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ST 2749

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2748

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 22nd June 2014

The sun was shining, the sky was very blue and a lovely Virgilius puzzle to solve over breakfast – what more could anyone want?   So many great clues, even Kath allowed ‘joint favourites’!

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1a           Painter‘s canvas finally framed by old measure of length (6)
CUBIST –   Insert the last letter (finally) of canvaS into a CUBIT – an old measure of length I always associate with Noah’s Ark.

4a           In dunce’s cap, is mostly avoiding reality (8)
ESCAPISM is hidden in duncE S CAP IS Mostly.

10a         Real idiot transformed into leader, perhaps (9)
EDITORIAL – Known in newspaper land as a ‘leader’ – an anagram (transformed) of REAL IDIOT.

11a         With key, locks academic office (5)
CHAIR –   The musical key of C followed by HAIR (locks) – Someone awarded a Professorship is said to be given a CHAIR – originally it was the seat from which they gave their lectures.

12a         Trains and other transport (7)
COACHES –   Double definition – a verb meaning instructs (trains) or single-deck buses.

13a         Expressing    what follows a successful pitch (7)
PUTTING –   Expressing in words or hitting a golf ball towards a hole following a successful pitch – hitting the ball in such a way that it flies in a high arc and doesn’t roll much on landing, useful in the game of Pitch and Putt.

14a         Endlessly in a dire and extremely low position (5)
NADIR is obtained by removing the ends from iN ADIRe.

15a         Some dishonest lingo in flier not yet put out (8)
NESTLING –   A baby bird still in the nest (flier not yet put out) is hidden in some of dishoNEST LINGo.

18a         Cold Scandinavian city absorbing new cut (8)
CONDENSE – C (cold) followed by the Danish city of ODENSE into which is inserted N (new).

20a         Intelligent person‘s aberration, ignoring the odds (5)
BRAIN – the even (ignoring the odds)letters of aBeRrAtIoN.

23a         Quietly tell church dignitary (7)
PRELATE –   Time for an ‘old’ friend of the crossword setter/solver –   P (the musical instruction to play quietly) and RELATE (tell).

25a         Something one gets from father certainly holding chap back (7)
SURNAME –   SURE (certainly) with a reversal (back) of a MAN (chap) inserted.

26a         Over time, does, for example, discourage (5)
DETER –   DEER (does [female deer], for example) put around (over) Time.

27a         Circus performer twisted metal — iron (4-5)
LION TAMER is an anagram (twisted) of METAL IRON.

28a         Fan of John or George at various times, but never Ringo? (8)
ROYALIST –   Brilliant!!   Because there have been English kings called John or George but never one called Ringo!

29a         Awfully ribald, like one matchmaker? (6)
BRIDAL –   An anagram (awfully) of RIBALD.


1d           Concerned initially about smell in street (8)
CRESCENT –   C (concerned initially) RE (about) and SCENT (smell).

2d           Gang holding costume for robber (7)
BRIGAND –   A BAND (gang) holding RIG (costume).

3d           Son cared for by one parent, stifled (9)
SMOTHERED –   S (son) and MOTHERED (cared for by one parent).

5d           Composure left female on legal team in meeting (4-10)
SELF-POSSESSION –   Start with a SESSION (meeting) and insert L (left) F (female) and POSSE (legal ‘team’ :) )

6d           So, bit by bit, disrupting performance in English course (5)
ASCOT racecourse is obtained by inserting (disrupting), separately as indicated by the ‘bit by bit’ –  the S and O from SO into ACT (performance).

7d           Foreigner I arrested concealing article (7)
IRANIAN –   Insert A (indefinite article) into I RAN IN (I arrested).

8d           I am furious after medium produces illusion (6)
MIRAGE –   M (medium) followed by I RAGE (I am furious).

9d           Penetrating articles    as result of reduced circulation (4,3,7)
PINS AND NEEDLES – Another brilliant clue – this time a great double definition/d’oh moment.

16d         On hill, sign about European national hero (9)
LIBERATOR – Insert E (about European) into the zodiac sign of LIBRA and finish with a TOR (hill).

17d         Altering parts, rearranged to form whole (8)
INTEGRAL –   The ‘parts’ or letters of ALTERING are rearranged (such an obvious anagram indicator!) to form INTEGRAL.

19d         Excessively protecting Tory leader in public (7)
OVERTLY –   T, the leader of Tory, is inserted into or protected by, OVERLY (excessively).

21d         Flapping of wings over sea (7)
ALARMED –   An adjective meaning related to a wing – ALAR – followed by the abbreviation for the Mediterranean Sea.

22d         Web designer beginning to swell with false pride (6)
SPIDER –   And another candidate for ‘favourite clue’ –   S (the beginning to Swell) followed by an anagram (false) of PRIDE.

24d         March is followed by this pair getting into trouble (5)
APRIL –   PR (pair) inserted into AIL (trouble).

Thanks once again to Virgilius for providing the best puzzle of the week.   They are a joy to solve and when you get the pleasure of blogging one too, double the fun.   I have to let Gnomey have a go at the Sunday reviews for a couple of weeks but I’ll still have the fun of solving until my turn comes round again.

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  1. Am very late commenting as I didn’t have much opportunity during the week, but I am thoroughly re-enjoying this Virgilius now.

    As ever, Crypticsue, your review is invaluable. I doubt that Kath would stretch to five favourites, but that’s what I had — 1a, 28a, 3d, 5d, 9d, and 22d. This may well have been an easier Virgilius, but I couldn’t do two of the clues (13a and 7d) and am indebted for the answers. All now beautifully clear.

    Thank you both, Virgilius and Crypticsue. Much appreciated.

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