reversal (turned up) of AB (able seaman, sailor)followed by RELY (bank).

24d         Bit of barmy theology? (4)
MYTH –   Lovely &Lit – the solution is found hidden in a bit of barMY THeology.

26d         Having retired, producing short book in a limited edition (4)
ABED –   A (from the clue) B (a short abbreviation for book) and ED (abbreviation (limited) of edition).

Thanks to Virgilius once again.  I’ll be back in the morning with a review of last Saturday’s puzzle.