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DT 27570

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27570

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 16th August 2014

I thought it was just me being exhausted after nearly two weeks of “holidaying” and Granny duties, but it turned out that quite a lot of other people thought this was a trickier than usual Saturday puzzle.

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1a           Antagonism in work place (10)
OPPOSITION –   OP (work) and POSITION (place)

6a           Unusual getting second chances (4)
ODDS –   ODD (unusual) plus S (second).

10a         Socially dominant in sacred river area (5)
ALPHA –   This river features in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – In Xanadu did Kubla Khan, a stately pleasure-dome decree: where Alph, the sacred river, ran…” – follow the river’s name  with an A (area) to get a word meaning socially dominant, powerfully influential.

11a         Not entirely risky acquiring horse for old coach (9)
CHARABANC –   Insert an ARAB horse into CHANCY (not entirely risky).

12a         Drama of fine end-of-series deciders (4-4)
PLAY-OFFS –   PLAY (drama) OF (from the clue) F (fine) and S (end of series).

13a         Briefly visit old man at home (3,2)
POP IN –   POP (an informal word for father – old man) and IN (at home).

15a         Entrant, a competitor on river (7)
ARRIVAL –   A (from the clue) R (river) followed by (on) RIVAL (competitor)

17a         Sound    check (7)
STAUNCH –   Double definition – firm and steady (sound) or check in the sense of  stop.

18a         Greeting composer, one leaving barbecue (7)
HIBACHI –   HI (a greeting) BACH (a composer) and I (one).

21a         Court finally presented with motive for crime (7)
TREASON –   The finally letter of courT and REASON (motive).

23a         Piece of spinach on a tortilla chip (5)
NACHO is hidden in a piece of spiNACH On

24a         Loyal follower, guy from a Belgian river port? (8)
LIEGEMAN – a loyal follower could be said, if split 5, 3, to be a man from  the Belgian port of Liege.

27a         Beginning to like catching Latin lecture (7-2)
TALKING TO –   TAKING TO (beginning to like)with L (Latin) inserted.

28a         High explosive is used by leader of team in spectacular theft (5)
HEIST – HE (high explosive) IS (from the clue) and T (the leader of Team).

29a         Almost half of bedtime drink (4)
NIGH –   Half of a NIGHtcap (bedtime drink).

30a         Clue for Poirot, say, could bring dishonour to family (10)
BLOOD STAIN –   Split 5,5   BLOOD means family and STAIN dishonour.


1d           What’s touching about mother country? (4)
OMAN –   ON (touching or in contact with) around MA (mother).

2d           Widely admired university in London area (7)
POPULAR – U (university) inserted into POPLAR (an area of London).

3d           A duke in cast, underhand (5)
SHADY – A (from the clue) and D (duke) inserted into SHY (cast, throw).

4d           Diplomatic in court dividing fault roughly (7)
TACTFUL –   CT (the abbreviation for court)  is inserted into (dividing)  an anagram (roughly)of FAULT.

5d           Famous Greek is below on a ship (7)
ONASSIS –   ON (from the clue) A (from the clue) and SS (ship) followed by IS (from the clue).

7d           Empty, obsolete bain-marie? (7)
DEADPAN –   DEAD (obsolete) and PAN (of which a bain-marie is an example)

8d           Used additional bit of help (6-4)
SECOND-HAND –  SECOND (additional) and HAND (help)

9d           Fighter having to turn from correct course over channel (8)
WARPLANE –   WARP (turn from correct course) and LANE (channel).

14d         Used to be nothing, cracked up to be a US president (10)
WASHINGTON –   WAS (used to be) and an anagram (cracked up) of NOTHING.

16d         First one to get on a four-wheeled carriage (8)
VICTORIA –   VICTOR (first) I (one) and A (from the clue).

19d         Finance account in arrears (7)
BACKLOG –   BACK (provide finance for) and LOG (account, record).

20d         Bad carrying on with a criminal (7)
ILLEGAL –   ILL (bad) with LEG (on side in a game of cricket) and A (from the clue).

21d         Venetian painter to fasten sports shirt (7)
TIEPOLO –   Split 3, 4, you get TIE (fasten) and POLO (a type of sports shirt).

22d         It’s a man running, showing staying power (7)
STAMINA is an anagram (running) of ITS A MAN.

25d         Guiding beliefs set out involving husband and love (5)
ETHOS –   An anagram (out) of SET plus (involving) H (husband) and O (love).

26d         College bill rising (4)
ETON college is a reversal (rising in a down clue) of a NOTE (bill).

Thanks to the Mysteron for the crossword and,  in advance,  to  the holidaying Gnome for the pudding!


3 comments on “DT 27570

  1. Two observations:
    Just completed puzzle from August 13th(I’m catching up on ones missed during holiday). Only to read in the blog that this was a nice gentle one! It was fun though?

    How do you know who the compiler is? I don’t see ant clu to this on my downloaded version.

    Looking forward to today’s puzzle…..

  2. Many thanks for this most helpful review, Crypticsue. At the time, I had trouble with 18a and 20d, and needed Big Dave’s hints. I have just checked my parsing of these. I did do them correctly in the end. The others were all fine as well, except I thought 8d was a double definition, which it isn’t.
    Once again, thanks to the Saturday setter for this tricky but rather enjoyable puzzle.

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