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DT 27534

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27534

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 5th July 2014

Apart from being one of those puzzles that seemed to take a lot longer to solve than it did, this was a fairly average Saturday Mysteron production.

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1a           Lusty skill shown in country dance (6)
HEARTY –   ART (skill) inserted into HEY (apparently a long winding country dance)

4a           Carrying    hose (8)
STOCKING –   A double definition, one a verb, the other a noun.

9a           Transform dog biting a European (6)
MUTATE –   Insert A (from the clue) into MUTT (mongrel dog) and finish with an E (European).

10a         Close relative touring part of UK is ominous (8)
SINISTER –     SISTER (close relative) tours or goes round NI (Northern Ireland, part of the UK).

11a         The French politician’s not serious — it’s illuminating (9)
LAMPLIGHT –   LA (the in French) MP (member of parliament, politician) and LIGHT (not serious).

13a         Loner made to join army? (5)
ENROL – an anagram (made) of LONER.

14a         Article among DJs’ equipment to overcome disadvantage (4,3,6)
TURN THE TABLES –   Insert the definite article – THE – into a disc jockey’s TURNTABLES.

17a         One provides entertainment supply (13)
CONTORTIONIST –   So we all thought ‘supply’ was a verb and it took us ages to realize it was an adjective meaning pliant – once we’d done that, the cryptic definition made sense.

21a         Go over zero miles per hour? (5)
OOMPH –   O (over) O (zero) MPH (miles per hour).

23a         Like liberal without commitments (5-4)
FANCY-FREE – FANCY (like) and FREE (liberal).

24a         Vegetarian and soldier run off together (8)
ANTELOPE –     ANT (soldier being one type of ant) and ELOPE (run off), ‘together’ being a nice charade indicator.  Good job the wordplay was clear as when I see the word ‘vegetarian’ I think of Mr CS and/or No 2 son!!

25a         See transfixing crash in skiing race (6)
SLALOM –   Insert LO (see) into SLAM (crash).

26a         Deeds one’s located in former plans (8)
EXPLOITS –   EX (former) and PLOTS (plans) the latter having I (one) located in or inserted.

27a         Crystal-gazer frightening heartless queen (6)
SCRYER – An archaic term for a crystal-gazer –   Remove the middle letter (heartless) from SCARY(frightening) and then add the cipher of our current Queen – ER- at the end.


1d           Sermon, religious, delivered without note (6)
HOMILY –   HOLY (religious) put round (without meaning outside) the musical note MI.

2d           Trifling amount to a robot (9)
AUTOMATON is an anagram (trifling) of AMOUNT TO A.

3d           Gossip rag featuring lovers primarily (7)
TATTLER –   TATTER (rag) with L (lovers primarily) inserted.

5d           It could be floating in the wind, lost (11)
THISTLEDOWN –   An anagram (floating) of THE WIND LOST.

6d           Monstrous creature to strike a chord with artist (7)
CHIMERA –   CHIME (strike a chord with) and RA (Royal Academician, artist).

7d           Italian football team    sink in ground (5)
INTER –   One of two famous football teams found in Milan or a verb meaning to bury in the ground.

8d           Good morsels minced thick (8)
GORMLESS –   G (good) followed by an anagram (minced) of MORSELS.

12d         Learn precise words to rap after chap embraces bird (3,2,3,3)
GET IT OFF PAT –   GEOFF (chap, man’s name) embracing TIT (bird) followed to PAT (rap gently).

15d         Improvement near end of game going to one side? (9)
LATERALLY –   Split 4, 5, this might describe something at a Wimbledon tennis match.

16d         Expert carrying mild illness receiving a tribute (8)
ACCOLADE – Insert A (from the clue) into a COLD (mild illness) and then insert the result into ACE (expert).

18d         Shakespearean greeting following ancient books (7)
OTHELLO – HELLO (greeting) after OT (Old Testament / ancient books).

19d         Some Isles of Scilly districts turned pleasantly rustic (7)
IDYLLIC – Hidden (some) and reversed (turned) inside Isles of SCILLY DIstricts.

20d         See me splitting batsman’s head and ear! (6)
BEAMER – A fast ball in cricket which is aimed at the batsman’s head – ME inside the initial letter (head) of B[atsman] and EAR.

22d         This writer, with rising deposit, had a get-together (3,2)
MET UP – ME (this writer), followed by the reversal (rising) of PUT (deposit).

It is Gnomey’s turn to do two weekend reviews next week, so I’ll be back in due course.


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    1. Welcome to the blog Al.
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    2. They were on the draft doc and I copied and pasted them all so it is another one of life’s mysteries as to where they went.

  1. Mental note – if I ever meet Mysteron, don’t let them pat me on the head, if they think “rap” and “pat” are synonyms.

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