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DT 27528

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27528

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 28th June 2014

Someone asked on Saturday how we know who the setter is – well Saturdays usually follow a pattern and this should be the turn of Cephas rather than the Mysteron.   I have typed the word anagram seven times not including the one in this introduction, and so for me there is no doubt whatsoever that this was a Cephas Prize Puzzle.

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1a           Reject  moderate volume (4,4)
TURN DOWN – A double definition -the second being something I asked the lady on the PA system at the church fete  on Saturday afternoon to do without success!  (She can’t seem to understand that if you are using a microphone you don’t need to shout!)

5a           Easy listening with Neddy Marsh (6)
MORASS –   A broadcasting term for easy listening music – Middle Of the Road followed by an ASS , Neddy being an informal term for either  a fool or a donkey.

9a           Again evaluate score, as session is gripping (8)
REASSESS –   Hidden in (is gripping) scoRE AS SESSion.

10a         Meal with father, splitting leftovers (6)
REPAST –   PA (father) splits REST (leftovers).

11a         Spurs and United kept within playing limits (7)
STIMULI –   An anagram (playing) of LIMITS with U (united) inserted or kept within.

12a         National  drink (7)
ITALIAN –   Someone from Italy or another name for Italian vermouth.

13a         What bridge-player needs to conjure a win? (3,2,6)
BAG OF TRICKS –   A cryptic definition.

16a         Reaching a required standard is the responsibility of that lot going by boat (2,2,3,4)
UP TO THE MARK –    UP TO (the responsibility of) THEM (that lot) going by ARK.

21a         Bird with green vegetable, reportedly unpleasant (7)
PEAFOWL – PEA (green vegetable) followed by a homophone of FOUL (unpleasant).

22a         Repairman has to go round a winding route (7)
MEANDER –   MENDER (repairman) has to go round A from the clue.

23a         Entertain man shortly with drink (6)
REGALE –   REG (Reginald shortly) and ALE (drink).

24a         Forcing    to be  co-operative (8)
OBLIGING –   Another double definition clue.

25a         Believe Lynette is providing cover for another woman (6)
EVELYN is hidden in BeliEVE LYNette.

26a         Repairman takes chance — I’m off (8)
MECHANIC is an anagram (off) of CHANCE IM.


1d           Most of the reed used by nest-builder (6)
THRUSH – TH (most of the word THE) and RUSH (reed).

2d           I adore crazy person on tour (6)
ROADIE –   A crazy anagram of I ADORE.

3d           Agitate birds circling round second person over the Channel (7)
DISTURB –   An anagram (circling) of BIRDS round TU (the French second person pronoun).

4d           Where hopeful investors sink their funds? (7,4)
WISHING WELL –   Another cryptic definition.

6d           Exposed to dry outdoors (4,3)
OPEN AIR –   OPEN TO (exposed) AIR (dry).

7d           A valve to move slowly if absolutely necessary (2,1,5)
AT A PINCH –   A (from the clue) TAP (valve) and INCH (move slowly).

8d           Devil-worshipper settled with saint, confusingly (8)
SATANIST – SAT (settled) followed by an anagram (confusingly) of SAINT.

12d         Anger about dodgy lamb that may catch fire (11)
INFLAMMABLE –   An anagram (dodgy) of LAMB inserted into INFLAME (anger).

14d         Old pickpocket to make reduced funds (8)
CUTPURSE –   CUT (reduce) PURSE (funds) – historically a person who stole by slitting purses worn at the belt.

15d         Learner driver’s introduced to unfamiliar choke (8)
STRANGLE –   L (Learner driver) introduced or inserted into STRANGE (unfamiliar).

17d         Bus    that’s parked outside supermarket? (7)
TROLLEY –   Another double definition – the latter being seen more often these days than the former.

18d         Like a rascal, crashed his van after kilometre (7)
KNAVISH –   K (kilometre) followed by an anagram (crashed) of HIS VAN.

19d         Pope coming from England or one from Scotland, perhaps, under a GP? (6)
ADRIAN –   A (from the clue) and DR (GP being another abbreviation for a doctor)   followed by IAN (an example, perhaps, of a Scottish Christian name) gives the name of the only English Pope.

20d         Sad soldier in farm vehicle turned up (6)
TRAGIC – A GI (American soldier) inserted into a reversal (turned up in a down clue) of a CART (farm vehicle).